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By the way, it appears your ticksy is broken – Loading the page says “thanks for submitting a ticket” – I haven’t submitted anything, I’ve only loaded the page.

Thanks for the heads up Web – Checking into the Ticksy issue :)

Hi, I really love this theme and appreciate you making this so simple! I’m in the early stages of creating my site and I have only one problem… You’ll see what I mean but I need the blurbs to be moved down by a litle bit?? please help??? I would love the Front slider to be under the header, is this possible?

Could you please tell me how to import the demo data? I think Ive done it but it doesn’t look how it should??

I have an answer for you on your open ticket here: -

Cheers! Charlie

For instance the ‘Home About Portfolio Blog and Contact tabs aren’t there?

Thanks for filing this over at If you run into any other questions, lets continue this conversation on your open ticket :)


Cheers! Charlie


Its a great theme, i just cant get the dropdown menu to work when using the dark skin option.

Any suggestions?

Hi Anthony, Please post this over at with a link to the elements in question so that we can further diagnose the issue that you are having.

Cheers! Charlie

I just want to add a title tag to the email image beside my facebook image for the social options. I can not do that in the theme options so I was just going to do that in the html manually though I do not know which file to choose because its all PHP files. Can you throw me in the right direction?

Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system ( along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)

Thank you for this lovely theme. I use it for some weeks now and the response is great.

One thing I would like to make the “like” and “eye” button below the photos dissapear. User “lifestyl-rod” asked for it already two months ago (first comment page). You have shown him so examples that its possible. But could you please tell me where to find this option. I would like to reduce it only to the title of the photo, without any buttons and descriptions. my example page is—> photography

Thank you in advance for your support

Hi World!

Add this to your custom CSS panel to remove those:

.view-back{display: none;}

Cheers! B

Worked perfectly. Thank you for this quick reply. Happy Easter! :-)

Maybe one last point. The categories are arranged alphabetically on the page. It is possible to change this arrangement to own wishes?

Beautiful theme… just wondering how I can stop the FrontPage blurbs from opening a new browser window?

I have taken away the http from the links, but it is still doing it…

Thanks :)

Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system ( along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)

2 errors… Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mgvconcr/public_html/wp-content/themes/lit/header.php on line 115


Warning : Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in on line /home/mgvconcr/public_html/wp-content/themes/lit/element-carousel.php16

Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system ( along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)


Your support site doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, so I’ll put my question here. We love the theme, but when we try to place a button into a column shortcode, the button doesn’t work… see here: scroll down and you’ll see the button code.

Please send a fix for this, thanks! Theresa

Why do the front images always open a new tab with the link, shouldnt be leaving the website for internal if i just add “about/”

How do i change this?

Thinking of buying Lit – is it using the latest Super Skeleton? I bought Swift, but this one suits my needs better. If not, when will it be ss2 powered?

Hi Portal!

I’d guide you to Action actually – both Action and Good Bones are based on our latest framework whereas Swift and Lit are on the old version (which is still great, just not as great as it uses older coding paradigms). From a usability standpoint, they’re all pretty much the same of course. Hope that helps!


Is it possible to add a “READ MORE” link to end of the excerpt in the blog page?

I noticed it ends the paragraph without any link to continue reading and the reader has to click on the title of the post to read more.



I checked the update log and there is a mention of a 3.0 version. So I redownloaded the theme but I’m still at Where can I find the 3.0 version? Thanks!

Hi there! That’s a typo – the current version if, and we have a 2.0.7 version coming out later today :)



Thanks for clearing that up!

when is this new version coming out?? my clients’ site has been down due to incapability with plugins.

Incredibly disappointed with a total lack of support. This theme DOES NOT work, and no one is responding via Ticksy, email, twitter, etc. I even setup on a brand new WordPress installation, and it spits out lots of PHP errors on the back-end, making WP completely unusable.

Note I’ve previously purchased half a dozen themes from this author and have had a great experience in the past, both with theme quality and quick support. It’s sad to see such talent decline to this point…please help resolve!

For the 3 column portfolio page, where do I add my images?

hi, love the theme! My question is if I can have a video play in side the thumbnail of portfolio and blog, and not open into lightbox or go to the post. thanks! Marije


Our theme has been working great on our site, but all of a sudden lately we’re getting an error in our theme’s error log daily: “[27-Feb-2014 10:56:11 America/Denver] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/northwx8/public_html/mercercanyons/wp-content/themes/lit/index.php on line 1”

Can you shed some light on what is going on here? We love this theme and would like to continue to use it!

Thanks, Theresa

Congrats on the new additions!

I can’t seem to figure out how to get the header to be responsive like the demo. The height adjustment is also not working in the theme options panel. So here are the issues:

1. The header height won’t adjust via theme options 2. Any Image I upload just is aligned left at it’s normal size and doesn’t adjust like the demo. 3. Images even set to the default 262px height overlaps the main navigation

What am I missing here?

Thanks for your time.