LinoFeast: Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

LinoFeast: Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

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With a responsive design, it’s compatible with devices like Tablets, Smartphones, iPad, iPhone, and Android Phones too. Try resizing your browsers to see different layout option or watch the site in iPhone using the QR Code in the Screenshot to see the perfect responsive design. LinoFeast is a very powerful theme with many features easy to edit for users without programming knowledge and for developers too. It empowers you to change any color of elements such as backgrounds, texts, links, menu links, typography etc.

The main content block is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines, so it’s SEO Optimized. LinoFeast has tons of features like Sliders on any page. Unlimited colors, Unlimited portfolios without or with sidebars, Sortable Portfolio, 600+ Google fonts, 7 custom widgets, 100+ of Shortcodes, Testimonials Post Type and much more.

Theme Features

  • Flex Slider – by WooThemes
  • Elastic Slider – by Coddrop
  • Nivo Slider – by dev7studios
  • Planbox Slider
  • Single Video
  • Static Image
  • Custom Slider – for thirdparty Sliders
  • Video Stage Slider
  • Video Slider Supports Shortcodes.
  • Supports YouTube and Vimeo too.
  • 4 Header Styles
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • 300+ Icons from Fontawesome
  • Left Sidebar option
  • Right Sidebar option
  • Full width page option
  • Assign Slider on any page.
  • Disable breadcrumb for any page you wish
  • Use Left/Sidebar for any page you wish
  • Add sub header background color for any page
  • Choose subheader background image for any page.
  • Add Page Background for any page.
  • 500+ Google Web Fonts
  • Staff presentation shortcodes
  • Sticky Bar on top
  • Events Custom Post Type
  • Events list template
  • Events list carousel
  • Events Single Page
  • Food Menu Categories
  • Food Menu Shortcode
  • Food Menu Post Types
  • 2 New styles of shortcodes for Food Menu
  • Business Hours Labels changing option in language tab in options panel
  • Admin notification for booking requests
  • Custom Background Image for pages
  • Custom Background Image for posts
  • Custom Subheader Image for pages and posts
  • Custom Subheader Teasertext for pages and posts
  • Food Carousel Shortcode
  • Events Carousel Shortcode
  • Testimonials Carousel Shortcode
  • Category Archive for the Food Post Types
  • Category Archive for the Blog Post
  • Reservation Confirm/Unconfirm/Cancel
  • Custom Email setup for booking request
  • Custom Email setup for booking confirmed
  • Custom Email setup for booking status changed
  • Change Week Day Starting provided in the theme options panel
  • Widgetized Footer
  • Wordpress Custom Menu Support
  • Unlimited Sidebars. Create and select any sidebar for each page.
  • 500+ Google Webfonts.
  • Unlimited Color Skinning Options

* 7+ Custom Widgets

* Twitter * Flickr * Popular Posts * Recent Posts * Contact Info * Contact Form * Sociable’s * Testimonials * Custom Post Type * Food Menus * Testimonials

Custom Post Type

  • Food Menus
  • Testimonials
  • Events
  • Reservation
  • Slider
  • Multi-Threaded Comments
  • 100’s of Custom Shortcodes
  • Portfolio Single Page with Attachment Sliders
  • 9 Post Formats (Standard, Aside, Audio, Link, Image, Gallery, Quote, Status, Video)
  • Built-in Shortcodes Generator.
  • Advanced Options Panel (Import or Export for options settings.)
  • Blog Style Layout

Custom Backgrounds

  • Header
  • Sub-header
  • Footer
  • Teaser
  • Stretched and Boxed Layout
  • Google Map shortcode (Multiple Marker)
  • Google Map With Custom Color Stylers Integrated
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • Localization ready
  • WordPress MU Compatible
  • WordPress 3.5+ Ready
  • Text Widget Support Shortcodes.
  • 100+ Custom Shortcodes
  • Wordpress MU Compatible
  • OOP Framework.
  • Advanced Options Panel (Import or Export the theme options panel settings.)
  • Blog single post with threaded comments
  • This theme skinning options empowers you to change any elements such as backgrounds, texts, links, menu, typography, etc.

Fonts & Colors Editing

  • Over 500+ Google fonts offered with theme
  • Unlimited combinations of colors editing for many elements
  • Background Images – You can also upload background images on per section bases instead of solid background color for subheader, body background etc.
  • If you want to change only fewer places select only theme color from options panel and for menu define your own style.

Custom Widgets

  • Contact Form – Displays the quick contact form. Input email id to display.
  • Contact Info – Displays the quick contact info with address, name, state, city, zip code, email, phone etc.
  • Flickr Photos – Display the Flickr photos with limiting the photos
  • Popular Posts – Display the most popular posts based on comments with title and date with no of comments or title and post excerpt. Also provides you an option to display post thumbnail or no image. Limit the number of posts to display. Limit the characters to display if title and content is chosen
  • Recent Posts – Display the most recent posts with title and date with no of comments or title and post excerpt. Also provides you an option to display post thumbnail or no image. Limit the number of posts to display. Limit the characters to display if title and content is chosen
  • Sociables – Displays a sociables saved in theme options panel.
  • Table Reservation – Display the reservation form
  • Testimonials – Displays testimonials within selected categories and limit options.
  • Testimonials Submission – Submissions for testimonials which will be posted by visitors and you can publish it or approve it if you would like to display in on the site.
  • Twitter Tweets – Display the recent tweets by limiting the tweets and displays the tweets posted status.

Custom Sociables

The theme comes with default sociable icons of 16×16 pixels sizes can be added easily from theme options panel. Displays on right side of the header or footer.

Custom Sidebars

The theme provides unlimited custom sidebars option where you can add for pages or posts. Display the sidebar positioning left of the right side for each page or posts without affecting the code hierarchy as the main content block is always placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position. It’s best for SEO to have your sidebar on the right to your main content is crawled first, if you use a left sidebar to show your most recent posts they will rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Theme currently has 6 Column support for the footer where you can place the custom widgets or default widgets including the Teaser text for the footer area.

Theme Localization

This theme is Internationalization and localization built into its structure to easily used for different languages. Few texts in the theme have an option to change texts in theme options panel. You can change the weekdays’ labels in your language in theme options panel.


The theme comes with simple, easy and feasible option to use shortcodes built in the theme with just one click. Theme have almost 100+ Shortcodes including typography styling and blog posts styling.


v7.0.0 - 2018-02-06
### Added
- New fontawesome icons
- New Mobile Menu Hamburger
- Header Left widget for header style 2
- Header right widget for header style 2
- One Click Demo Import Plugin to the latest version
- Post Thumbnail support for the WooCommerce support
- New One click demo installer

### Changed
- Header area widget to work with only header style 3
- Compressed and clean coding for the custom jquery file
- New Admin UI for the theme options
- New Theme Options Icons with fontawesome
- Icons for the custom post type menu with dashicons
- Business Hours Pro Plugin to v5.2
- Force activation of breadcrumb navXT plugin
- External URL for the breadcrumb navXT plugin
- Class TGM Plugin activation plugin

### Removed
- Old fontawesome folder not in use
- Old Import demo content option
- Old admin icon images used in theme options
- Unwanted importer files from the theme options

### Fixed
- Double slider thumbnail image in the admin area
- Missing sidebar icons in page custom fields area
- Missing sidebar icons in post custom fields area
- Issue with sticky bar toggle when admin bar is visible
- Header Fixed layout spacing when admin bar is visible
- Issues with the responsive layout in iPad
- Issues with the responsive layout in iPhone
- Issues with the hamburger in mobile devices

v6.0.0 - 2016-07-31
### Added 
- Support for video bg in the backgrounds to fit automatically
- Google Map API Key option in theme options panel

### Changed
- WooCommerce templates to match the latest version
- header.php file and removed empty space and indentation
- Business Hour Pro Plugin to v3.6.3
- TGMP Core file to the latest version
- TGMPA plugin file to the latest version
- Localization for the post type menus
- Localization for the meta generator
- Google enqueue scripts replaced from print scripts
- Localization for the shop page title
- WP_Filesystem function in WordPress importing data

### Removed 
- Support for WP 3.5 - for fetching theme name and version

### Fixed 
- An issue with blog template pagination
- Issue with testimonial submission widget
- Missing testimonials display properly in the testimonials widget
- Missing string localization for the reservation widget
- Missing string localization for the register widgets
- Missing string localization for the contact form widget
- Missing string localization for the business hours widget
- Missing strings localization for the contact form shortcode
- Missing localization for the reservation functions
- Issue with image resizing
- Localization for the missing strings in the shortcode generator
- width for the select option in the page meta options
- Localization for the WordPress importer files
- Localization of the theme options in admin interface
- The responsive issue with the footer columns
- Localization for the comments text

v5.1.0 - 2016-05-06
### Changed
- TGM Class Plugin Activation
- Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin to v 5.4.0
- Business Hours Pro Plugin to v3.5.2

### Fixed 
- WooCommerce Compatibility
- add_object_page deprecated function removed

v5.0.0 - 2015-12-17
### Added 
- WooCommerce Compatibility
- Woocommerce MiniCart Option
- Location Taxonomy for the different restaurants
- Email option for the location taxonomy
- Localization for the location text in form
- Business Hours Pro Plugin Worth $15

### Changed
- TGM Class Plugin Activation
- Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin to v 5.3.0

### Fixed 
- Issue with responsive to the front page boxes
- Issue with flexslider speed option
- Fixed Header issue with boxed mode
- The responsive issue with logo alignment.

v4.0.0 - 2015-07-12
### Added 
- Responsive menu which is toggle option for child menus
- Theme Support for the title-tag
- Breadcrumb-NavXT to latest version
- Time picker added with selecting the time option

### Changed
- jQuery PrettyPhoto to latest version
- TGM Class Activation Plugin
- Flex Slider Javascript to latest version
- Ei Slider Javascript to latest version
- Nivo Slider Javascript to latest version

### Fixed 
- Ei-Slider issue with fade in and Out
- Ei-Slider Caption not enabled by default
- Datepicker not displaying the selected date on page
- Localization of all the missing strings
- Responsive issues with all the devices

v3.1.0 - 2014-11-29
### Added 
- Empty paragraph elements display none.

### Changed
- Compressed more javascript files for better performance.

### Fixed 
- Compatibility with WordPress 4.1
- The efficiency of meta and tax queries has been improved.
- Child theme bugs in the recent updates.

v3.0.0 - 2014-11-18
### Added 
- Child Theme extendibility option
- New Style Template for Reservation
- Weather Fonts in New Reservation Template
- Fixed Header Style
- Section Fullwidth background
- Section Fullwidth parallax background
- iPhone 5 responsive media query
- Nexus device responsive media query
- Fancy Heading styles
- Fancy Heading border option
- Fancy Heading description option
- Subheader extra padding option (page meta)
- Subheader background properties option (page meta)
- New Responsive Menu Style
- All Carousels 'Heading' Alignment options
- Carousels 'Items per Carousel' for Blog and Events
- Food Menu Template Responsive Columns Issue
- Hide Reservation Button when the day is closed.
- Date Format option from theme options panel
- Weather Location option for Reservation Template 2014 Style
- Weather Unit for Reservation Template Fahrenheit/Celsius

### Changed
- Carousels Items responsive layout issue
- New Fontawesome v 4.0+
- Complete responsive.css stylesheet
- Testimonial presentation for carousel
- Navigation for owl carousels
- Events carousel UI presentation modified
- All four header styles
- Superfish Menu styles and scripts
- Header Layout vertically center alignment
- Nivo Slider Caption text-transform to normal
- Flex Slider Caption text-transform to normal
- Elastic Slider Caption text-transform to normal
- Slider Caption position changed
- Date Picker Formats from theme options panel
- Options Panel Admin UI field layout
- Compressed the page meta options UI.

### Removed 
- Edit page link from the page and stretched template

### Fixed 
- Security vulnerability fixes in admin-interface.php
- Fixed undefined variables in events meta
- Alignment center for the sociables on staff

V2.0 - 2014-06-04
### Added
- Increase the subheader image padding
- Background case added in meta-generator.php
- Display Child Categories in menu page
- Owl Carousel and removed jCarousel
- New Admin User Interface

### Changed
- .POT Template File
- WordPress default color picker
- Twitter tweets encode for Spanish Characters
- Breadcrumb separated when subheader disabled

### Fixed
- Localization Issue with Reservation Post Type
- Carousel Not working in few browsers
- Date issue for the events pages
- Testimonial Shortcode issue solved.
- Blog shortcode pagination issue
- Frontpage shortcode/blog pagination not working

V1.7.1 - 2014-03-20
### Fixed
- Header Styles Not working issue

V1.7 - 2014-01-04
### Added
- Food Menu Category listing Shortcode
- Display Menu Types with different orders
- Google Font Preview Option
- Food Menu title Google Font Option

### Fixed
- Input and Textarea width in testimonial submission widget.
- Reservation form select box width issue.
- Testimonial submission widget title missing.
- Contact phone only numbers issue

V1.6 - 2013-08-22
### Added 
- Taxonomy Events Category Listing
- Custom Post Type tag listings
- Reservation Export Option Datewise in theme options

### Changed
- TGM Class Activation Plugin

### Fixed 
- Wordpress 3.6 Compliance
- Testimonial Submission Form CSS
- Description Walker with WP 3.6 Compliance
- EiSlider bottom spacing issue
- Responsive Issue with eiSlideshow
- Tag Listing spacing
- 3.6 Calendar Timing issue in select options
- Tabs and Toggles undefined indexes
- postID issue for tag listings

V1.5 - 2013-07-29
### Fixed 
- Custom Slider not working Issue
- Single Menus Page Issue when no price mentioned
- Price Item Saving Issue

V1.4 - 2013-07-18
### Added
- Price Color change in theme options
- Disable responsive mode from theme options
- Theme options color picker popups onclick on input field

### Changed
- Testimonial Submission text from theme options to widget

### Fixed 
- Custom Slider not working Issue
- iPad Landscape and Portrait Issue
- iPad Menu Price float issue

V1.3 - 2013-07-08
### Added
- Menubar Color Option for header 2 and header 4 style
- Menu Font Properties in typography section
- Menu Display Order in theme options panel
- Now Input area have color picker in theme options panel

### Changed
- Font Properties Section in typography section

### Removed 
- framework/admin/js/ajaxuploader.js

### Fixed 
- Menu Color Issue
- Different theme color issues like border colors fixed
- Accordion border issue
- EI-Slider If slider title is empty small dot issue fixed
- Flex-Slider If slider title is empty small dot issue fixed
- Nivo-Slider fade Issue
- Different Header Styles Not saving
- Food menu shortcode set to menu_order by default
- Archive page post meta disable issue
- Copyright background stretched in boxed layout
- Blog single page post meta disable issue
- Events Text Capitalized removed
- Menu Text Capitalized removed

V1.2.1 - 2013-06-30
### Fixed 
- Slider Page Meta options issue

V1.2 - 2013-06-29
### Added
- FoodMenu Shortcode Supports Additional Prices.

### Fixed 
- 3.5.2 Compatibility
- Page Meta options not saving

V1.1 - 2013-06-14
### Added
- Additional Price Option for menu item
- Updated Twitter API v1.1
- Business Hours Widget
- Twitter API Settings Tab Added in theme options

### Fixed 
- Blog Template Category fetch
- Events Carousel date issue
- About Us, Events Page external links removed
- Carousel Food categories fixed
- Shortcode Food Menu title link

V1.0 - 2013-05-21 Initial Release

Note: Images used in the live preview is only for live demo and are purchased from Shutterstock and some from Pixabay. You are not permitted to use any images from live demo as it’s only for live demo*


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