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Is the directory functionality a custom plugin or one built by you?

Hello there,

If you mean the map which shows all listings locations…the answer is it’s build by us, and it’s integrated.


Nice work. Congrats ;)

Thanks a lot :)

Does this theme provide the facility to take paid listings and allow users to publish and maintain their own ads?

It doesn’t support any payment options, but users can register and post their own listings. There’s a predesigned pricing table that could do the job for showing the features.

Then you can link the tables with paypal or other payment methods, and then manually approve the registered members.


can a user submit a car???


We just finished what you need, and we will upload Travelo right now.

It should be ready by tomorrow.

Kind Regards

I am also interested in “Travelo” , may be in a week if my customer approve i purchase that too :]


Glad to hear that.

Can users (including subscribers) submit listings on the front of the website?


Well we thought about that many times, and we decided to publish listings only from back end, because that way user will lose the posibility to edit its listings.

But if you allow user to register they can easilly publish listings once they are logged in on header a button “add listings” will navigate them to listing publish page.

Kind regards

very clean work.. good job guys!

Warning: array_pop() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/umbrella_listings/ on line 28

Will fix this immediately.

You can check it now, it is fixed.

Do members have their own custom admin panel for editing or adding new listings? This would almost work for a project we have but it would need an option for users to sign up and add/edit listings as well.

The About page layout is broken in Safari and Firefox (via a Mac) and there are a few other styling issues where things look a bit unfinished.

Really need that front end listings submission, but I’ll bookmark this to check updates.


Users can have access to the WordPress admin, if you allow them, and you can use User Role Editor to configure what you will leave access to users.

Those problems will be fixed right now.

Kind Regards

Thanks for the reply. I’m really looking for something that has a custom user admin section rather than relying on plug-ins, and something on the front end for submissions. Judging by the comments you’ve had so far I think this is something others are expecting as well.


Just worked on that, and we’re ready for front-end submissions, just a few lines of code and it should be ready.

As for the special menu, i think it wont be so efficient to work on that way, so what we will provide on the next early update is the Front-end form.

Kind Regards

Awesome work. You dudes are killing it with these feature rich themes!


Thanks a lot for that kind comment.

We are doing our best to build innovative stuff.

Kind Regards

Hi !

Very interesting theme, such I was looking for for a while… :) BUT have several pre-purchase questions :

1/ Can map markers be customized ? Caddie is not very nice… Is it possible to have several marker types and colors ?

- product 1 for sale : marker 1 + color 1

- product 1 for rent : marker 1 + color 2

- product 2 for sale : marker 2 + color 1

- product 2 for rent : marker 2 + color 2

- product 3 for sale : marker 3 + color 1

- product 3 for rent : marker 3 + color 2

2/ Can we see a screenshot of user backend ? Is there a REAL FRONT-END PLANNED ? Would be GREAT and decisive (please, consider)... ;) Tried to register, in order to check what the user see, but is impossible on demo.

3/ Would greatly appreciate a screenshot of listing publish page.

4/ Are categories easy to customize (change names and search tags) and can we easily add new ones ? e.g. to list boats instead of cars ?

5/ Can we easily create agent page with details and some presentation for each of them, related to their listings ?

6/ Is the theme ready for WPML plugin (international) ?

7/ Can we choose the currency ($ / € / £ / CAD / AUD) ? can this currency be different for each listing ? e.g. one dealer sells in € because live in Europe, and one other sells in $ because lives in USA ?

8/ Same question as OnlineD. Would be VERY INTERESTING, please, consider. You answered : “Then you can link the tables with paypal or other payment methods, and then manually approve the registered members.” HOW to link ? With a plugin (which one(s) would be compatible) ?

Sorry for all, but I’m really interested…

Have a nice day ! :)


Thanks for being interested, and there is no problem replying to those questions.

1 ) We will strongly consider including Custom Makers for Map Search, where user can chose from 1200 icons and which one to have for Map, as right now there is only a single one.

2 and 3) You can check this link, feel free to navigate between images there, the last one is the Home Page where you can see how the logic of Listing works.

4 )Categories are user defined, you can choose their name and their slug very easily, and have unlimited of them

5 ) Unfortunately right now, not but we will consider placing there Author pages which you can use for agents

6 ) Yest it is

7 ) Unfortunately the currency is global

8 ) Not tested yet, but i saw a Paypal plugin, which can be integrated with WordPress, and i think there should not be any problem as this theme is written with WordPress requirements properly

Kind Regards

Thanks a lot for quick answers ! :)

Your Welcome

Nice theme ! GLWS :-)

Is a price in a listing mandatory or can I make also listings without prices ? Can I make the Search Form without the price filter (Most Expensive, Cheapest, Price Ranges) ?


Thanks for the comment.

You can leave the price blank and it won’t show price.

Also the Search Form is dynamic, which means user can build it in the way he want, so you can easily chose not to place Price within that form.

Kind Regards

Thanks for your answer … Good to hear …

Could you set up a demo version of this theme for the purpose of Real Estate?


We can set-up a demo and give you full access there to see what you can hook up there.

Kind Regards

Hi there,

This looks like an awesome theme—just some pre-sales questions:

1. Can the theme be adapted to for instance accommodate business listings instead of real estate;

2. I know it might be a difficult thing to answer but could this be extended with Toolset—

3. Is this compatible / styled for Gravity Forms?

4. I noticed that you are doing front end submissions—will user also be able edit their own listings?

5. Can the main listing page also be a full-width template?

Kind regards

Francois Wessels


Thanks for that kind comment.

1) It can be adapted for any kind of listings, because it is very extensive and dynamic.

2) Unfortunately this looks as a paid plugin so we can’t get a piece and test it, but our theme is made carefully working with Native WordPress functions and ways so it should work with any proper made WordPress Plugin

3) This applies to the second answer also, but with some small coding pieces we can help you with that

4) So far user can only publish them, but we are working on editing listings also

5) The main page can be only on grid or list view unfortunately

Kind Regards

Hello there nice theme. I’ll be very much interested in buying the theme if it has what i want from the below description.

Below are the links of the screenshot of my current theme and other of what i actually want my website to be like.

1) my current website screentshot link

the url to my current website

2) Screenshot link for the layout we want url

to the website of the above screenshot

Please do let me know if thats possible or no in your Listings – WordPress Responsive Listings Theme.

Thank you.


It seems that you are using a different system than WordPress, and migrating will need some additional technical help, and can’t be done by and imported CSV file.

WordPress supports XML import tool, but the file format should be a specific one.

Kind Regards

hello, so does that mean , in current situation an CSV or EXCEL file cant be uploaded on the theme to show as listing?

Yes that means that you can’t simply import CSV on this theme.

Can You create a map with location markers and filtered search in the home page displaying all listing in one location?

Is there a possibility ?

I want that function to showcase all listings in particular city on map with markers


Map search, is used to get all Listings on that location, but you can also place the Location drop-down on search from from where user can do a custom search query.

Kind Regards

Hi There, I would really like to see this theme set up for Real Estate! Looks great for but I need to see what it will look like for property listings, etc.



We started preparing a demo with Real Estate.


Can you have different attributes for categories ? A category for real estate listing, one for cars, etc, each of them with their own attributes.

And a frontend interface for posting listings it will be available soon ?


So far you can define custom attributes only for Listing post type, so they are Post Type variable.

But you can define each custom attribute, and define which one to show on home page, and which not.

As for the front-end interface, we did that as you can check it on our changelog.

Kind Regards

Hi i have some problem please help me.

in menu Option > Branding > Presets i select “Red Skin” that nothing result

and i select Option > Branding > Skin Mode > Custom > Make Presets i change my color that nothing result too

help me please


For the best experience and a great reponse, can you please move this to our support forum at


I have same problem as per Sernson had, Branding options are not working

Also The front end sumbission is really pathatic, i tried users even can’t submit things properly. With this we target the normal usrs who don’t know the Wordpress.. It should be in drop down menus rather than in wordpress backend data entry.:( If you can’t make a wizard then atleast you can try a backend form submission option like you made a search form…... Just for Refrence

also how can we hide the subscriber/poster that they can’t access the WP-Liabry uploaded images and uploaded data…while uploading car images…

Search filed interrelated ( Make nad Model Relation) will highly appreciaited. It is really pathatic to define first let say Make Honda and then to put cars in Model and alot of dropdown menu apper for user listing all the car for all makes

User login form / registeration form pages also , profile page isn’t formateted one :(

Pagination css imporvment… see at down of Brownse page tha pagination should be in center with a box around …

if you can not do these let me know so i wont bother you again and won’t use the theme
Also i know the items on TF are sold as it is but i am only requesting you to do these if you can't then i told my thinking.... No Harsh comments!


I see that you moved the thread here, instead at our forum.

Instead of just saying a NO, we tried to explain what we did for free, without carrying about our time.

Kind regards

No there i wrote in details and some related thing, this was an addon anyhow i will not bother you as this theme is not in my use but would highly recomend other to buy if they don’t want an effective search field and front end posting an awsome work! By the way is there any plugin via which we can ourself make a front end posting template? :)

i respect what you did for me in good notation have good words for you dear!


Here is what we suggest to use on that case :

PS : Using the search widget, we did not had any problem reported, if you have one of them than please write us back to fix that.

Kind regards