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Super cool item yashma!

Thank you, Mike!

Looks great, congrats :)

Thank You!

Nice Facebook Template :)

Thank You!

Hello Yashma, Looked around face a responsive 810px and it seems like I finally found one that I liked. :)

Have 2 questions though; 1) What is the difference between the site-810 layout and the resp on? Looks just the same to me?

2) I have just unpacked it so … Have not yet really looked at the .CSS, but would you consider making a Light version, like what you did with Fashonista?

ok … 3 questions. ;) Can you consider makeing a “responsive code pack/items”? Like your own accordion, menu’s, tables, etc? If not I just look for it elsewere, but thought I’d ask. ;)

Thanks for a very nice template.

Hello, The difference between responsive and 810 width template is that responsive one adapts according to display resolution and if it’s, for example, iPad screen it adapts to the width of iPad screen anfd gets 520 pixels width. About light version – we can make it for extra fee.

Please specify what do you mean under “responsive code pack/items”?

What would the extra fee be?

Basicly a .CSS kit of various html designs, I don’t really want to link in the competition but a lot of themes has “extras” coming with it. Like short codes of buttons, various lists, typography design etc. Currently this theme is very “clean” of all the html/css extras, I could allways buy another theme and use that designs shortcodes. But a pack of .CSS codes that could be applied to anything yould be better. ;)

When I click on Preview – nothing happens. Your link is broken. Please fix :)

fixed, thank you!

Can this template still be uploaded to FB?

Hello jeffgillis! Yes it’s made for Facebook page, has same format. It was not updated recently though, nor I got any issues reported with the upload and set up.

can I still upload ti to FB given the changes for pages since it was created 4 yrs ago?

Hello jeffgillis! You can definitely do this, please note we no longer support this item. Thank you!