Discussion on Linear Store – Premium OpenCart Theme

Discussion on Linear Store – Premium OpenCart Theme

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aldema does not currently provide support for this item.

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Really awesome works,Good Luck With Sales


Cool ! Good work!;

Thanks, I appreciate it :)

Hello, when will be this template compatible with OC 1.5.6.X?

Thank you

Has this template some support? I like this template and I want to buy it, but this ignoring to answer simple question…

It is discouraging me from any shopping.

first of all sorry for the late reply.
Not planned upgrades at the moment.

Kind Regards,

any date on the 1.5.6 update? thx

Salve scarletkangaroo,
Grazie per il vostro interesse.

Purtroppo non sono previsti aggiornamenti per questo theme.

Un saluto,

Hello. I have a problem with russian language. See the screenshot below.


Can you help me? Thanks.

Hello ps1h0zzz and thanks for your purchase. Support will be provided by our profile’s feedback form.

Kind regards,

What it mean? Sorry, i’m newbie at themeforest site.

No problem man, you are welcome :)
Please follow the contact form that you can find here: http://themeforest.net/user/aldema

Hi, I want to category picture size to 110px – 110px bu I dont make it on linear theme. What can I change the picture size?

Please Help.

Hi Tanjuunlusoy and thanks for your purchase! Please check your email :)


thank you, but your e-mail did not reach me

We have written 2 times to your email. Please check your spam filter, or else provide a valid email address.


Hi I have bought this one but suddnley Im getting error message on top of the page . Please help to resolve it. Here is my website below


Hello possums and thanks for your purchase, Support will be provided by our profile’s feedback form.

Kind regards, Aldema

twitter feeds are not working too i think twitter update their API, please update the themes

Hello, yes, the twitter API has changed and implementing a public timeline is not that easy anymore: everyone would need his own key to make it work.

Stay tuned for updates, we’re evaluating the implementation of the new API.

Regards Aldema

Hi twitter feeds are not showing. Bud nice theme

Hi Silviosisa, I’m glad you like it. Unfortunately you can not see why there are problems with the script provided by Twitter.

Kind regards, Aldema

Hi there

is it Fully Responsive theme??

The compatibility of the theme is shown in the sidebar to your right. When we developed this theme IE10 did not exist.

so if using IE10 to take a look, there will be problems, right?

Hi mycompass, When our theme has been developed could not take into consideration IE10 because did not exist. Today we do not have the ability to guarantee its correct rendering on IE10

Hi there

is it Fully Responsive theme??

Hi there

i would like to know; are there garbled words showed up on product list both on product page and search page if i use other language, such as Chinese.


Thanks for reply me. and are there any character limit functions on product name?

How about if the product name is too long? BTW, i see the module ’’product can be displayed inside main content’’ if i use Chinese, are there any garbled words, like @ ^x%x showed up??


There are no limits, and the text will be distributed proportionally to its container.


Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to make the menu bar 2 rows with keeping the css (boxes) the same for the second row? thanks so much! lauren

Replied by email, Regards, Aldema

I am thinking about purchasing this theme tonight. I wanted to verify that it is 100% compatible with OpenCart versions 1.5.4 and

I also wanted to verify that with the “unlimited colors” statement, what can be changed? (top bar/footer? menu hover colors? rollover link/bar color in top bar? add to cart/view rollover panels? etc.)

I imagine that all the colors can be modified but I had a bad experience with another theme and I just want to make sure before I take the plunge and order.

Thanks in advance :)

Hello, thanks for being interested in Basico. The theme has been tested on OC and OC

The unlimited color statement means that there is a color picker that allows you to choose amongst unlimited colors. For more info regarding what can be changed, read here:


The “Text, borders and background” section is a screenshot of the control panel: those are the colors you’re able to change.

Regards, Aldema

Hey there. Thanks for your reply. Just one thing, I was looking at the Linear theme, lol.

I was hoping to be able to change the colors of the rollovers (menu, add to cart, on sale, rollover color in top bar when you mouse over the links, red color over “Your Store – C 2013” under the footer section, etc.)?

Basically all the instances of red and maybe some of the darker greys I was looking to see if we can modify in this (Linear) theme?

Thanks in advance for your help :-)

Hello, sorry, my mistake. I thought to have read “Basico”. Anyway, for Linear it’s way simplier: http://www.aldemastudio.com/template/Linear/OC1551/

Click on the button on the left with colored little squares inside and use the control panel to changes colors and backgrounds. That’s exactly how you can customize the template (of course there is an opencart control panel for that, that button is just a javascript solution to show quickly the results) :)

Regards, Aldema

1. Where do I translate the MORE DETAILS button? (on the featured products banners) 2. Any easy way to remove the buttons animation? So it just change collors but dont animate?


Need Support? Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we really appreciate it! Support for all the products is now provided through our forum. Make your way over with your Item Purchase Code. http://themebull.ticksy.com Regards, Aldema

Need Support? Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we really appreciate it! Support for all the products is now provided through our forum. Make your way over with your Item Purchase Code. http://themebull.ticksy.com Regards, Aldema

ps We only have two hands each, response times range from 24h to 48h Thanks :)

1- I replied within 1 minute after your message!

2- How much time would you take to add another shipping method in your demo store!? 30 secs???

Theme support is offered to verified customers by forum only. Support requests made by email, tweet or any other method will be redirected back to the forum.

Make your way over with your Item Purchase Code. http://themebull.ticksy.com Regards, Aldema

May you enable 2 or 3 shipping extensions in your demo store, so I can preview the shipping estimation, please?

Hello, there’s the flat shipping rate to test the shipping estimation.

Regards, Aldema

I’m having a problem with this in my website, with more than 1 shipping enabled. See: http://www.marquesimports.com.br

I requested you enable more methods so I can see it’s default behaviour, because I do not know if I messed it when changing some things in your theme. Also, one of my shipping methods return 2 results, then maybe it’s the module… (although I think it return the 2 results in an array, that OpenCart is able to manage).

So, please, confirm if it works with 2+ shippings enabled.

Any date to have this theme compatible with OC 1.5.5?

Hello sorry for the late reply our dev team has been very busy lately.

The new version will be updated very soon, probably today.

Regards, Aldema

An impressive theme, congratulations!

Thanks cartcms :)


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