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I love it!

Thank you

There is a sub thank you page with instructions on what the user should do to confirm the email?


there is a sub-page included you can easily create a thank you page from it .. the instructions to configure the subscription form are detailed on the video tutorials you will find on item description .. it’s for mail chimp and a weber .


Im not internet savvy as most of you on this. So this question may be simple for some of you. My question: How easy is it to customize the form? I need more data then just name and email. How do i go about doing this with this script?

the form is easy to setup and customize .. just follow the video tutorials on item description .


Before I buy I would like to know if your theme supports GetResponse and/or if I able to paste-in my own form html code?

Please advise asap.

it will be compatible with all the ESP’s .. but we have only video tutorials for mail chimp and a weber .. maybe we will make a new one with get response in next update .

Thank you

How do I change the “Lister” logo?

Just edit the Logo.png on /img folder thank you

How to a just the nav bar in the header? I was able to more pages but the words are over lapping. How can I change the padding? Please help. Thanks!

Sent a email with no response. How can we make changes to the template that will render in the mobile views and not just the desktop view. Also can we make the logo lager in the header. Please help! Thanks

How can I add more Testimonials? If i copy and paste the code of the first 3 testimonials, then the layout of the new ones looks like a mess :(

I solved it! Now i’m trying to making work the contact form. Anyone can help?

I also emailed two times with no luck. Please help me with getting the contact form working on our own email.

Hello Atlaspix !!

Do you offer support for your item ? I sent you an e-mail days before , about the subscriber form , and if possible to add youtube video instead vimeo ,,

respond, please thanks

i need the contact form to work with my mailchimp or wufoo form. also want to know how to make the how it works content column width wider THANKS!

okay well the weekend passed and im back at work and still have no answer as to how to make the columns wider on the how it works section. i’d appreciate an anwswer thank you

Hi Atalspix. Nice template. It is posible to configure the contact form in the slide with more fields? I need to ad field for city, and a dropdown to choose between 3 options. I know then I have to make the slide larger, but I’m sure this is not a problem. It’s an easy change in css.

Thank you, this is just what I needed!

I am decently savvy,,, but how can you create a drop down on this? i purchased this theme a week ago and im just getting to it. Great site tho. loving it so far!

Hello! I want to buy lister theme. Can I integrate getresponse email form to this theme? thanks

Can’t install this theme. WP 3.8.1 error

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

oh never mind i see it’s an html file which is actually preferable. let me see if i can get it working

Please help. my page is all messed up in chrome or safari

How do i translate the confirmation mails? its in the php files or mailchimp and where? Thank you

Missing ‘style.css’. How do you fix this issue?