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Amazing Design! Wow :) Do you plan a HTML Site Template?? I am very interested! Best regards, Harry

Thank you Harry,

But as I said to sfranzken>

Not sure about HTML maybe some day :)


I haven’t seen a theme look this good in a long time. Definitely plan on purchasing later. Thank you! I’ll let you know if I have any issues once purchased.

Thank you jchambo!

Sure we’ll be glad to assist you.



nice theme.

The theme have delay…and i work on localhost…

I would like to make page HOMEPAGE. I write what i want inside and after i would like to add the blog. So , i can manage my home page easy.

Can i add a second sidebar on the right ?

Do you think in the future update you can add woo commerce support ?



It wait before all external stuff is loaded (twitters, video, etc) and only after that shows page. There are lots of different nuances why there can be delays on localhosts.

We don’t have possibility to add other content on blog page.

No, you can’t add second sidebar on the right.

Currently we do not plan to add WooCommerce support to this theme.


If you can make page builder and so make your theme very customizable, your theme will be the best seller on themeforest !

Can the portfoilio link to a post or is it just lightbox?

Greetings oyohan,

Yes, you can choose between 3 options:

1. Fullscreen lightbox, 2. Small lightbox 3. or Post


Nice theme!

Can pin whatever blog post I like and have it will remain visible on the front?

Thanks, CJ

Greetings wbd2008,

Yes, sure, it is basic WordPress functionality.


Very colourful and attractive design. That tag is so cool :) Goodluck with sales!

Thanks themeton :) GLWS to you too!

I’ve been waiting for something like this for a loooong time. Just bought the theme. Can’t wait to install it and start re-building my website from the scratch. I’ll come back with new comments and impressions, but so far this is the best thing I’ve seen here on ThemeForest!

Let the sales start raining :)

Thank you for the nice words nemanjaglumac! I hope you’ll enjoy our theme.

Very nice and colorful. Great theme!!

Thank you tendosk8er! :)

this is super cool! Is there any chance that the homepage can be set to just one page as opposed to a blog?

Greetings catchmikey,

Yes, of course, you can set any page as home page.


Thanks Gluckxxx!

Are you planning to add a Woocommerce feature?

If yes I’ll buy it in a minute.


Ps: Great job

Greetings Luca

Not sure about WooCmmerce. We’ll think about it.


Origin! Aesthetic!

If you say, that in the next update comes next post / previous post / back to blog and “by author (name)” i am going to buy it after your answer.

Has the blog an archive site?


Greetings wolkenkratzer,

Yes, we plan to add this functionality.


Awesome theme!

Thank you mpc! :)

Just purchased, and I’m very happy with the theme!

Here are some features I’d like to see if you get the chance.

The articles seem kind of small on the page when viewing on a computer with a smaller monitor. It would be great to have the option to move comments below or the option to create a “full-width” template for content that requires a larger space.

From a templating perspective it would be nice to have the theme follow the WordPress templating hieracrhy a little more closely as well. Simply for modifying files and plugin integration.

Also, author bios and archives would be cool.

I will probably be building some of this stuff out as I go along if you would like me to send any snippets!

Greetings bloomy121147,

Nice idea, we’ll add possibility to move comments below.

We actually do follow WordPress templating hieracrhy.

There is archive, it is default functionality. Regarding author bio, it will be added in future updates.

Please note that if you plan to make lots of customization you need to make child theme in case you want to be able update it easily. Also we have “Custom Styles” feature and we strongly recommend to use it instead of changing core theme files.


Thank you designesia :)

Just WOU! This is so beautiful! Good luck with sales!

Thanks webmandesign! GLWS to you too :)

wooh amazing theme! :-)

Thank you SaLiVeR :)

Great theme, is it possible to have related posts by tags or category when you click into the post? CSS doesnt matter just as long as it can show related posts.

Greetings OzPinoy,

You can use YARP plugin to make related posts.

Thank you!

Great theme :). Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks JFthemes! GLWS to you too :)


I posted a comment in the support forums. thought I might ask here instead.

1 – There is a graphic bug/glitch with the coloured circles in each post. (the circles that turn black when you hover over them). They are cut off on the right hand side and also they don’t render correctly sometimes. very blurry!

2 – Also, I would like to know why the photos take soo long to load in the gallery. sometimes it takes about 5 seconds after I press the photo till it goes into the lightbox view. this breaks the user experience. is there a setting or something?

thanks. shamz

Greetings Shamz,

1. I don’t see this glitch. What broswer are you using?

Do you see this at our preview? If yes, then you must be zoomed your page. Click ctrl+0

2. The load is depends on image size and your internet. We can’t do anything with that. The bigger image the longer it loads. Try to optimize you images, make smaller size and use “save for web” option in photoshop.

P.S. There is really no need to post at forum and in comments. Comments won’t be monitored soon and all support will be provided only from the help forum.


Hi Elune,

1 – I think the glitch is only in the safari browser. in Chrome the icons are smooth and sexy… ;). and yes, I am talking about your preview. and NO I am not zoomed in.

2 – its not the load time of the graphics/photo itself. I am talking about the time it takes for the lightbox to pop up.

noted – I will post in the forum from now on.

theme is sexy as hell btw…. my new website is going to be awesome.

thanks ;) shamz