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Hi. Have you tested this theme with wordpress 4.0? I’m waiting to update a website that is using it. Thanks.

Hi, sure tested. It works fine

Ok, updated and seems to work perfectly. Thanks a lot for your quick response.

you are welcome)

hi this theme is awesome. one thing is that the video thumbnails on the portfolio do not work. how can i fix this?

Hi, if you have any problems- open a ticket please

screenshot of the product from admin panel Is it possible to see ? every part of the site with admin panel can I change? u can Would you please send a screenshot of the admin panel?

Do you plan to release any update to this theme? The last one was almost 4 months ago!

I think there’s some opportunities for improvement, like having the blog with the same distance from left as the other pages and having it with a wider width. The blog layout could be improved as with no separation between the posts and sidebar areas it gets very confusing visually.

It would be also nice to see some integration with the Contact Form 7 plugin, as your contact form is really limited.

For last, a few shortcode options would really improve the theme. Like buttons, tabs, toggles, etc.Take a look at the top selling themes and you will get the idea.

Other than that, it is a really nice theme. Congrats.

Hi, I have too much work in progress, but I think about the new update. Now I need to finish current projects

hello, all the pictures are from animated image grid taken in a single folder or simply pictures of the complete media gallery. can set which images are to be seen in the grid

Hello, animated image grid is obnly on Splash home page. It’s created very easy. It needs just create Image Gallery at special post

Great theme, I love it.

I wish the Portfolio galleries were as easy to upload as Home Grid image gallery.

Is there any option to make that work? I don’t need to have title/description for every picture so it’s very annoying to create new portfolio post for every picture when you have 500 pictures in total to upload there.

Best regards.

Hi, you are right. I’m thinking to add additional type gallery, but it needs time

Hi i am trying to create a sub category and password protect it but when i input password it brings me back to home page.please help! thanks

Hi, if you have problems, open a ticket please

Pre purchase. The demo is not coming up. can you look into that for me please

Thanks a lot. Changed preview link

Hi Is there a limit to the number of photos I can add on the live grid? Say for example can I add a few thousand photos to it?

Hi, you can add them, but time of loading will be 10 minutes :-D

Template is really perfect for my needs photo gallery. One question how to make posts opened up a larger field. Field for reading articles with pictures is too small for me. Where is the parameter to change the width of the post?

Hi, mate. Open a ticket please

I wanted to see the preview, but I notice that “Enter” button on the preview actually hides a click jacking intent, it redirects the first time to a Facebook profile. Was the site compromised? I see that the demo is not up to date (Wordpress 4.3.2). I hope this is not intentional.

Hi, Theme works with the latest WP/ If you want to add redirecting on the first time to profile – you need to find some 3rd party plugin

I think you haven’t understood what I meant: I tried the demo, and when you try to enter, clicking the “Enter” button in the demo, instead to open the menu, it redirects to some Facebook profile (It shouldn’t!!) It is a click jacking intent, it could be that you site was compromised (hacked) or that you intentionally included this click jacking (that would not be okay).

I have the HTML 5 Version, is there a way I can get a coupon to redeem and purchase the WP version, any help would be awesome

Hi, you have to ask about discount at Envato team. I’m just author

I just purchase the theme, however I dont see the option to make a viewable gallery in grid mode just like the one I had in HTML

For some reason WP is showing me half page

Is there a way to make it work the same way as the one in HTML?

How can I show it in a correct way? Am I missing a Plugin or something?

Open a ticket here with your access. I will record the video

Hi, When you hover for each image on Image grid on the home page, Is it possible to link it to show the JackBox Lightbox? if so… any Demo?

Hi, unfortunately no

Hello, I need to build a one page on one screen theme with just a grid with “perfect” squares *CD covers”. When I click on a cd cover it should open a Soundcloud embed. is it possible to do this with your theme?

Hi mate, unfortunately it’s not possible

Hi there. Couple questions for you. 1) I’m assuming each equal square in the demo is a clickable link to a post or page. I’d like to create sort of a one page visual link directory, so I’ll need to redirect each post to an external site. Do you foresee any issue with using a plugin such as “page links to” with this theme in that fashion? 2) On mobile (iphone 6 used for test), I noticed the red “Live Grid” header part blocks a row of images, so clicking on them would be very difficult. Is there an easy way to narrow it or lock it to the top header to avoid blocking a row of images? (To be honest, I probably wouldn’t even need that part as I could use image links in the grid for even the few internal pages I would need. Is there a way to remove?) Thanks very much.

Hi mate. As you see we have such functionality – when you hover on each image it’s replaced on different image, so it can’t have the link.

So the square grid demo is just a view only type of portfolio of images? That’s a bummer. This would be the perfect layout for the type of look I’m going for if those images were links. Oh well. Thanks for replying.

Yeah. In your case I advice to check this work You can create filtering and Posts

Hi, the theme is until supported?

Hi, sure, but this theme is not flexible. I advice to check this theme and soon we will release very cool Photoportfolio APOLA

Hi, i have need a template that shows the social stream grid. Can you advisoring me also some plugin for to get the data from all social network and import into wordpress?

Unfortunately i can’t advice anything. Livegrid shows just images, not social media

i like this theme but i couldn’t found how to sell photos

Hi there. You need theme which supports Woocommerce plugin like

Hi, your platform isn’t working man!!! I’m trying to send a ticket and it doest get my purchase code!!! So I’m forced to post it here my support issue:

The install guide ask to upload the file impressive.wordpress.2013-07-12.xml file and I don’t have it, instead of it I have livegrid.wordpress.2014-01-18.xml​ and when I upload that file it goes 500 error so I can’t go on with the installation of the template.

Hi, do you mean background video on the main page?


cemevese Purchased

No, I want to use a video grid as the home page, in which all the videos can be played. I would like it to be as shown in the HTML demo, when following the path : ENTER->PORTFOLIO->VIDEO