Discussion on LISTABLE – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme

Discussion on LISTABLE – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme

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Can we please have an update on the PixTypes plugin? Besides that, I am not able to get the map view working on the listing detail pages.

Also there are no pins shown on the listing map.

What field is used for this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there! Does the theme have an option that allows businesses to reply directly to comments and reviews that are left on their business page?

maps integration is broken. markers will not populate even with valid mapbox and google api keys. use a different theme

Hi there!

Are you going to release an update for PixTypes in the WordPress repository? This was reported over a month ago, and I even see other users asking about it in this thread.

All sites with your plugin are now being flagged for vulnerabilities, and it is extremely alarming that you have not released an update with a fix sooner.

I do see that you provided a link to GitHub with a fix, but why is that not being uploaded to the WordPress repository? I prefer to use plugins that have been vetted on platforms like that.

PLEASE submit your update as soon as possible so it gets re-listed on the WordPress repository.

Thank you!

Just following up on this again. Please push this fix out ASAP and respond to the multiple areas people are alerting you about the vulnerability: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/xss-vulnerability-in-version-1-4-15/

Hi, I have received this message from my security plugin can you please let me know if you are working on a patch?

The Plugin “PixTypes” has been removed from wordpress.org but is still installed on your site.

Plugin contains an unpatched security vulnerability.


Due to a security report, the PixTypes plugin was temporarily delisted from the WordPress.org repository. While it’s not a serious concern, we are already addressed the issue and will release an official update soon. However, the review process on WordPress can sometimes take a bit longer than expected.

In the meantime, you can access and download the patched version of PixTypes 1.4.16 directly from this URL: https://github.com/pixelgrade/pixtypes/releases/download/1.4.16/pixtypes-1-4-16.zip

After downloading, you can upload it to the WordPress interface, and your site should work as intended.

Stay well, George

Pre purchase question. Can I customize the theme to accommodate my needs. I want to use it to list softwares or digital companies with links to their website. So I don’t need all those fancy, maps, reviews, location icons, etc.. Is it possible to use it for this purchase.


I appreciate your interest in the Listable theme and your initiative to reach out.

To answer you, yes, the Listable theme is highly customizable, and we’ve seen a range of examples where our customers have tailored the theme to their specific needs. If your primary purpose is to list software or digital companies, you can definitely modify the theme to fit that context. Features such as maps, reviews, and location icons are optional, so you have the flexibility to use only what aligns with your goals.

However, while the theme is adaptable and compatible with many 3rd party plugins, I must be transparent and mention that I cannot fully guarantee it will match your exact project requirements out of the box. A good approach might be to skim through our documentation to gain deeper insights and find answers to some of your specific concerns: [https://pixelgrade.com/docs/listable](https://pixelgrade.com/docs/listable).

If you decide to go ahead with Listable and need any assistance in the customization process, our team is here to help. Just reach out!

Hope it helps, George

Hi there When a customer signs up i would like it to say ‘Create Username’ instead of username, where would i locate the file to do this please Thanks

Hello Donny!

To ensure a streamlined support process and get you the exact solution, I kindly request you to open a ticket via the Theme Help button inside your WordPress admin. This will direct you to our dedicated support channel where detailed assistance can be provided. Here’s the link to get started: https://pixelgrade.com/get-support

Taking this route ensures we can handle your request more efficiently and provide any necessary follow-ups, should they arise.

Hope it helps, George

I want to use this theme for my classifieds https://www.patisayfasi.com






Godden Purchased

Hello I sent you guys an Email but still haven’t received any response. Please I need to add html text to the listing widget area for a specific listing. How can I achieve that? I already know how to add product to a listing. Please let me know how to achieve this as unique information need to be shown depending on the listing. It’s urgent please!!

Can I create apartment listings, job listings, and air bnb listings, all on one site?

Is the version compatible with last WP 6.2 version? I see no updates since 1 year almost

Hi! I’ve been looking for a one-in-one solution for use in an ad directory for a long time. Ads are categorized. I would like a form that, when completed, would send the message to all advertisers in that category. Useful for quoting the price of products and services, in an easy way. Do you have the resource? Do you know if you can implement it through a plugin? Let me know. Thanks. :)

Pre-purchase questions

I really like your theme but I need to know:

1. Will the performance of the website decrease in the case thousands of listings are added ?

2. Affiliate links in the listings page: is it possible to send the visitors directly to partner instead of sending them to the single listing page?

3. Is it possible to add a language & currency switcher?

Thank you.


Aderok Purchased

I can’t access my website lately, brings error report www.adauganda.com can’t even access admit dashboard

Hello dear developer, can you please tell me if it is possible with your theme/plugin to make something similar to Last Minute found here :


And maybe early booking too :

https://www.go-thassos.gr/visiting-thassos/hotels/all/offers ?

In case of Last Minute where the external user can add some ads with their empty rooms with date and the system will list them in chronological order based on start date/month ?

Please take a look and thank you so much !

Can your theme/plugin do this ? What do you recommend ?


bjoana Purchased

Hi guys,

We bought Listable not long ago and have now noticed that we need Woocommerce updates. We are running Listable version 1.15.6

We need: listable/woocommerce/cart/cart.php version 3.8.0 is outdated. The current version is 7.4.0, listable/woocommerce/checkout/form-coupon.php version 3.4.4 is outdated. Current version is 7.0.1 listable/woocommerce/checkout/payment.php version 3.5.3 is outdated. The current version is 7.0.1,

How do I overcome this situation? Thank you very much from Portugal Joana

Second – still unable to download 1.15.6 manually???? anyone?


Aderok Purchased

My website is down www.adauganda.com and cant access login admin panel

Even though for 6 years I enjoyed Listable’s functionality, its obvious lack of keeping up with the times by providing new updates makes this theme’s functionality completely outdated compared to other similarly priced (or even cheaper) options on the market. It’s really a shame that a theme of this renown (9,308 sales) didn’t want to continue its momentum, and preferred to rest on its laurels by continuing to cash-in modestly.

After 2 years of putting it off, I finally took the plunge and purchased a new, more modern directory theme that offers incredibly useful features that Listable, unfortunately, does not. Yes, I just spent the last 2 months migrating all my content (with WP All Exports/Imports and manually), and I’m still not done. But I really don’t regret for a second the effort required, because the difference between Listable and this new theme directory is really night and day.

I have no doubt that this new interface will please my current users very much, and will significantly increase the number of new subscriptions.


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