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Beautiful design. Question- the navbar to the right seems to get “stuck” on the color orange as I scroll down. I changed the color on the section but it is not doing anything. I did change the bg-red hex value to be a purple color, which is what I want in the navbar. Help? I’ve got my so-far-done work here:



Please contact us via support system: Also send your site as ZIP pack / downloadable URL. We will fix it up, and send back to you.


Hi, This s a pre-sale question. The demo didn’t display correctly on mobile devices which my client is mainly a mobile user. The animation didn’t show and the page doesn’t scroll properly. Please advise if the new update is fixed with this issue.

Thank you.

Hi, the layout is perfectly response. But animations and parallax are manually disabled on mobile version due to performance concerns on mobile devices. This is a recommended case for such devices.

I purchased this original theme with the intent of using it on my wordpress site, but I now found out that this is not Wordpress compatible. I saw that you now have a wordpress compatible version of this, could you send this to me, or at least provide me a discount. I am not going to have any use for the original theme as I am not great with html or css, and this theme seems really cool if I could just use it on Wordpress. Please let me know if there is anything you can do for me. Thanks!

Hi, all sales related activities are not permitted to be handled by us (Designova), instead you have to contact Envato Support

Hi, I’ve just bought this theme, but by a mistake I was loged as another user at themeforest and I’m affraid that the themeforest mails are going to be sent to that user. Can you help me to redirect the mails to my real mail account?

Kindly contact envato support. Authors cannot manage such things.

Hi, This s a pre-sale question. In the description you mention that horizontal as well as vertical parallax scrolling is possible. The demo site is built with Top-Down scrolling layout. Is it possible to convert the site to Horizontal scrolling layout?

Hi, you can see the Horizontal parallax layer in action in Team Image in the same demo. That’s possible with horizontal parallax scrolling.

Hello, I have the iframe code off a video from youtube (not a popup window) would you please tell me what do I need to use it a seccion of this theme?

I’ve already found that it was easy, only can be seen when published.

Thank you. Just please share the URL then

Hi, I have send you a mail with some questions, but have no answer yet. Please tell me if it has arrived.

All the best

Thanks so much, then I’ll wait

...and I’m still waiting, I did what you recommended me to do

Please check your email.

...and I’m still waiting

Hi, we will check it get back to you

Hi good afternoon, I want to buy this site but I am intrigued to know what the problems EduardoHDA

hello, ok!. ticket open

solved! hugs


good afternoon! I am not able to run the messenger. Please could help me? Thank you very much, Open ticket.

please i need a solution , open ticket some days ago

Hi, we had checked your website and every code is Okay, still PHP emailer does not work. We seriously think your server does not support PHP email scripts or there is some server settings restricting the PHP email sending functionality. So please contact your web hosting service support.

Please check your email, we have made response to the ticket also

There was a problem sending your message. Please try again..

everything is perfectly configured not understand what the problem is … well, I must make a new messenger as this does not help.


Colors of right menu don’t match with the sections. I have sent to you the facts that prove it several days ago, but there’s no answer from you. Support of other envato products are good but this is not the case with LIVE.

Hi, we will trace it and get back to you soon.


Ymo Purchased


Could you please check on Safari 8.0.2 (latest): lag and elements not placed as expected (About section as en e.g.).


Hi, thanks for the note.

This is because latest Safari has some bugs in rendering Skrollr Parallax engine. The issue is detected but it is caused by safari updated version (and the same issue does not occur on Chrome which shares same WebKit platforms for browsers).

As this issue is weird and complex we have to check this case in details which will take some time to update.


Ymo Purchased

Thanks for that. Hopefully the issue will affect others and Apple will provide a fix!

But I’ll stick to my decision to switch back to Safari :)


You have created fantastic theme, we would like to buy it. Before buying I have one pre-sales question.

is it possible to move navigation on top or bottom. i have seen it can be moved to left in one of your client website and right already in demo site.

Hi, thank you so much. This is not possible unless you customize the navigation in higher extend.

Hi, This s a pre-sale question. I just test it in my iPhone and got some strange layout in home section. I can’t post image here, how can I contact author for the problem?

Hi, hope you are checking the direct URL: Still if you see the issue please contact us via email to:

The theme is very cool but , I’ve sent a few emails and a link to images on my problem and I have not had return. Please at least see the link with the accompanying images and answer me that at least you saw my last message in support

thank you,

Hi, Please check your email.

Hello, Ok, I understand that support is limited. It turns out that the customizations I made are minimal, I exchanged pictures the same size, and insert my texts basically.

Also inserted a small image on the left side. What good is a cool theme if I can not enter my texts and images?

You should inform the boundaries of the text and which may or may not be inserted more images, for example. It is unfortunate ..

Hi, you can customize the template to any levels, even to a whole new website. But it depends on your level of handling HTML5, CSS and JS. As this is a HTML web template (not having any drag & drop dashbord such as in WordPress themes), you should properly edit the codes to make it modified in advance. Please check your edited source code. Thank you.