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Hi, if i try to install a child theme, it doesn’t work. Do you have any issues to work with a child theme for this theme? Thx

Hey there, what exactly doesn’t work, I have tried installing it on our development server and it works just fine. What exactly happens when you try?

thanks, now i find a way…

Hello! Thank you for the theme, it’s fantastic. I have one question: i can’t see or enable the searchbar at the top. How can I activate that? Is it a widget or setting?

There’s an option in the theme options that you can use to enable the search form.

Hi, if i use the post widget, the exerpt will be cut after 55 (or more) signs. is it possible to make three points after the last word?

Second Question: The space between the widgets is very big. it is poosible to make the space smaller?


??? Hi, can you answer, thanks

Hi, is it possible to hide only the autor-image in the post with a top-image? Thx

??? Hi, can you answer, thanks

When placing a shortcode inside the sidebar, the item does not appear on the front end and only the shortcode appears.

Tried different shortcodes of different plugins and the problem still persists.

Could you please help

Hi, it is possible to set an h1-Tag on the homepage?

Hi, i want to hide the autor at the category, tag & archive-sites…


I really liked the theme, but I have to doubts before buying it.

1- Can I translate all buttons and texts of this template to another language?

2- There are some wordpress plugins I would like to install, if I buy it. Is there anyway I can check the compatibility of a wordpress plugin x the template?


Hi, is it possible, that the slider only shows a special category? thx

sorry, i find the answer ;-)

Hi BluThemes and all,

we are having problems with some posts in our website.

When we use the ‘Vídeo Format’ there is no problem. The web visitor see the video and next the text (excerpt). But when we use the ‘Standard Format’ the featured image appears OVER the text.

Disabling the plugin Waving Portfolio this problem dissapears.

How can we detect the conflict? Any idea or resource for detect this error? Do you have any experience with a similar problem?

Thanxs and congratulations for your work.

Hey there, I answered your question in our support forum

Hi, there is a space on top of the site (32px). Is there a way, to make it smaller? thx

Is this theme support rtl ?


I am using litemag themes and themes modules. Bluthemes-tabs module is not working. So I am selected all categories for show my home page. But this module selected one category so its category has one article. I am using module setting. I am using setting menu

Show recent posts: Yes No. of posts to show: 5 Show posts from these categories: Shif + all category selected and save module

Bu it’s show one article . I have alot of article. I didnt understand this error.

Hello, i’m working on a web with a litemag theme installed. I’ve been trying to add some custom css queries but i can’t see any results. I have the child-theme activated and i’m working with it’s style.css.

Any suggestion!

Thank you!

Jefferson Otto


We are considering purchasing the Interpol theme for our blog but I wanted to know how well the theme works with plugins such as:

AdRotate MailChimp for Wordpress Related posts for WordPress Yoast SEO

Thank you in advance and kind regards,


Hi, i have one question, its possible to ad a video of youtube for example, at the home slider and that video load there, at the same window or like a pop up over? Greetings.


APPC Purchased

Is this theme still supported? The last update was over a year ago. It seems like none of Bluthemes’ WP themes have had any activity recently and there’s total radio silence on the support forums. No replies to emails either.

Hi we are configuring this theme now and we are searching if the following is possible. Now the latest three posts(Articles) are showed in the slider, but also in the post overview. Is it possible that only the latest 3 post are only showed in the slider and not in the post overview? Because now it is double.