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Very nice template, Good job ..

Hi, WalkingPixels.. Lindworm’s dashboard page is cool.. :grin:

I like that it is boxed in, i think the typical user find it easier to navigate when its not 100% width. My opinion, love the theme.

Thank you!

We are going to use your theme to hopefully replace a modified Inspiritas Theme (which is free on github) :-) Thanks http://screencast.com/t/q1QOwyqbqE0H

when can we expect update?

We do not have any fixed date, but soon. About a week max two.

Can Lindworm be configured to go full-screen width similar to Oragnon?

With minor adjustments yes

Are there plans to update to Bootstrap 3.2.0?

Yes, there are, but right now we have so much other work, that for sure it would not be this year.