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Stacigh, I hope you are wrong about him been dead.

neosin, I cut and paste the update for cufon.js and still no luck with IE9 , I really hate IE… here is the link I place the landing page and the form looks bad on IE –

So I just read that this landing page is not wordpress compatible. Is there any way to get a refund, I”m not a html or css expert. Any ideas on how to convert this template to work in wordpress?

For those that are having issues with IE9 please follow these directions:

- Download the latest version of Cufon from:

- Replace /js/cufon.js with the update (1.09i) that you just downloaded

We are using this template as a pre-launch landing page for


I have downloaded a lot of files from ThemeForest and this was easily one of the most difficult to work with. Wouldn’t recommend it.

Nice template, I’m looking to get the contact form working and I noticed there’s not PHP file included, can you possibly include one with the template when I purchase it? Thank you in advance.

Thanks petethree for the link to the font update for IE9 !

“For those that are having issues with IE9 please follow these directions: - Download the latest version of Cufon from: - Replace /js/cufon.js with the update (1.09i) that you just downloaded”

I am having the same problems as everyone else. You should make it clear that the submit form doesn’t actually work. I spent a lot of time customizing the look to feel the way I liked and now I can’t get the form to work and it is very frustrating. I have tried to contact the developer of the landing page through his email and Facebook and have yet to hear back from him. I am on a very tight deadline and need to get the submit form to work. If the developer or anyone else can help me resolve this I would greatly appreciate it.

The template it self is nice, pretty day to customize, but really is pointless because the main function and purpose for the landing page doesn’t work.

Hey dude. any chance of this happening as a WP template?

Hi How do I go about adding keywords for google? Or is this already picked up from the home page, sorry but I am a bit of a newbee to SEO . Cheers

Know What You’re Purchasing! This theme is not on par with others on Themeforest. It does not include a working form script. I have found browser errors. Overall this theme needs to be updated or removed. I have purchased 30+ themes from Themeforest and this has been the worst so far…

You should at the least include verbiage stating that the theme doesn’t include a simple PHP email script for the form.

I bought this template and not able to change the upper case to lower


<!- Heading ->

The perfect Landing Page to grow your Newsletter List

I also sent you two emails over the last week asking how to change the css and you have not replied.

Please I need your help with a small css issue.

How do I change the all caps to upper and lower.


to read

The Perfect Landing Page to Read your List

Have had a look at your css but just can’t get it right


Shawnarnold, I agree with you completely, probably the worst of the lot.

They couldn’t care a continental about support, have emailed this guy three times.

Frankly I don’t even know why Themeforest permits him to promote his products…

I wonder if this reply will get any reponse ;)

Hi, looks great, however just before purchasing, does the form works with MailChimp?

His name is Wickedshot for a reason.

If this is a simple HTML landing page, then any iFrame should properly display it on your website if you want to use it as a service page on an existing website. Wickedshot – please add some examples on your help.html file within your documentation directory to assist your customers with implementation on various websites – Wordpress, Joomla, etc. That will make more of them happy. Also, include a step-by-step of implementing their own mail list form from services like mailchimp, aweber, and constant contact. Those two changes will resolve 90% of the issues people are presenting here so that you can focus on truly technical issues such as browser compatibility an such.

I purchased the Lista theme, and was able to install the files within a sub-directory of my Wordpress website, and then alter the properties of the files themselves to properly display them as needed to promote my own mailing list. I had to edit the index.html file to ensure that the displayed text information was altered to be appropriate for my website. I also had to download image files within the lista image directory for me to replace the lista images with images for my website. Lastly, I had to replace the newletter signup fields with an HTML form from my own list builder service (MailChimp for this particular implementation). I have tested the page, and the signup form works perfectly! So, while it may not be ready to implement upon purchase, with some basic HTML knowlege, and experience with hosting provider file management, this theme was ready for me to put into production after about 2 hours of work.

For this implementation, I did not alter any file-system structure within the downloaded “lista” file. This was to prove to myself that the downloaded theme was implementable with only minimal efforts. However, you can alter the files as needed – as long as you alter the paths to them when they are referenced within the index.html file provided with Lista.

I hope this helps all of the people above which had some technical difficulties!


Is it possible to download this into Wordpress?

Same as above. You’ve got Facebook in the tags, but no mention in the description. Example iframed page? Cheers!

For “newdesignmedia”

“Is it possible to download this into Wordpress?”

Please see the link which I posted in the posts above yours. That is being displayed within a Wordpress site.

You will not be able to navigate to it via any traditional menus within Wordpress. However, you can provide a link to the index.html file that would allow you to direct traffic to the page itself so that you can recruit mailing list members. So, it would be promoteable.

Hello How can I integrate my AutoResponder?