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Is there a reason why the feature for full width or boxed doesn’t work?

The only difference between the 2 is that when boxed it puts shadow on the edges and when full width shadow is removed.

My site is not live yet so can't show link.



The only difference in full width and boxed is that of header. In full width header is full width and in boxed it is boxed. Body is boxed in both the layouts.


I think the reason why my full width header doesn’t work is because I’m using the RTL feature.. There are few glitches in RTL mode, I want to discover the theme more and I will let you know of them.

Thank you for your support.

Thanks. I will check the RTL version for full width and fix it if there are any issues.


I’m building my site in RTL, when category selected it takes you to the category and all posts related.

But the title is in English:

CATEGORY: ??????

I want to remove (CATEGORY:) so it just displays just the category in Arabic, I can’t have Category in English and The Category name in Arabic.

Please advice? and yes I am able to edit files via FTP if you tell me which file to edit.



Did you translate the whole theme text? May I get your blog URL to check it?


Thank you for your reply, I can’t give the URL because the site is still under construction, I would need to give you the login details, how can I give you this privately?

Email or some sort of messenger would be good so that I can send you few other RTL issues it has and you can have a look at that too.

Thanks mate,

You can send them from my profile page.

Hello BloomPixel, Since the last update woocommerce, i detect obsolete files : lineza/woocommerce/archive-product.php, lineza/woocommerce/content-product.php version 2.4.0 is obsolete. Core version is 2.5.0, lineza/woocommerce/single-product/related.php

All works, but just for the nex update if you can ;)


I have updated the templates and update will be available soon.


By default, the template has a 1200 px width. How can I reduce this width ? Where are the parameters to change ? Thanks

Please purchase the theme to get the support.


I would just like to know how to change the actual body background color instead of the background behind the main body div. I would like to change it to a darker color but there isnt an option in theme options for this. How do I go about changing this?

Is it possible to get screenshots from your tablet and PC as all these fields have labels with visible color and not white color.

I have screen shots .. which email do I send them to?

You can message me from my profile page

Hello Bloompixel, i know my support is expired. But i would like to know in your futur update you can weary the possibility of translating the research field. Thanks a lot. Good work ;)

Ok. I will check it.

Is allright : the path is wp-content\themes\lineza\lang. And rename only fr_FR.po Thanks a lot for your reply.

Hi i have problem with response code it seems that it stopped work on mobiles phones


my site is you can check it with mobile



It is working fine here. I checked by resizing my browser.



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If I import demo data will it overwrite all my posts, pages categories etc? is there any video on how to make a static home page?

No, it will add posts from demo along with your existing posts. But it is recommended to import it on fresh install.

No, video is not there but it is explained in documentation.


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Need more sidebars…. is it possible without overloading the theme with yet another plug in? if not, then which one you suggest?


You can use WooSidebars plugin for adding more sidebars. I haven’t tried it with this theme but it’s a good plugin.


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Just a question, a problem occurred with the option to add a banner next to the logo? Because I can not from some time ago.

I just checked the header widget. Both 468×60 and 728×90 widgets are working fine. I can’t go and check the issue on your site as your support is expired.

I understand, but I thank you for answering me. Just tell me if the way is this: Widget> (Lineza Ad widget)> header?

You can go to Appearance -> Widgets and there you can see a widget area with the name Header. In that area you can add the Ad Widget of your choice.


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Why are images in the homepage carousel / slider showing compressed:

Any suggestions top correct this?

It is not possible. I will have to check to check that plugin and I can only check issues related to theme. You can check that plugin’s settings.


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In you demo your have a slider, don’t you? Or you simply do not want to help?

Yes, demo shows slider. But that’s theme’s slider and you are using some other slider. I would love to help with anything related to theme.

Just realized you are using Visual Composer. This theme’s homepage is built using widgets. There are some widgets with Lineza Home in title. You can make use of those widgets to make your homepage like demo. There is even a widget for slider like demo. It doesn’t depend on Visual Composer.

Hello, can you please tell me how “(Lineza) Popular Posts” pick up articles. According to Jetpack Sitestats and Google Analytics these articles aren’t so Popular on my website Thanks for your time!


They are shown based on number of comments.

Dear , I put a banner in the header HTML5 but appears only at home , in the rest of the pages or post does not appear. What could be the problem?

Here is the link to watch . Thank you very much , greetings



I am sorry I can’t provide you any support as your support pack is expired. Please renew your pack to get get support.


Hello, my page created in version ‘full width’ displays the contents only 1/6 of the screen, in the area where they would be the widgets. Can you tell me if this is a common mistake and know the solution it? Should reinstall everything just because of that? Thanks.

Try again? I didn’t understand what you were asking. Can you please explain in detail?

Ok … I’ll try to explain again. (The first time the page was in private. So I thought it had not been able to see, I published and told to try again). Let the problem: The ‘Full width’ layout (no space for widgets) is not right on my wordpress. See that this map and the title ‘test’, it should be in the left corner filling the entire page. But it only gets in the space where another type of layout would be the widgets. You could understand that or want me to create a page on the site with the problem screenshots?

Got the issue. It will be fixed.

Easy to use theme. Thank you! I need to show on my homepage 1 2 3 ›» buttons like these on Archive pages. I’m using Lineza Module D for showing latest posts on my website

Can I contact you via Facebook, my friend?

My services are active again

Hi BloomPixel,

We have a problem on the cart page since the last update of woocommerce (2.6.4) and your lineza template (1.4.9).

When we add items in the cart, the checkout button doesn’t appear on our test website

So people can’t buy anything.

Can you help us ? It’s certainly the woocommerce template included with Lineza which is broken.

Thanks a lot.

Yes I can see it. Can you activate default theme and see if it fixes the issue? I want to check if issue is in theme or some setting in plugin.

I have activated the default theme (twenty fourteen) and the error is still there.

It means there is no error in theme. Error is somewhere in settings or plugin. You need to figure it out.

Hi, I need to customize the single.php of the Lineza template and I need to keep the modifications even when you’ll update the main theme. So I have put my modified single.php file in the lineza-child-theme folder and I have activated the theme.

The problem is when I go to my shop’s page (which is under woocommerce), all the thumbnails have been missing.

They’re all present in the main lineza theme. What is the problem with the child one ?

Do I have to include some others files in the child theme folder ? Which ones ?

Thanks for your help

You can use the following CSS code:

.woocommerce ul.products li.product .price, .woocommerce-page ul.products li.product .price {

Great ! Thank you ;)

Welcome :)

Hi, i just bought and Lineza Theme. i have a question. Since i am new i would like to know, if i have to install and activate both Lineza and Child theme? or just orginal theme ? Please advice me



You don’t seem to have purchased the theme. Did you purchase it from different account?

yes. it is.

Hi bloomPixel,

i Was on Sahifa theme. but when i install new Lineza theme the content area is showing Sahifa Theme settings for content. how change all of them according to Lineza.

here is my website:

i want to customize my site similar to this. if you can guide i would be thankful.


Sorry for replying late.

No, support is not stopped for any of my theme.

I can’t help with any custom modifications. Support is for guiding for theme or for fixing bugs. That user has customized the theme.



Can i adjust height of slider for all images at once?

Also please suggest me if i can use revslider on lineza theme as well.

Height is defined for images of slider. When you upload images tonposts they are resuzed to proper size.

I haven’t tried revslider with this theme. If you have it’s copy you can try using it.


I just bought the theme and I installed it on the wrong site. I noticed after I started working on it. I just deleted the theme from the wrong domain, but I want to install it on the correct one.

Is that possible or I will need to buy a new one? Please help me with this issue.


Which header images are you talking about?


You could choose a category to get the images to appear below the menu, somehting similar as an slider. Also you get the option to choose the format of the Homepage.

For some reason. I´m only able to get the Homepage to get the posts one below the other. Not with the nice feature on top (below the menu)


Those are not header images. That is custom homepage. Aren’t you able to make it?