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Presale question, when we will see the following features

1. woocommerce shopping Includes the wishlist, compare, product Zoom etc..

2. Is the theme be compatible with Gravity Forms


hey, gravity forms I would need to check and get back to you and for woo commerce we are scheduling it for next weekend.

I checked into gravity forms site, couldnt find developers program like WPML to check theme compatibility so cannot say for sure.

Hi there,

I have very basic knowledge of Wordpress, I have a domain and know how to access the account for editing etc but I know little, in fact nothing about html or coding in any way.

I’m looking for a template that is very easy to manage and edit/update which looks great and gives me a lot of flexibility. The look of this template is fantastic but before I go ahead and buy it, would it be suitable for a newbie? I haven’t got time to pull my hair out getting stuck on it thats all.

Thanks :)

Hi mate, first of all thanks for your interest. Though with limitless you need very less coding experience to work with, still you need basic wordpress knowledge to work with the theme like how to set home page and at some point you may need to look into documentation.

As with any theme on themeforest it will require basic knowledge but if you encounter any problems our support is always here :)

Hi mate, thanks for the reply.

I know how to do the very basics such as add a new page, post, upload photo’s/video’s etc, use plugins, add widgets. I just don’t understand much about code for if I needed to change the size of something or freely move images or text other than the basic left, center, or right alignments. That’s why I was drew to this theme with the drop and drag as it sounded very simple and user friendly for somebody like myself.

It’s good to see that you are very quick at helping people too though so thats a plus.


our drag and drop features definitely make it is very easy to use.. To be honest.. until you try the theme out , I cannot say much :). Our support is always there to help you out.

hi, some suggestions after re-viewing your demo please :

1. in blog layouts like the gallery post title in under images thumbs, which IMHO looks rather bad… so is there a way to put title on top of gallery post (like in other post formats) ?

2. in portfolio masonry proportional the layout is not right (leaving too many empty spaces…) and link thumbs are not centered (win7/chrome28 & win7/IE10)

3. Request : is there a way to give (theme accent or custom) color to the under line of widget titles and to separators as well ? (would add a nice taste i think)

4. smoother text… (friendly reminder… plz. check other premium themes and u will agree with me… especially how text looks in webkit browsers)

i know we r asking tooooo much… plz. bear with us… because this is our common path to success & happiness :-)

thx for your patience & efforts!!!


1. ok!

2. layout ok – but link thumbs still not centered…

3. with custom css i suppose, when i buy u tell me how ;-)

4. looking forward to it!

(*) so… now u know why theme auto update is important, haha

day by day u r building your reputation here

thx for everything!

5. plz. also check layout here : (in first page) plus layout in same blog pages w/left, right sidebars

Hey, 2. fixed and 5 fixed . You can change those divider’s color using enigma styler no need to touch any css . Thanks again.

Hi I just purchase the theme and I noticed that the demo it’s not working. I’m wondering if there’s any maintenance happening right now? Thank you!

Hi demo is working fine, I just checked

please check now, I resetted the cache settings on server :)


Hi. I love this theme! RAD builder takes some getting used to but really could save a huge amount time in the future. Really good stuff.

Quick question:

How do you style the footer area? Change the background colour?



please open enigma styler… scroll down to footer stylings.. there you can change from background color to image ;)

Love this theme! Thanks for the prompt reply too.

Hi. Great theme!

I have question about RAD Builder. If I create some page and save it, can I edit it later with standard wordpress editor? Shortcodes structure will be auto created and will I be able to copy part of it to another page etc?


HI, thanks for your interest. When you create a page using RAD builder you can then edit it using RAD builder only. It saves separately all the data not in wp editor. But you can edit it any time.

Regarding copying, stay tuned RAD V2 is coming with import and export features. Not only that you can directly a page from limitless demo and import it.

I’ve got some custom shortcodes that and I would like to add them to theme, so is it possible to add them to page in wp editor or anyhow even if it will not be readable in editor, just to add somehow?

there is a wp editor in rad builder which supports shortcodes , check this out

Hey. You’ve got a masterpiece there. :)

Can we show 2 x addresses in Google map? Also, I like the content animation bit as we scroll down. However, would if be possible to just have static content? Just in case client doesn’t like it.

Nice work.

You support is as good as your theme. :) It’s a must buy. I’ve got to. :)

thanks mate, if you have any more queries .. feel free to ask anytime. Buyer satisfaction is our first priority ;)

Will do mate. :) Thanks again.

Do you have other headers, with other colour backgrounds and navigation style differences. I would like the navigation to be to the right of the logo. Thanks

Here it is , this is a snap when site was installed using installer. Officially it will be available by next weekend

ok great will wait until released

Awsome theme

thanks mate :)

Are the Shortcodes / RAD Builder implemented as a plugin?

sorry mate , it comes with themes build on IOA framework only :)

I have an error 500 when I try to activate a child theme for LIMITLESS. Need some help.

please contact via profile, I will send you a modified theme version which will fix the issue. Child theme update is coming on monday

Hello. It is necessary the translation into Russian. Whether will be? :)

hi you can find po file in language folder. For localization you can refer to this article ;)

Hi, I installed your theem and when I cleicked on Live RAD edition I get this error:


You don’t have permission to access /pagina-exemplo/ on this server.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I installed it on a wpms instalatino, what I should to do? tks!

In what place I can lock menu on top when user drop down the page? have a way? tks!

hey font size is not supported now, it is coming next week. Also if you have any queries contact through profile contact form. It is hard for me to keep track of all those comments. thanks

ok, tks!

Your site seems to load very slow, even a website like seems to confirm this. Speed is very important for me, so any idea how or when it may be improved?

Am very interested in this theme.

Thanks for the info. The second link comes close to what I’m looking for.

Question off topic: What’s the name of the song in your Feature Tour -RAD Video? :)

Hi Artillegence,

I went ahead and bought it earlier. Been having a play around for a few hours but haven’t got very far haha. So far I’ve managed to install it, add some text on the home page, a couple or the people widgets, and upload my logo.

I’ve got no idea how to change the slider pictures to my own? I’ve gone into the editor and it looks pretty packed with stuff. It wouldn’t let me upload an image. The following message comes up: “importing slider setings and data… Error: Wrong export slider file format!” I also have no idea how to add it to the page.

At the minute I have the original menu set up there with all of the pages. Am I best to start off fresh by some how removing all of the pages and just begin by adding pages that I want? I tried it in the wordpress menu options by removing them but they still appeared on the screen.

Do I still use the WordPress dashboard? or do I just used all of the editing section for this theme.

Sorry I told you I had very little knowledge. Was hoping it would be easy for me.


no problem, can you please contact via profile with your questions. My support staff will guide you to the complete process ;)


I’ve got a few questions before I buy. Is my future logo size limited in this theme? Can you add icon (one of the biggest social networks in the world) to your site, I really need it!

With that said there is one more thing I would need – it is to present my deals. Can I make similar boxes like on ? (hover on the “more info” button) ? Maybe I’ll be able to add picture in pricing tables and modify their size? But how to make that “more info” thingy?

I really like your theme and I’d certainly buy it if it’ll have icon and I’ll know how to make those “deal boxes”

Thank you!

Oh, I totally forgot to mention that front end registration/login with facebook/google/ and email subscription widget would have been totally awesome and I’d totally pay more than $45 for this theme! (like in the site I mentioned above) Are you planning to implement these features?

To answer your questions –

Maximum logo size support is 1060px , you can add any size you want. For vk, I would need to search the font icon for it, if I find it , I will add it.

This is a customization request, it is not available on the theme by default. It would need to be coded.

For email registration , mail chimp integration is coming. For registration since, sorry but I have no plans or requests from other buyers on this.

hi mate,

what r the goodies u r preparing for… tomorrow update (maybe) ?


Hi mate, coming update contains

1. brand new limitless style. I styled it from scratch again with better typography , spacing and visual hierarchy .

2. RAD builder V2 with import/export support.

3. child theme support with 10 basic starter templates

4. 1000+ font icon support

5. we are opening a library called insta templates from where buyers get a whole range of ready made layouts like 3 cols, grids etc they can import and export directly to their page.

wowww… plz. update your demo & let us know ASAP when new boy is born :-)

Hi, I appreciate you for this awsome theme. I am waiting from you adding woocommerce. In addition, I have a question about translate. I want to translate only frontend items not admin word or phrases. Is there a solution by poedit editor?

hey, actually it is not possible using po edit. It is required manually to remove backend strings. Contact through profile, I send you a file that removes translation from theme admin.

Ok, I wrote you. By the way the theme really fast actually! First, I hesitate about this but speed very high not like demo. Everyone should buy this theme!!!

Only one thing “Remove query strings from static resources” message from pingdom so is there a way for doing this?

thanks for the kinda words, yeah theme is fast unfortunately our server is extremely slow. We hare transferring today and it will weed out the issue. The query strings are added by wordpress itself.

Your theme looks great! Seems to have a good set of features. I had a few presales questions?

1) Can you add an image (an ad) in the header? Like the Landing page header demo but have the logo to left and ad to right?

2) In the Blog Filter, does it work with custom post types (seems like I saw something about it but wanted to confirm)?

3) Can you have a sidebar above and one on the side in the same page?

4) Do you allow for a field in the builder to include a custom class id, so it can be referenced and change any styling elements from default via custom css?

5) For buttons do you allow for a button ID to refer in custom JS?

6) Which set of font icons do you include? Can users add to the list of icons?

7) Does this include Page Sections? Can have own background? Can have own sidebar? Can you include columns within the sections?

8) Can a menu item be just an icon?

9) WooCommerce?

10) Plans to add a countdown shortcode?

Sorry if any have already been asked.


Hi, To answer your questions

1. There is a text widget supported from where you can add images.

2. Yes you can create custom post types and filter them

3. There can be only 1 sidebar on a page.

4. All fields in RAD builder have custom ID .

5. No

6. We use font awesome, users can add there own icons in columns

7. Yes you can add unlimited sections and style them separately.

8. Yes but size will be same as in demo.

9. Coming by this weekend.

10. Not for now

Hi, On the front page of the demo, the recent projects not shown on my Nexus 4, nor on the pc, in the Chorme resized window. Anyway, this is a great and very interesting theme. Bookmarked.

fixed it mate, our server gave a lot of problems lately with speed and old files. We are in process of shifting to a new server today :)