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Nice work man! :)

Thank you louiejie :-)

Great work!

Thanks a lot codeex!

Really Awesome! GLWS! :)

Thanks for your words Defatch :-)

Nice work man! GLWS :)

Thanks! You have an amazing portfolio drupalet :-)

Awesome Work, GLWS :)

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Good job, glws ;)

Thank you thecrea :-)

how to edit the menu?

Hi, thanks for purchising Liquirizia. You can find the menu in the master page (“header” level)

hi i m new to adobe muse, is there any tutorial how to do this ? all element are easy to edit except menu ! thanks

Don’t worry, it’s very easy to use!
Take a look at this: http://muse.adobe.com/tutorials.html

And this one about menu widget: http://helpx.adobe.com/en/muse/tutorials/building-your-first-website-part-2.html

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

how to convert my desktop layout to tablet and phone in muse ? when i export html file i only get desktop and blank tablet and phone help please

Hello, thanks for purchising our product!
. Liquirizia Muse file is ready to be exported to desktop, tablet and phone version. You should get two different folders (tablet and phone) with html and css files. Exactly what you see in the folder “html” located inside the download package.
Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

OK but the problem when i make change in desktop there is no change in tablet and phone layout. how to synchronize my modification between desktop layout to tablet and phone ?

There’s no synchronization between desktop and tablet (or phone) in Muse. You have to work separately for each version (use the three buttons “desktop”, “tablet” and “mobile” you see when you open the file in Muse).

How would I make this template my front page. I’m using host monster and have wordpress installed and wanted to integrate this theme. Sorry if this is a beginners question. This is a great template and I like what you did.

Hi, Liquirizia is a Muse template (also available as HTML template) therefore can not be used as a Wordpress theme.
Thanks for your appreciation :)

I downloaded this about 20 minutes ago and some way into my work the file has shown some signs of corruption. Muse keeps forcing to me shut the file. Has anyone else had this problem?

My second question is, any idea how to re-size/edit images you import into the background?

Hello, thanks for purchising our product!

Nobody had the same problem. :(
Liquirizia is created with the old version of Muse (not Muse cc 2014). With which version are you trying to open it?

Muse auto-resizes images but if you need to edit your images you need to use some software like Photoshop.

It might have something to do with the version, as you mention. I am managing to work through it despite the occasional difficulty. As for auto-resizing, the image I want to use as a background image is a little too narrow. Is it possible to tile the image in Muse or get Muse to auto-fit it to the webpage width? Thanks

Yes, it is possible to create 100% width images. In Muse CC 2014 you can also create 100% width slide shows.

Hi Muvolab, another question. Your design has a nice light grey background. However, I want a clean white background on all the pages except the home page with the slide show. When I go to “background” and click “white” it doesn’t change. How do I do this? Thanks

Hi joelsimsam,
in the layers panel in Muse you can see 5 layers named “Rectangle”. 4 of them are the background of each section, you can simply turn off the layer and you’ll get a white background. If you want to delete the texture used as background select the rectangle layer, go to “fill” then click on the trash icon.
Thanks again to purchasing our product and if you like it please take a minute to rate it :)

Im new to muse but not to adobe products. Ive watched many tutorials and have a pretty good grasp on how to use Muse, but Im having problems changing the min height of the desktop page. I’ve changed the height in page properties and also in site properties but on the home page when I try and drag the Bottom of Page arrow up in stops around 7500 and wont get any shorter. I tried to trouble shooting the problem and others have said to turn of sticky footers, but that didn’t work. I don’t quite have enough content to fill the space and i don’t want to have a bunch of white space at the bottom of the site. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi thanks for purchasing our product.
Please check all the layers, sometimes there is a white box (or similar) in the background extended to the bottom of the page that prevents to shorten the page height.
If you can not solve the problem please send us the muse file to dev@muvolab.com and we will try to fix the problem.