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Hi, I bought your theme and I wonder how I can get rid of the box (showing date, author, comments, website) which is placed over the picture in the project page. Is there a part in the code of a file which I can delete in order to get rid of the box? Thanks for your help in advance. Kind regards, Veronika

Hello Veronika,

Sorry for the long delay. You can add the code below in the style.css of a child-theme or the main theme, if you don’t have a child-theme, but I would strongly recommend to use a child-theme for any customization. Refer to this article for more information on child-themes.
.single-atpeproject .atpeproject .project-details {
    display: none;

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact.

Best regards


How do I remove the white shadows from the images I insert into text boxes?


Just bought the theme, but the demo content cannot be uploaded. There are lots of URL’s in the XML demo file pointing to but that location is unavailable. For instance: is not available. Please fix this. I want to start with this site exactly as it is shown on the Live Preview here, but now it looks like nothing.

Emailed you instead :)

Hello, I have a problem with box builder. It seems only administrator can edit contents. Is there a way to fix it? Thanks.

Hello. I am a very satisfied, relatively new customer. Just building my first site now. I was wondering how I might 1) remove the “Litte” image that appears on every page, and 2) discreetly inform anyone who might be interested that I used this theme to build the site. Thanks in advance for your attention to this and be well, TMH

Why have I received no reply in four months?

Hej support team. I’ve had an issue for a year ago concerning setting a feature image on the homepage. I recently had to delete the Litte theme from my database because of an error (white screen, when trying to open my website). That time you wrote: “The homepage did not support a featured image before, but we’ve just added that feature in the new version of the theme and updated it on your WordPress installation.” Is this something I can do my self? Thank you very much for your reply. Kind regards Ronald

Hej Litte support team, I recently extended the support, sendt the above question, but stil haven’t heard from you. Would you be so kind to contact me concerning the stated issue. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Ronald

Why do some images fail to upload? How can I avoid an “HTTP error” when uploading? :cry: