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I love the design NICE work.

Thanks remydk!

Very cool! Great template newsletter!

Thanks muzikizum! I’m glad you like it =)

Can anyone that purchased this confirm it renders correctly in Gmail and Microsoft Outlook?

Very nice template. I have just bought it, but I don’t know how to send this template by email. I suppose I have to upload the files to my server, but how do I send an email with it? Sorry I make that question, but it is my first time using this. Thank you and regards, Israel

By the way, I use Apple Mail. Thanks.

Hello and thank you Israel. That’s right, you have to upload all files to your server and change all relative paths in the images and links to absolute. Sorry, do not use apple mail, but there is typically a command to upload html templates in all mail clients. Regards.

Works perfect for me. No complaints!


Thank you very much finkaboutit

Hi, for some reason the PSD files are not opening in Photoshop now? Is there a particular reason or format?

Hello Ammalgam. I checked the PSD format, is correct, please try it in another photoshop. Greeting.

You’re right. My Photoshop was acting up.

The PSD ’s are fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, very nice template. But, im getting a visualization problem when I send it through outlook to test it in my yahoo and gmail accounts. The thing is that all lucida sans fonts and many other elements are have different styles than the original in dreamweaver. I mean fonts, spacing, background color… any idea? Its finished but its failing the test.

Thanks a lot

Hi burrako,

forgive the delay in replying. Seems to depend on the mail client you use. You can force the styles to the attribute “style”.

Thanks a lot.

How do I attach this to Microsoft Outlook or Mail Chimp or GoDaddy email. First time doing this.


Hi Tysonpitt. It must be used as a template html. Greeting.

Hello! Per your help file, we edited one of the html files to change the relative links to absolute ones. We did not make any other changes before testing, as we wanted to verify that the product worked ‘as shipped’. Unfortunately we encountered problems as shown in the screenshot below –

The web version of the email is located here –

Please let us know how to correct the issue ASAP .

Thank you!

PS: Please note, when the email is read in Thunderbird it renders correctly. However in the web version of gmail it tears as shown in the screenshot.

Hello, Please help, I have purchase the product and it looks great on the web. But when I email it using a constant contact as a test, the tables are distorted. Like Barbara D screen shot. I have email you and have not heard back to why this problem exist. I asked before purchasing and was told I could not test it until I purchased.

Please provide help ASAP . cannot use as is.