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Good job!Good luck :)

Thank you ThemeRox, nice to be here :)

Nice Wrok , GLWS ;)

Thank you ThemeCafe, nice to be here :)

Great looking theme, specially the color combo – glws :)

thank you for your appreciation

Good job, it works weel on every device. I have just a question, how many images can I put in the slider?

Thank you. There’s no limit for number of images, check the documentation for more information

Thank you :)

Hi, it looks great but it doesn’t open in Internet Explorer 9 and on windows phone 8 … Any idea why?

Hi, thanks for purchase. We have checked your website; it seems an error in Vimeo embedding code you entered. We have just replied to your email with more information on how to fix it.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Hi Thanks for the assistance. Really appreciate. Everything runs smoothly and fine.

We are glad to have helped you. Thanks again for purchasing Liquirizia.

The last ‘Contact’ page does not seem to be working when accessed by the ‘Live Preview’ button. This occurs when I use Firefox and IE. This only occurs when the ‘dark’ version is selected.

Thanks for reporting this. The problem has been fixed.

Thanks that was quite prompt. Where can I get/buy a pic similar in dimensions to the one you have on the Demo home page?

Thanks for purchasing Liquirizia. You can get/buy picture similar in dimension in every photo stock website. Take a look at Envato’s (I replied to your email with more information and links.)

Hi, great looking theme, but I have a problem when I insert anything else than an anchor link in the topNav menu. For example when I want to link to another page in my site (or an external site for that matter) it seems as if “liquiriziaJs.js” is stealing the click event. Hovering the link shows the correct destination in the bottom left of my screen and right-clicking works to open in new tab, but nothing happens when I left-click it. Help? Thanks!


Yes, you just need to update liquiriziaJs.js.

Hi, I just tried it, works great with absolute links but not relative ones (pointing to files inside my main directory) since there’s no presence of http in my code. Thanks again for your time!

Hi, we suggest to use the absolute URL even if you need to point to internal file (


Installation failed because the theme is missing the style.cssstylesheet. Now what?


what do you mean by installation failed? Liquirizia has not a style.css file; you must choose between styleLight.css and styleDark.css. Please read the Liquirizia documentation at section “1.2 – Choose your skin” for more detailed instructions.

If you still have problems with Liquirizia write us through the contact form in our profile page and we will do our best to help you via email.

Thank you for buying our theme; if you liked it, please take a minute to rate it.

I downloaded Liquirizia to my desktop. I stuffed the folder. I upload the stuffed folder and I get the warning Theme is Missing the style.cssstylesheet. Theme install failed.

Are you trying to install it as a Wordpress theme? As you can see, Liquirizia is a HTML site template.