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So hot and creative design! Congrats!


Pretty much awesome! Good luck :)

Thanks :)

Wonderful , neat touches here, wish you the best with sales!

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Thank you! :)

Wow, excellent! I am running woocommerce, so I am looking forward for the woocommerce version. Do you have an release date in mind? Thanks!

Hi man,

Thank you for your compliment. And I’m sorry, we do not have plans to release woocommerce version.

Thank you!

Nice design. Can you embed video in the homepage main slide?

hi you,

You can embed a video below slideshow. If you need embed in other position, we can custom to you.


Hey great work i love the theme, in order for me to purchase i would need to know if its possible to incorporate a “true” infinite scroll on the home page and on the product page (where in as soon as the user reaches the last product the reminding products appear automatically AS IF the user clicked the load more button. same on the product pages. no page pagination just infinite scroll). would this be possible? thanks

Hi man,

We can do as you say. After purchasing this theme, please send your request to, we will custom to you.

If you need a demo, please wait a updated version on the next Monday.

Thank you.

great buying now :)

Great theme! How hard would it be to have the sidebar on the right (in content, product detail pages etc.) and the main content on the left. When viewing a product on mobile devices you really have to scroll quit far to get to the products details (as all of the sidebar content displays first). Would this be relatively easy to do?

Hi man,

It’s easy custom sidebar on the right. After purchasing this theme, please send your issue to, we will custom to you, it is free.


Thanks for your generous support! I will purchase.

hi, great theme here I just wanted to know is it possible to show videos also in the front page like the product shown. and where we can show video any where else

Hi you,

You can embed a video on homepage, product description. If you need embed in other position, we can custom to you.

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Very nice looking theme you got here. Any chance of you working on a Prestashop version?


We will soon update effect for Prestashop version.


Great theme, perfect support. We really loved and using on Thank you guys :inlove:

Thank you for your compliment. Dont forget to rate us with 5 star here. Thanks!

Wow!! – I’ve been looking for this exact theme with all the same features.

Is this theme able to be ported to OpenCart? I will buy it immediately.

Hi tvlgiao. Any news on the OpenCart version? I’ve been checking in regularly and haven’t found one yet

Hi man,

Sorry, we can’t upload Opencart version on themeforest. we has bought in here


hello there =)

I purchased the theme and so far its great !!

one thing though… the homepage slide show links will not wor,. i cant link the slide images.

please help! Thank Yo in advance..

Hi man,

You can config link of the slideshow on admin panel > Themes > Theme Settings > Tab “Homepage Slideshow” > 1st slide link, 2nd slide link….

If not, please contact to, we will support to you on the next Monday.

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I just purchased the theme!

This is a WONDERFUL theme – Just perfect :-)

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your compliment! Dont forget to rate us with 5 star here. :)

I just purchased this theme and when I tried to upload it – keep getting message that the theme liquid is missing from the files? – please explain,

Hi man,

Please extract the package and use “” file for uploading. If not, please contact to, we will support to you.


Hi there,

interested in buying this for Shopify – but can you also add LATEST TWEETS and LATEST NEWS footer module on the home page?

Also – I want to show some items that are available instore only and not available to purchase online. Is this possible?

Please get back to me asap as I really want to buy this theme

Hi man,

It is possible, we can add it for you. After purchasing this theme, please send your customize request to, we will add it for you.


I have just bought the theme – it works great!

But where is the contact page? I really need a contact form please

UPDATE – I emailed Support and they fixed it for me. There is capabality in the theme which includes a Contact Page. Great support!

Thanks! :)

Hi Can you please tell me how i can display all of the collections on one page instead of having owl prev and owl next option?

Also how can i display the product image so that it fills the box instead of having whitespace aaround it ?

Hi man,

You can send a customize request to, we will custom it for you.


There is a major flaw in this theme. On the home and collection pages it gives you the option of adding product straight to cart when you hover over but it does not give option of choosing size variant. Instead it automatically chooses the lowest size for you and adds to cart. So customer will buy and checkout the wrong size product.

I have requested that they change this and include variant option before adding to cart but they have responded it will cost a customization fee. Ordinarily I would not have a problem with this however I feel this is a MAJOR FLAW on the theme’s part.

If you are selling a fashion theme but not giving customer a chance to choose sizes then of course this is a flaw and should be rectified by the developer.

I will let you know what the update is on this

Hi man,

Sorry for this inconvenience. But this is not major flaw, this is default function of prestashop. You can test by installing a default prestashop theme.


Hi man,

Sorry, I was confused. This is Shopify framework.

Ok man, this customize is free.

I am disappointed with the layout of the Product page – it looks really unprofessional compared to a lot of Shopify themes out there. The description should be to the right of the product image and the product title needs to be much bigger eg H1 or H2 tag

Also the quick view product page – there is no white spacing and the product title is cut off as it is at the top of the page.

I have requested this customization but they wish to charge me for a fee – well if I pay the fee but then the improvements are included in the next updated theme shouldnt I get my money back? I dont see why I should have to pay in order for you guys to make a better theme?

Thank you for your contributions. Our support team will reply to you.


on shopify i can’t see were to put on log in or sign up

Hi man,

Please send your website information to, we will check and put on it for you.