Reviews for Lisfinity - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Reviews for Lisfinity - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

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for Code Quality

- Extremely buggy. Critical errors, internal errors, conflicts with the most basic plugins etc.

- Importing a demo messes everything (the background becomes purple and the layout is all messed and impossible to fix, you must reset your website).

- Extremely badly coded.

- The theme has the WORST PERFORMANCE of any theme i ever tried or purchased. Test it by yourself, you don't even need to purchase and try on your own website, you can just test the demo as it will give you the same performance you'll get one your website. it's rated F in GTmetric, below 20/100 in Google Pagespeed etc. meaning you'll never rank correctly because now your SEO depends on respecting Web Core Vitals, and this theme doesn't, the performance are abysmal and if you use this theme, you'll never rank decently on Google.

- Doesn't want to answer publically about why he doesn't follow GPL licensing and doesn't follow envato rules by locking down the use of the theme i paid for, behind "license check" whereas license must be only for automatic updates and support according to envato rules and GPL rules.

- You must enter an email when entering the license... never seen that before, that's not part of GP or Envato rules to force users to do that.

- NO SUPPORT whatsoever, the author asks you to contact support for the most basic question... where he knows perfectly your support is over (i told him again, he keeps asking me to contact supports). He just doesn't want to answer publically regarding the abysmal performance of his theme and why he doesn't respect GPL rules and lock the use of his theme behind a "license check" wall".

My advice : DO NOT PURCHASE, there are way better solution (like MyListing for example) for building a classified website, where the author will respect you and follow GPL and Envato rules.

for Other

Support responded promptly and resolved my matter easily. Thank you

for Design Quality

- Extremely slow.
- Superficial customer support.
- Lacks many core functionalities while having other advanced features.
- All around not something you should go for if you do not want to spend weeks and weeks trying to get what you want working.

Author response


We're sorry that you have had an experience like that and we apologize if we did anything wrong to you, though we're not sure what the problem exactly is as this is your 3th or 4th different review and each time reasons are very much different. This, right now, seems like your only intention is to hurt us in any way possible instead providing a honest opinion.

We reached out to you multiple times in order to honestly help you out or to at least get some direct info on the areas you're not satisfied with so that we can help you out and also to improve them if we find that your insight may benefit other customers too.

Everything we got from you are personal attacks, non clear accusations, insults and the need to hurt us and our business in a way that honestly left us dumbfounded.

We offered to help out as much as needed and also to give you a refund and that's about as much as we can do as we had personally nothing to do with you, everything's 100% related to the theme. We accept the theme is maybe not suited for your needs but we don't see any reasons for these kinds of personal attacks as we don't even know you, just like any other customer.

We're not sure how a simple WordPress theme can cause all those strong emotions and hate but we apologize on that behalf too.

Best regards

for Other

I found some Issues with woocommerce & other important things. It took me 1h to show them the issues (Videos about the issues & Images. detailed information about the problems).... sent it Via We Transfer... what a surprise... no download from this guys.... i wrote them.. and asking( X times) ... they deleted my Tickets... my first Review i gave 3 points... after that they forced me to make a better review. otherwise they will delete my License... i did it :) and now after 6 month.. .you get the real Review.... Nice idea but many many bugs... and nobody cares... I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THE SAME PROBLEMS HERE.

Author response


We're very sorry that you feel that this is the case and we'll definitely do our best to check out everything that you wrote here and improve. It is very unfortunate but also an opportunity for us to grow from this experience.

What we really consider as not fair here are the accusations that we made you do something and that we deleted your tickets - that really is not ok.

Your last ticket was on May 14th and none of your tickets have any mention of any video whatsoever. We're sorry if we missed something but these are all your tickets and every single of them was answered

Please be free to reach us out again and open a new ticket and we'll help you out as best as we can.

Regards, pebas

for Flexibility

The theme looks like modern but not flexible. For example many field/feature is not unnecessary to me but I cant hide it.
Field Builder not easy to use, not friendly UX, no has import feature. I has take a lot of effort to just to create Car brand while I has many others fields need to create.

for Customer Support

I am a recent customer who has experienced a few issues configuring my Lisfinity theme but the the support has been excellent, professional and very quick to help .Thanks so much .

for Bugs

The Theme is very good and well thought out, it has excellent features, but it has some problems that limit its use.
If it's for your own use without subscribers, it will work much more limited in customization.
For use with subscribers, it presents some problems, mainly when uploading photos.
So that no one thinks what I'm reporting here is bad. I bought a test-only theme with child theme installed without changes with no extra plugins installed to check for bugs.
Now if you're a programmer, you won't have any problems. You fixed it yourself.
You won't need support.
Last update was on 2 March 2022.
Coming out new update has to be tested again.
To date, the problem exists.

for Customer Support

I am a recent customer who has experienced a few issues configuring my Lisfinity theme but the the support has been excellent, professional and very quick. The issues that I have encountered have not necessarily been connected to the theme itself but the support team has been courteous enough to step in and help wherever they can. This theme has to be the best featured classifieds script available at the moment and I have purchased several so I know the competition. The monetizing variables of the theme are, for me, its biggest asset and overall I can highly rate this theme and the support I have received based on recent experience.


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