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Hello,as we continue to build out our Listing Pro website, we are very impressed with the overall functionality. However, one major issue that we have discovered is with the invoices. When an invoice for a customer is generated, the Invoice is issued to [email address]. However, from a business transaction perspective, this information should include [Business Title] and [Business Address] for the paying customer. We have asked support about this and told that this would cost for additional customisation. We would like to think that this much needed feature should be available without development charges. it would be really good to find out about this from you. With thanks

We have take a note of your suggestion for review. For future we recommend posting your feedback for improvements or new idea on our new feedback boards.

To share your ideas go to the link below and scroll down to Share Feedback section > Go Here

Also you will find the bug reporting tool info on the above link. Thanks!


rheyz0n Purchased

Hi Henry. For #1, yfrederik meant how to remove this text. Because I too want to remove or edit it. Let me know. Thanks.


henry_cridio Author Team


For Technical Help please get in touch in the ticket for assistance.

Hi, I just installed the theme and uploaded a demo following the whole wizard. But I have a problem, the single listing pages on the frontend, even if the slug contains https, turns out to be unsafe in the browser. Can you tell me why?

I manage over 80 wordpress sites and I know this type of problem, I have premium ssl servers and certificates, this thing I think is a theme or theme settings problem. Can you tell me how to solve or should I immediately try to install from scratch?

There is issue: as loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image ‘http://studio.listingprowp.com/wp-content/themes/listingpro/assets/images/pins/pin.png'. This content should also be served over HTTPS.

Mixed Content: The page at “*’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure image ‘http://studio.listingprowp.com/wp-content/themes/listingpro/assets/images/pins/pin.png'. This content should also be served over HTTPS.



henry_cridio Author Team


This is not the issue, when your website loads images from our server, In Theme Options you have many sections on which has our dummy image loading from our server end Like Banner , Submit listing , Claim

Once you remove that images URLs that are coming from our server and re upload them from your server then all will be set as https secure.

Yes, I had thought of such a thing, because the problem alone affects it on your images;) Ok then I proceed to the configuration.

Anyway congratulations, you are really strong, you managed to create a very professional product for WordPress too, it almost seems that it is not a wordpress theme, because it is really well done and I am sure you will add other nice features, I can’t wait :) and hope for native android app soon.


we have checked theme its nice theme. but I have question

1)Need I to pay for a Googlemaps API and restriction to use the Googlemaps API? 2)If paid which suitable plan. https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/pricing/sheet/

Please reply,

Hi andrewwebcap,

We are reviewing your comment. Please checkout our Pre-Sale Help center for FAQs, Live-Demos, Real-Examples, Demo Access and more.

Best Regards,

Natyra from Cridio
Customer Success Ninja

Hi there. We are looking at using this theme for a Talent Agency website. It will be one where clients can look up Comedians, Tribute Bands and so on, so rather than Knife and Fork, or ‘Beauty Spa’ icon, we want to use Laugher images, or Musical Notes for ‘Tribute singers’ etc.

Can this theme be used like that? So the Categories that appear on the homepage, they might be “Tribute Solo’, Tribute Men’, Tribute Woman’, Groups… with appropriate icons from the built in system?

We also need each ‘Act’ who is on the website (ie, the business) to be able to be charged monthly or yearly to use it. And possibly with ‘levels’ of access.

Hope you can help. Simon

Hi 79design,

We are reviewing your comment. Please checkout our Pre-Sale Help center for FAQs, Live-Demos, Real-Examples, Demo Access and more.

Best Regards,

Natyra from Cridio
Customer Success Ninja


thesock808 Purchased

I just bought the listingpro and i have been going through the theme options and when I save them, I go back to refresh and nothing changes on home page or any other page. As for the headers and footers also. I don’t know what else to do with this.

wpbakery is new to me but this should not be that difficult to understand how to change a color or font and click save.

The image in the hero section on the home screen is impossible to change as this only shows a grey screen.

Not impressed at all because I have been working on this for so many hours today and nothing is happening. Every tutorial I see that is out there, everyone is using the elementor. Which I am regretting now because I am unable to change it. Don’t worry, I have tried to. It basically crashes the site and had to switch back to wpbakery.

Hi thesock808,

We are reviewing your comment. Please checkout our Post-Sale Help center for FAQs, Docs, Video Tuts, Community and more. For tech-support please Open a Ticket.

Best Regards,

Natyra from Cridio
Customer Success Ninja

My directory will NOT be location based. Therefore, can I remove location from search bar/engines; remove as a required or optional listing submission field?

Yes you can remove WHERE field from search and also hide location related fields from listing submission.

I do not want the original user who submitted the listing to have to provide the description. Can the description field be removed as a required or optional listing? Or can the description field be available to enter content only when the claimer edits the original listing?

Can the user who submits the listing also provide a review/comment/rating of the listing?

Hi frandesa,

We are reviewing your comment. Please checkout our Pre-Sale Help center for FAQs, Live-Demos, Real-Examples, Demo Access and more.

Best Regards,

Natyra from Cridio
Customer Success Ninja

Today Friday does not attend in the support?

Hello, There is nobody in support. I need your hepl, please

I don’t understand how the listing is organized

I see how a company can be targeted. I see it and I know but …

My problem is how to organize it on the main page. Each category is your photo and inside the companies of the people who have registered

I have created a test and the client’s company that has signed up for the test has not been included in the marked category

How do you organize the listings and the category listings?

Thank you


pre-sale question:

Can stripe Connect be set up for the booking/appointment form on each listing?

Stripe Connect requires webhooks for after checkout to split payment/

Thank you for your speedy reply

If you are a developer or can hire one for customization it might be possible. But it’s not available out-of-the-box.

Thanks, I am a developer.

Can you elaborate on how/what to do to get it to work? What would need customization?

Does the booking form include the webhooks after checkout and I just need to program Stripe connect?

From my research web hooks after check out are needed for it to be possible.

Appreciate your help

Please let me know. Thanks

Hello, can i create a general classified website with your theme? Is possible to customize for that?

How can I auto-approve new listings? I want new businesses to be automatically entered into the directory, without my approval.

Similar to the “Exclusive” listing, I tried in demo.listingprowp.com to add the following blocks of listings to the home page: “Featured” listings, “Highest Rated” listings, and “Most Popular” listings. Although I was able to put in a “Recent” listings block, I could not find any Listingpro elements for featured, highest rated, or most popular listings. Are they available?

Hello, I need to know if these functionalities are available since they are part of my project.

Can the provider put a quantity limit on the discount coupons offered? For example: Only 20 coupons for the 20% discount on haircuts.

The provider can see how many coupons were downloaded for use?

Is there an option for the user to download the coupon in PDF or will it be sent by email? This is super important since with a QR code you can increase traffic to physical stores with the discount coupon.

Just copying a coupon only works for sites that sell online.

Hello, forget these 2 more questions

Can a provider configure the amount of slot per time range? In other words, a business can receive 5 people per turn, is this possible?

Can the appointment time range be chosen, for example instead of every 15 minutes, every 5 minutes? I don’t see the option for the provider to modify this