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Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thank you Deftch :)

Very eye-catching design good for the eyes.. good luck with sales :)

Thankx bro.. :)

Good luck with sales :)

Thank you drupalet :)

Congrats, good luck with sales.
Kind Regards,

Thank you..Bedros :)

Cool and Clean!Wish you good sales :)

Thankx ThemeRox.. :)

Nice work mate ;)

Thank you baser2 :)

iconsys @Nice Template with lots of options. Wish you many many sells … :)

Thank you much dmsumon :)

HEllo, very nice template! Some questions: 1. Is it possible to have sticky menu? 2. Could it be integrate well with WHMCS – for hostin business? 3. What is the max. columns in pricing tables? 4. Are there unlimited module positions?


Hello Igigi, :)
Thank you…yas it’s possible to sticky menu and we also updating very soon, 4+ columns for pricing tables. yes you need to create only, present we are creating lots of module positions in this theme.
Thank you

Hello sir,
for WHMCS integration ask to service provider for same
Thank you

Iconsys, if purchase it does comes with the dummy xml like in wordpress so we can easely have the format just change components and content?

hello mahiette,
in the file included quickstart package. dummy content included in the same. easy installation method. if you are new for joomla. we will install it for you. thank you

Hi, I want to buy, but i have an issue. My website will be for a mortgage company, and i feel like the socials are front and center more so than the menu.. this will be a problem for them as they wont be using any socials.

So for this to work, the socal and search would have to go on top in the brown area and the menu would have to fall down in the white area…

Is this super easy to do?

hello sir, its very easy to do you need to customize some css and changing position. I will telling step by step for more easy. thank you

I was trying to purchase a template that day for a client, i didn’t know if it would be easy to do or not so i went a different direction. Next time man. thanks

hi, I purchased the template. hoa can I access your support?

hello sir, if u hav any issue then please send mail on, thankyou

Nice template, lots of options, fair support … I already have it online :-)

Thank you kroetenschleim.. :)

Instagram??? i not appear??


I have a problem urgent, when click in templates configuration appear in blank page!!

Hello sir,
Please reinstall quickstart pack and we are using akiba for installation so not needed to change in configuration. if not working then please send your project cpanel detials. we will install for you..
Thank you

Hello sir,
Here is the right solution… 1 – Open plugins / system / yt / includes / admin / template / default.php 2 – Replace line 18
$canDo = TemplatesHelper::getActions();
with :
$canDo = JHelperContent::getActions('com_templates'); 

solved thx


I have problem too. When click in template configuration appear this

/plugins/system/yt/includes/admin/template/default.php on line 18

I just upgraded to Joomla 3.2.2

Hello, I’ve done several tests. The problem arises when Joomla is updated 3.2.1 to 3.2.2

Hi again,
Here is the right solution…
1 – Open plugins / system / yt / includes / admin / template / default.php 2 – Replace line 18
$canDo = TemplatesHelper::getActions();
with :
$canDo = JHelperContent::getActions('com_templates'); 
Thank you

Thank you very much!

Fixed issue.

I have tried everything. I have installed, reinstalled, fixed many problems, but my site still shows up like this when I install your quickstart file.

Figured it out. thanks

Hello sir,
we are sending mail as same please check.
Thank you

Could you please help me also if this template supporting joomla 3.2.2


Hello sir,
Yes..this template is supporting for joomla 3.2.2
Thank you

Everything is great, very nice template! But i have a problem. I do not see slider in extensions, it’s possible? Maybe I’m blind ;) Please, tell me where slider is in a package?

Hello sir,
we are sending you mail as same. please check
Thnak you

I bought this template, he liked me very much, but I can not find the installation package slideshow, which is used in the example. Help, please.

Hi, i need the icon for instagram, what is the code?

The icon social for header