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thanks for nice and very customization template well. I have some question.

1) I want to add to home page a slideshow at custom page settings (Slideshow/Slider Images) and add the image, but the slide does not appear. Is it something what I have to set.

2) how to and whre customize tag page, category page etc.?

Thanks in advance Radek

Hi Radek, sorry I am not able to understand.. by default when you click on a tag or category it will show a list of posts related to that.

Yes, and I would like to change the background of title area settings (I can do for created pages, but is it possible do it same for generated pages as tag or category?)

sorry mate that won’t be possible for now, since those are not regular posts so we cannot use meta fields, I am working on an update, I will try and see if I can add into it.

Hey there!

I would like some extra info before i buy
  1. Is the header resizable? Can i make it higher and fit a round logo with no dimensions limit for the logo and without swueezing/stretching?
  2. Is there a built in contact form with adjustable fields (add/remove/rename) or only via plugin?
  3. Can I change social media logos buttons via admin panel? Can i shange their size and position?
  4. Do you provide documentation and psd files?
  5. After installing the theme, is there a basic home page i can start from?
  6. And (finally!) is there a login feature?

Thanx in advance, Cheers!

Sorry to bother you again but do you possibly know when this update will be available? I am not a code expert so I would find it extremely convenient to be able to do this through visual editor/admin panel

Regarding 6. I was referring to a login possibility where visitors could be able to create an account to view specific pages. I suppose there is a plugin for that but i was wonderind whether there is a built it feature

Hi, the social icon update will be available around weekend. Things got delayed due to our server issues. Login feature is not available sorry.

Great! thank you very much.

Hello! Willing to buy. Several questions – does fonts support cyrillic letters? And is vkontakte social network icon available?

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for your interest.

1. Yes cyrillic subsets are supported.

2. I am just about to release an update for custom social icons then you can add vk.

Hi, I can’t find the icons. Is there any folder somewhere to download it? Thank you!

magic list will show you a list of items with icons, you should use icon shortcode only. When you click on add icon button in icon shortcode area. It will show you all available icons. Just select, style and hit insert.

got it!! Thank you!

let me know if u need more help

When I click the button shortcode is not loaded. What happens to your website? No links work

please contact through profile, I will look into the problem. Yeah I mentioned on theme page that we are shifting servers and unfortunately sites are down. We should be functioning normally again by today.

Hey there!! Quick question….how do I change font sizes?? Specifically in the main navigation, I also want to increase the font size and color of a Text widget placed using RAD builder….Can’t find it in your documentation.

Thanks so much!!!


Hi Desiree, to change text font size anad color , please goto rad builder mode. Open visual tab from top right in the left bar. Now click the column and you can set stylings from the panels.

For font sizes of menu , color you can change from enigma styler. Font size you will need edit css code.. but if you can wait for a day or 2 .. we are adding typography features in enigma.

OK ty for the quick reply Abhin…..have a great day!

Oh and what about the button shortcode and changing the color of the CTA – I went into the styler but didn’t see a way to change that. Please let me know. Thanks!

hi Desiree, you can change the background color also. For that when you are in visual tab.. click on cta and you can background color from background panel.

I think you theme is not properly updated. Contact through profile, I will do it for you :)

Hi there!

Hope the new server is working like a charm!

Still love the theme and the improvements, thinking of purchasing, but there’s one thing that I’d really like: many elements are rounded, but several are not. Like tabs for example. I want those elements also to be rounded. Is that an option, or do I need to adjust the css for those elements?

Thanks in advance! Tom

Hi Tom, yeah finally we have settled into our new server and it is working great.. finally our awesome buyers can see how fast theme is . For tabs you will need to tinker into code. But we are building an inbuilt css ditor for wordpress that has all theme’s elements , so you can directly change css code without touch css file or worrying about udpates.

That would be awesome! Any idea when it’s available?

We have started the work should be out this week ;)

Hi…Very Nice theme , I have some questions. 1) Can I add an image or form to your mega menu? 2) Do you provide short code for table, pricing table? 3) To work with props, do you provide animate text, image and icon? is it easy to use? I have no coding knowledge. 4) Can I put layer slide on header area?

Thank you in advance!

hi, to answer your questions

1. Yes you can

2. Yes all our pricing tables are made using shortcodes

3. For Props only image is supported for now, to make a prop add image and top and left values that’s it and yes effect type.

4. Yes you can ..

Let me know , if you need more information .

Thanks. I have more questions: Because internet in my country very slow, it’s a little hard to sort the portfolio when I try sorting by android 4.2 smartphone. So, is it possible if I would like to change the sort menu to be the text button on the top instead.

Hi, yes portfolio menu can be changed to open portfolio menu from options panel

Hello. Just bought the theme. Very happy.

But I have some questions?

I cant find all awesome icons, when I ex. choose to place a icon in a text box in the headline? Lots of the icons from awesome icon gallery is missing?

When I have been RAD editing and says SAVE and CLOSE – why am I send back to the controlpanel?

hey I will look into it, I think version got updated with new ones. But I am already working on an update that has 1000+ icons ( fontello )

What are the timeline with with new icons?

its added in redesign update

Hi there,

Many great options in the theme, just getting started. My top level menu no matter how many pages or where I place it stacks the menu like this:

Home Portfolio About Contact

Instead of in line like this:

Home Portfolio About Contact

Please help. Thank you for your time.

contact via profile, I will send you a fix that should resolve it :)

Great, thanks! Just sent.

mail sent ;)


sorry for coming back here without buying your theme yet… but i am waiting for a project and i am so keen to see your roadmap… u have set our expectations soooo high and i hope u succeed and make us all happy

and – now that your hosting is set – if u can tell us when & what is planned for next update that would be just great ;-)

also would like to know if/when u have a support forum and if your demo runs theme v1.3 ?


hey, yeah we had a tough time with hosting. Now everything is set we will be pushing for the big updates again. Initial priority is new design, RAD v2 and woo commerce. For now we are giving support through our ticket system. Support forums will be opening by month’s end and 24×7 priority support also.

The demo is running on 1.3 as you can see minor design iterations have started.

hi, just got the theme and trying to upload but it keeps coming back with a file size too big. is this common?

Hey, the theme also contains inbuilt plugins that can cause the file size notice. Can you upload via ftp that will take care of it or if it is not possible, Contact via profile, I will send you the zip with plugins as separate so then you can upload the zip file.

thank you so much. I have just emailed you :)

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, ha Your New DEMO Even MORE AMAZING? Ahhhh was SO Blown AWAY when I first saw your Limitless Release Demo and Vids on, that I bought immediately but been so busy haven’t dialed the right client in for this theme yet but absolutely just want to say SO MUCH RESPECT for Your Talents, Customer Service, and incredible range of Features AND a Page Builder setup like I have NEVER seen Before on Themeforest!! *by the way ‘tasoskouk’ comment above I don’t think I have EVER seen a ‘purchased’ next to his comments on amazing designers themes, just negative critiques (which as we all know can so easily be emailed direct via any designers profile page… so ignore people like this, who bypass the 98% of Beauty and Respect deserved, and KNOW YOU ARE AMAZING Period #Artelligence)

Hi mate,thanks for the kind words, we are still improving and more is coming on the way ;) . I think tasoskouk , was trying give constructive feedback and buyers like you and tasoskouk help us improve so much and we are really grateful for it ;) .. I think it is a little misunderstanding so peace guys :)

@ sterlingwilliam,

hey, please :

1. try to be more patient, polite and learn how to read & understand what others say, before rushing to criticize in a bad way

2. if u check my profile u see i have bought many themes here… (village, duotive, !lespaul, choices, creative theory, alterna, terso, flexform, enfold)

3. i did not say anything bad for limitless, on the contrary, i said that it’s so great and has raised our expectations for even more great features

4. our feedback to theme authors can help them fix bugs & improve their work – and do not forget that we also spend time to check their demos or themes

5. responsibility goes both ways, clients & authors

@ artillegence,

i hope u feel ok with me & everything goes for the better!

thx, tasos

everything is good mate, just a different point of view caused little misunderstanding that’s all.. we value both our buyers and potential buyers. Feedback is always welcome :)

@ tasoskouk Thank you for your Positive breakdown/explantation about your ‘author’ comments… and indeed I oh SO value theme critiques forward…. my main two issues are you are harming Sales for these AMAZING authors/designers as those who are not so ‘experienced’ as we are here, just see a comment on the first day of a theme release by someone who is saying what they will understandably take as ‘negative’ and thus not proceed further (you can inbox your comments easliy with no harm to sales and thus get your same answers), and forgive me for not checking your ‘Theme Purchase’ history, just that on dozens of new Amazing theme releases I have seen your comments and follow up comments and never a ‘PURCHASED’ tag come up along your name/comments And to keep Things a #winWIN with these Themeforest Designer ANGELS!!! I just send my (as you, I usually notice what could be ‘improved’ above all which yes #tasoskouk drives us ALL to be the most AMAZING we can be… speaking of, maybe comment on a few of the 112 INCREDIBLE #Artillegence elements they have brought to us ALL and just for $45? deserves ONLY Positive Praise, Luv, Respect and APPRECIATION (inbox the Rest and just be Grateful) THANK YOU ARTILLEGENCE for Being PRICELESS and Original, and BLESSING to us ALL! (and obviously open and way more than willing to keep rocking ALL better and better, ha which I wasn’t sure possible!) BEST -Sterling


Like “dweisenburg” i’m missing out some option in the Text Widget Settings. Either to change the font size or color in title or to just make a new heading (H1, H2) in my text. Ex. if I want to just make a headline with my own color, I only have the option to make it with “intro title”.

Ahhh great that makes sense, but I dont have the “text” block in my visual guide?

have you clicked on the text block you want to edit

Oh! DOH! My bad :-)

A brilliant theme backed up by even more brilliant support. My advice to anyone thinking of purchasing…just do it, any problems and the team at Artillegence will assist you to rectify. Money well spent, and looking forward to publishing my site shortly based around this superb theme.

Hi My portfolio pages 2, 3 it’s going to 404. Any suggestion in how to fix it? thanks!

I could but I am using “construction page” and you’ll need a login info. How should I proceed about that?

contact through profile with site url and wp admin details, I will look into it.

just sent it! Thanks!

Hi, Great job on the theme!

I am using the “Home” template and editing the content, but could you tell me how to remove the homepage slider? I have deleted the slides but now it is showing this on the site : “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias test not found. ” thanks

please goto wp admin, edit the home page , scroll down to custom page settings -> open media tab . Select the revolution slider to none.

If i understand correctly there will be an update tomorrow ?

Great, let me know when this is done.

and today is tomorrow but no update ?

mate today is not over yet .. we are doing final testing and then we will load it up ;)