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Hello, I’ve been using your theme for a long time with https://ulitza.com. Since updating, the website gives an ‘There has been a critical error on this website.’ error. When I disable the theme, the website does work. What would cause this? Wordpress and the other plugins are updated.

Sir, no preview, hard loading demo of your theme… Why?


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Demo content doesn’t seem to be installing.

PHP 8 max_execution_time 300 max_input_time 300 max_input_vars 1200 memory_limit 256 post_max_size 516 session.gc_maxlifetime 1500 upload_max_filesize 600

Also get an error: “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Additionally, a 503 Service Unavailable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”


KevenNP Purchased

Switched it to PHP7.4 still same issue and error.

Have featured videos on blog post headers. If I click from homepage into post video headers play but if I send someone a direct link the video headers do not play. It’s the same page etc… same link. So clicks from homepage/internal video headers on post page plays but clicks directly into the post page from external video headers do not play. Any idea? I’ve asked a few questions with no reply. Some help on this would be appreciated.

I notice it is the same problem/bug on your demo. If you click into this article on your demo site (link below) from the main homepage then the cover video in the header of the article plays okay but if you just click on the link here (or even refresh the article after clicking into it from the homepage) then it does not play https://kohette.com/wpthemes/literatum/who-is-satoshi-nakamoto-the-creator-of-bitcoin-2/ and it does not use the replacement featured image instead of the video either. Can you help fix this? Or give me some code to help?

Just purchased Literatum and setting it up. It’s great. Is it possible to get the Gutenberg “widealign” working on the image blocks by updating functions or adding some css? Images at the moment in a post body can be full width or the same width as the content. I would like to have some images wider than the main text/content but not full width. Happy to edit myself if you could point me in the direction. Thanks!

I managed to figure out the above ^^ got some CSS that worked. Have another question about the featured video post covers… Are they supposed to work on the homepage or only on the top/header of the individual post page? I’ve added a featured video (uploaded an mp4) and the video is displaying on the top of the post page but not on the homepage. It’s just empty and black. Also couldn’t get the YouTube links to work for it. Thanks.

Hello! I am trying to modify my titles and subtitles but the white space is bugged, it does not let me click to write my texts: in the title and subtitle section below the main article box.

Hi soy4,

Are you using the latest version of WordPress and the latest one of Literatum? The problem still happening if you refresh the page?

Hi RafaelMartin, Does the theme support RTL languages and layout?

Sorry ded0, currently there is no RTL support by default. There are certain plugins for that but I can’t recommend any because I haven’t tested them in depth.

We are getting the following error in the server log when viewing any page on our website. This error does not appear to have an impact on the end user experience, but we would like to know how it can be resolved. We are using Literatum version 2.2.3.

2021/12/22 16:07:29 [error] 1576#1576: *117034 FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: PHP Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in “[redacted]/wp-content/themes/literatum/kohette-framework/modules/settings-creator/options/option-font/font-manager/option-hook.php on line 74PHP message: PHP Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in [redacted]/wp-content/themes/literatum/kohette-framework/modules/settings-creator/options/option-font/font-manager/option-hook.php on line 74” while reading response header from upstream, client: [redacted], server: [redacted], request: “GET [redacted] HTTP/2.0”, upstream: “[redacted]”, host: “[redacted]”, referrer: “[redacted]”

Hi sunypolywebteam,

I will try to look on that, looks like something related with FastCGI. Are you using the latest version of PHP?

Are you using any of the custom font options? Looks like could be related with that as well

We are running PHP 7.4.27. In the theme customizer, we’ve set our typefaces to Domine (700) for titles and headlines, and Gentium Book Basic (regular) for the content and body.

i am not able to change this “This is the website slogan, it can be edited in Appearance / Customize / Site Identity. You can display here a brief description of your site with links and some text format.”

I have tried to deactivate my plugins however the error persisted. No matter what I changed on site identity, the changes won’t be able to be published.

Hello wanyusof.

What happens when you try to change it, do you get some kind of error?

The slogan you enter is saved in the administration but the previous one still appears on the web? If so the error may be related to the cache, maybe you are using a plugin or something that is not updating the cache and you need to update it.

I visited your site and I see that a new slogan appears, were you able to change it finally?

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

I cannot change the website slogan. Even after I rewrite the demo one, it won’t change. My website is https://wanyusof.com

any update?

hi wanyusof,

Sorry for the late response. I’m getting different reports of this problem with the latest version of WordPress. I’m working on it and I hope to have an update ready as soon as possible fixing this problem and some others.

I don’t know if this is your case but sometimes this can happen because the url is not configured correctly in General Settings (there are times when one url is declared with Https and the other is not and this generates errors).

In other occasions refreshing the browser several times in the administration page where you can change the slogan fixes the problem.

Other times everything is working fine but if you have activated a cache plugin you may be viewing an old version. Be sure to enter the page as a guest in incognito mode (if you are using Chrome) to make sure that the slogan has not really changed.

Hi, is it possible to place ads in this theme?

Hi Rafael, any chance this theme will work with latest WP 5.8.1? I love this theme, but when activated, the website is completely blank (shows fine with any other theme). Thank you!

Awesome theme for writers!

Hi, I can’t customize the part of the website where it says: ” This is the website slogan, it can be edited in Appearance / Customize / Site Identity. You can display here a brief description of your site with links and some text format.”

Whenever I try to customize the corresponding field in the theme customization, the “Publish” button remains grey. If I try to change the website slogan along with other changes, the website slogan simply won’t change (but other changes will be published).

After a week or so the Title/Sub Title will not work and the cursor is not active within those fields. It happens on Narratium also; same problem. How do I fix this?

I have the same problem, even after last update, the featured image is not visible when open the post

hi factorybg, thanks for the notice! Uploading a new update in the next few hours.

Hi there, great theme. However after updating, the featured image is not visible when opening a post. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here… https://joca.me/2021/01/10/was-social-media-expertinnen-von-2021-erwarten/

I have the same error as above

Also when I open the post, featured image is not visible

Hi! On the theme description, it says that the theme comes with both the “old” version and the new version, which is why we purchased this theme again, but the download only contains the new version. We’re running the old version of the theme on a fairly big online-magazine site and just need to update that to the last available iteration of the theme for security purposes. Could you send us a copy of the ‘old’ theme, I believe it’s version 1.4.3 or somewhere thereabouts.

Thank you!

Hi installationeditorial!

Sorry, I forgot to include the old version in the last update. Send me a message using the contact form in my Themeforest profile requesting it and I will send you it! You can specify the exact version if you need it.


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