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hi,can it install in CMS wordpress ?

No, this is a HTML Template but you can use it as a custom page template to integrate it in your theme.


I like your landing page very much. And I would like to know how to use it in my Wordpress theme(Udesign) before I buy your landing page.

Thank you


Hey vincentcui, thank´s for your kind words :) It is possible to use this template as a custom wordpress template for a page. If you need help, pls send me a email.

I get an error installing this. Apparently the stylesheet is missing? I’m not a pro but this is the first time having problems with an installation

Hey jeroenvanuden, as I have already said, this isn´t a wordpress theme. So, you can´t it install as a CMS.

Support on this product in relation to how to install is non existent. Looks good, but I haven’t been able to install it and the creator doesn’t respond to emails. I purchased it because he said he responds to emails…not true.

Download at your own risk. I’m going to have to purchase another one.

Hello mdemkiw, I’m sorry we could not offer support. In the future, I offer my full support and updates to the files and themes. If you need any help, pls email me again.

Hello Support, We were unable to install this plugin. Getting Error. Please help to resolve this issue.

With thanks

Hello krishnamurthyu, this is not a wordpress theme. So you can´t it install as a wordpress theme… if you need a wordpress customization, please send me a email.

Hello Wicked, Is this plugin ment for Wordpress? if so, how to install and use this plugin in Wordpress. I understand this is not Wordpress theme, but isn’t Wordpress Landing page Plugin?

My email, please send me detailed instructions.


How do use this theme, then. Just copy paste the code.

Please mail me installation and usage instructions to,

Yep, just a HTML Template :) It´s not a CMS so you have to edit the content in the html file.

Hi, Does this support youtube videos instead of vimeo? Thanks!

Hey litlearth, yes. Of course you can insert a youtube video instead of a vimeo video to the landing page. It´s only a few lines of code to change in the index.html.

How do I set customize that facebook share area at the bottom of the page so it is specific to my Facebook business page and not yours? Is there a way to just replace the link in the code or would I have to build a facebook app in order to make that work?

Thanks! Joe

Hey joekarns,

to change the facebook comment box to your url, go to and get your code. Replace the code in the index.html at line 252.

How do we get the standard form-fill to work on the front page? There doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the code within that region to dictate where the name/email should be sent to, or to tie that into an external database we may have, or to connect it to a 3rd party service such as MailChimp/ConstantContact, or anything for that matter.

Is there any way to connect that form in the upper right to actually work without knowing how to code that from scratch?

Please Advise. Thanks! Joe

The 3rd party connection will be fixed in the next update.

hi, I want that form send on my mail, how i must to do it???thx,

hi, I want that form send on my mail, how i must to do it???thx,

I cannot make any changes in this theme. I have it opened in an editor- Kompozer to be exact. Whenever I change any of the text- either in a plain HTML editor or a WYSIWYG editor- everything disappears except the header.

I opened the HTML and removed the text that said “Call Us…” everything on the page disappears.

I tried to change what was said in the subscription box- everything on the page disappears.

Now I have to start again from the original file.

I tried to add a picture- everything disappears except for the logo. Now I have to start again from the original file. I delete one letter from one word- everything disappears. Now I have to start again from the original file.

I am not sure why. I am not deleting any codes- I am just removing text and trying to add my custom text.

I cannot use this theme.

I have the same issue as mastermarket above. I am also using Kompozer and I have tried to make my changes but everything disappears. I am only changing the words and the images in the editor. It changes when I am in the editor but when I browse to see it online all my changes are not showing and just the background texture is showing on the page. Also, when I save and close Kompozer then reopen Kompozer and reload the page again all my changes are not saved in the template.

Please advise of what is causing this?


When is the expected update supposed to be released? I need to get the sign-up form integrated with mailchimp and have not been able to do it.

Aside from the form, this is a 5-star product, but without getting the form operational, it hurts the value considerably…

If you don’t have the full update available, could you copy and paste the code needed for integrating the form?

Is there code somewhere for the images instead of the video? Do you have the code that allows for the site visitors to send me an email as opposed to just the email address?

you can get in contact with me at

I´ve send you a message.

Professionally done! Good work!

Thanks a lot :)

How can i integrate aweber?

Hi, copy and paste your aweber code into the index.html and replace the form in the Lista Template.

hei, i cant use this template in my website wordpress? i am newbie. i dont know anything about html or cms or whatever. do you have solution because right now i cant use the template i buy from you.

This is not a wordpress theme. You can use it as a custom template in your wordpress installation if you need.


there is already a wordpress version of the Lista. I´ve already uploaded it at themeforest but it was rejected.

So if you want the WordPress version, just write me.

Here you can see the preview of the theme:

Greets, Wickedshot

Hello, is it possible do add area for phone number under area “Yorl email”?

Hi, yes of course. Just add one line of code.

is it possible to add white label js holder? i want to put my ticket sale whitelabel javascript on to this

i check and its iframe . is it possible to add iframe to your landing page?

Hey siktirella,

of course :) You can add iframe to the landing page!