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Discussion on Livre | Business Unbounce Page

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Hi there, I uploaded your templete to uncounce. Looks great on desktop. On mobile, it looks great on the preview, but for some reason the hero image up top is all stretched out and blurry once looking at it live in my iPhone. Why is that?

I should add that the Unbounce support fixed it by deleting the CSS sheet. But that obviously takes away parts of its character.

Hi,Thanks for the info, not sure what cause that yet, It seem Unbounce might not support a CSS background-attached properly. I try to remove background-attachment: fixed; from style and the background looks normally in mobile (BG will scroll along as you do, not fixed position anymore).

You can do by open style at the bottom left of the editor and remove the code here

hope that helps.

Presale-Quesion: Is it possible to integrate Mailchimp easily?

Thanks in advance!

Is ine the landing page such functionality that user can add in contact forms for example. A video file or jpg?

I say this because I want to organize a competition in which you have to give your name, e-mail and attach a .jpg file or video.

Hi, You can add a custom forms but I’m not sure about the form attach files. because mostly Unbounce only allow to add only user info. However, It might better try ask Unbounce support about this feature.

please note this landing page is a only for Unbounce service. You need to use in this service only (because you will get a .unbounce not .html file, incase you don’t know).

Thank you :)

Hi, What is the best size for the top background image? Every image that I upload gets resized too large and looks strange. Thanks.

Please ignore that question, I was uploading the background image into the section container instead of page container.

How do I add a phone number field in unbounce for this template?

Hi, you can drag this text fill and paste where ever you want to create a custom text fill. and don’t forget to republish the page after make a change :)

hope that helps

This only allows for me to type text on the form… I’m looking for a way to add a required phone number field under the email sign-up. I want it to be the same format where the text of “Phone Number” is written within the box that the consumer types their phone number in.

I see, sorry for misunderstanding. in order to add more form field you can double click at the form area. There’ll be a form design popup then you can add a field call ‘Phone Number’ from pre-defined fields. and check “Hide label” too. and click done.

Then, at the bottom left of the editing panel select.”Javascripts”

and put "phone_number": "Your phone number here", after the email value.

You can change “Your phone number here” as you want. you may need to move a form button a little lower because the new field fall be hide the button.

I also made a video to show you how it work to.

Sorry but it looks terrible on 1440p.

Hi, Thank for interesting, not sure I understand correctly but 1440p is a high-definition for television TV not a normal regularly computer screen size. However the template is set Geometry width to 980 wide. so content will keep centering in any screen size. Only the background image that going to be stretch out. it depend on the image-size that you use for background. if it wider/bigger enough for your audience or not :)

here what it look like in 1440 Pixel wide


How easy is it to change the image at the top?

There will be an option like this on the right properties panel when you select the top section. You can click change and upload the new one :)

would that work as regular html

Sorry, you need to import to Unbounce to use it because the file was .unbounce not .html. Unbounce service provide you more info about converstion, A/B Split Testing and much more.

Great work.. GLWS ;)

Nicely done! I like the font in “site selector”. What is it?:)

Thank you ThemeStarz, I’m not sure what the site selector you mean. but there’re just a Lato and Montserrat being use in this item, should be one of them :) hehe

Very nice work Nutzumi :)
Wish you many sales !
P.s. this is something different as email templates ;)
Cheers, Sebastian

Thanks you very much Sebastian :bashfulcute: I just want to try something new haha. cheers

Thank you tranmautritam :bashfulcute:


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