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Awesome work! Congrats! Good luck with sales! ;)

Thanks Alex! ;)

Very cool file. Is it just me or is there no portfolio item pages? (they exist in the menu but are not active links).
Good luck with sales

Thanks charlie4282 :)

Portfolio item page will be.

Thank you for letting me know

Congrats with the new theme,great work :)

Thanks Ana ;)

Awesome, any Chance for a wordpress version?

Thanks troller :) Yeap, sure. Follow me to be notified!

Hi I am considering to buy this theme. Could I put videos on my portfolio?


Hi jorgepc,

Of course, it’s possible, look at this, on the bottom – http://html.color-theme.com/linkup/portfolio-4.html

great template. i’ve been looking for a generic css set to use in projects. this one has so many cool elements..

Thanks for purchasing my template ;)

I’m a bit disappointed… it’s a nice design but a very ugly code with a lot of unneccessary robust js and css… i’ll have a lot of work to make it useable for me :S

It’s recommended only for begginers who dont want to modify page structures etc..

Thank you for the your feedback ;)

Loving this template. Great work.

Wish I had the PSD /AI files to modify the icon colors, etc. Is that possible?


I can send to you the icons in PSD . If necessary, contact me through my profile

Looks nice. I would purchase if there were other color options besides the red. I just don’t have time right now to change everything to a color that works for me. It will be a nice theme for those who can use it as is.


Thank you for your interest. Of course, you can set any color you want (in the stylesheet), for example – http://d.pr/i/jlCL

hi, that is a very good theme for me and i want to buy. but i have two questions: 1. does contact form work? 2. can i use the contact form as a newsletter sign up? thanks,


1. Of course, Contact form is fully working.

2. No. Contact form create and send an email to the address you specify. For Newsletter you can use PHP scripts like this http://codecanyon.net/item/newsletter-system/52667

I want to get subscribers via email again, not using the database. I mean if the form here works, it will help me. I will use only the parts of “name-surname, e-mail and send”, is it ok? I will receive subscriptions via e-mail. What is your opinion?

Yes, you can do as you described. Also you can use, for example, http://mailchimp.com

thanks, i am looking just an email sign up form that works on html5. i think i can solve my problem as buying your template? have you got a suggestion for newsletter signup form?

You can use my contact form to collect user data, as you wrote above.

Hi! I need a form more complete… With select, checkbox, file field and etc… Could you help me?

In Contact… I need add a field select (state), checkbox, image field… Similar to the link: http://webscripts.softpedia.com/scriptScreenshots/Free-Auto-Complete-Form-City-Field-Screenshots-49895.html

I’m finding it difficult to put the new fields to your standard CSS… This would be very helpful: http://themeprince.com/themes/promo_spots-xhtml/form.html

Unfortunately we do not provide customization service for our themes/templates.

I did not ask a customization … But it was added in a page template with the elements of a form with standard CSS applied … Similar to what has Spot Promo. But I appreciate your attention.

Great template – thanks, Zerge! I am working on slightly modifying the design on it right now, and I’ve come up against a problem with it: It does not center align content in mobile webkit (at least in chrome and safari on iPad) – it is all left aligned. I’ve tried to fix it myself, but with no luck.

Could you come up with a fix for it? It would be greatly appreciated!


sorry, it left-aligns the wrapper-div, not the content-div.

Okay, the webdeveloper I work with managed to fix the problem. First, this line in the template caused the div containing the menu to expand too far to the right: . (the expansion is visible in FF web developer > show element information). And secondly, we added the following style to both html and body: width:100%. And now it works just fine on the iPad!

hm, apparently the div code was stripped out in the above. Here it is again: div class=”white-fix-left” – is the culprit.

Hi zerge, please let me know if you have resolved the twitter feed bug….and how. Since the last update from twitter twitter feeds are not displaying in my tempalte.

regards K78


It will be fixed in the nearest update.