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You should probably list the fonts used.

All found in the help file :)

Nice! Are you gonna be coding this?

PSD is fine, I am a coder. Are you willing to sell for “exclusive” price anyway? I mean really exclusive + all rights. Thanks, sidenote: the design is really slick, you got great talent and i wish you success

Does this include the other pages? Like the contact, about us, support, and services page?


The design is great, but are you going to be coding this and make it available as a full fledged website? Would buy instantly.

Regards, Str1der


Depending on the sales number at the end of the month, if the template is popular enough I will code it and offer more pages such as a contact and services.

Right now it is too early to determine if the number of sales will reach enough to merit a coded version, I will provide a more precise answer 1 month from now =)


Id have bought it if it was coded. Nice.

Me too. Code it and I’ll take it now.

I myself would have instantly bought it if it was coded. Don’t you think you would generate a lot of sales right away rather than waiting for the month end? That ways, people like me who need a template instantly, would buy it right away.

Great theme lukk, and thank you for the iconset mention =)

Good luck with the sales!

Great, great, great design. Ended up changing pretty much everything(as always) but really like your style and approach. Props!

I’d buy a coded version.

would purchase right now if this was coded, I believe you’d sell a ton more. Please get back with me if you code this. Thanks!

if you code this, i’ll purchase it immediately. thanks! great job!

come on ! code this!!!!! ;)

if u are planning to code this please let us know toait for it or to buy another template.