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Thank you Putensteak :)

Hello, on the contact form, how can I modify “send message” to my own language, it’s not possible in the theme option and I cant find the right language file for that.

Thanks in advance

Hope you might have posted this issue on our forum. Our developers will assist you once they are back online. You may also check for similar threads in forum for a quick fix

Is it possible to use text insted of icons in the menu?

Yes. But you need to do some quick customization.

Hello, does this theme come with a drag & drop / or visual builder/composer for the various panel options?

Thank you, Andrew

No. We may release future updates with a page builder or a shortcode builder, but we cant tell you about a release date now.

Thank you for the quick response. One additional question: would it be possible to take a peek at the documentation to see what is possible for each page section? Just gauging being able to use Live for a client site in progress. My email address is andrew[at]pixelparlor[dot]com.

Thank you, Andrew

Sharing documentation is against our policy, I can share admin screenshots if necessary

Hi, i would like to know how can i change the colour of the testimonials section that is pink (the text background and the indicators). And also ask how can i change the language of the contact form Thanks

Kindly post your query on our support forum. You may find similar queries on our forum so search through the forum before posting

I installed the theme and made some changes in theme option , that were saved correctly. Suddenly, now when i am trying to do any changes in theme options, nothing is getting reflected and not even getting saved. a screen with some notification is coming, attached is the screen shot of notification that is appearing.

This is a support question. Please do post it on our forum Our developers will assist you once they are back online

Hi guys,

this is a pre-buy question. Is it possible to extend the portfolio items with text and more images on the detail view (click on one portfolio item)? We would need to descibe our projects a little more than just showing one picture.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Yes, you can create standalone project page. You can access it from the link icon in portfolio grid.


a pre-sale question:

can I create like this effect with your parralax?


You can create something similar this. It takes lots of planning and all to customize the theme to this extend.

Hello, is it possible to put the side menu on the leftside? And make it still stay in the same color? Is it easy to change or remove every icons? Thanks for your answers!! :)

There is no native option available to switch the sides, still its possible with quick customization. The color sticking feature will also be there too. Adding icons is available as a meta option while creating pages.

Hello, I like this design very much, but have a question is it possible to use it for e-commerce? it there any additions like cart, registration forms etc. Thank you

No. There is no additional support for e-commerce. You may use woo commerce plugin though we haven’t tested the same

Can I just check if this theme only scrolls vertically, or does it also have a horizontal scroll option?


No, vertical scrolling only. Elements can scroll in from any direction.

I tried sending a question to pre-sales address and got no response, I’ll try here.

1) – Does it allowing embedding of videos, in particular from YouTube, but really of any kind?

2) – Can I embed players from music sites, i.e. ReverbNation/BandCamp/CDbaby etc?

3) – Is there FULL documentation available, including specs for graphics, how to add/delete layers and how to change icons etc? I will need that kind of functionality.

4) – How extensible is it? I don’t want to find that I can’t use any or many of them common plugins that I would normally need, particularly in a music-oriented site.

5) – Do you have a theme that you feel is better for a music/entertainment site? I like the excitement and sense of movement and engery that this theme has, that’s a VERY big part of the appeal.

Thank you!!

1. You can embed videos as content. Background video, lightbox video are not available

2. Through content only. As far as WordPress content area support those embeds it will work

3. Documentation explains page settings, shortcodes , portfolio settings etc. Image sizes are not added. There is no size restriction for images but keeping image sizes as in demo website will return best result. There is no drag and drop available layers or elements are avaialble as shortcodes only

4. Its a one-page theme and it usually supports most of the plugins. All of the available possibilities are shown on our demo

5. We usually do creative portfolio themes, there were no items focusing music only. Still I recommend you to go through our portfolio so as you may find a suitable product

Ok, thank you!

I’m very troubled by the fact that I registered at the support site app. 2 weeks ago when I bought and paid for the theme, but have not received the notice letting me register and post in the support forum.

I’d like to have that happen immediately please….

So I did that, and have had NO response. From my perspective I’m having some trouble working with this theme, and would very much like to be able to access the help that I apparently paid for, but not only can I NOT do that, but the remedy isn’t working either, and my support time is just tick tock tick tock…..20% gone already, and NOTHING.

I’m feeling very unimpressed and frankly a bit upset, and it’s making me question not only the reliability of the the devs here, but also the entire market here.

I did my part and paid the money, there’s another side to this transaction that isn’t being honored, except to continue to put me off.

Is someone removing my comments? Seriously??

We will send account details through email. Please follow up

The package could not be installed . The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet .

Unzip the download pack first and follow the instructions from documentation.

Hi there, when you plan to update the theme?

Its already compatible with latest version of WordPress so a total revamping is not in plans as of now

Hola, seguirá teniendo mantenimiento esta plantilla? Saludos.

Yes. This theme is compatible with the latest WordPress version and we are still providing all the necessary support

hello, I would like to buy the live theme, but first i would like to know if it supports the widgets and if i can insert other gallery portfolio plugins. Thank

You can create one page sections just like creating pages, so you can use anything that works inside page content.

I still try to make this question, I’m looking for a theme with effects like a theme I’ve seen, I do not know if I can put the link, it seems to me that live looks pretty. Featuring chameleon has other layouts? Or just what you see in the demo? thank

There is no other layout other than the demo. For the animation effects LIVE uses Skrollr library.

ok, i’m looking for a, type template, maybe you can tell me a more similar theme. thank you

Ok I apologize for the delay in answering, I saw the theme that advised me and it seems more like the link I wrote above, I also read the topics because I wanted to figure out if the menu could move in the header up, I seem to have Understand that you can not do sub-menus, is that right? and I’ve the same question about widgets, Are there or does the theme not foresee them? Thank you

There is no widget support for this theme and sub-menus are also not available. If you need customizations you can contact us through wordpress[at]

Ok thank you so much for the availability