Discussion on LLUMIA | Muse Wedding Template

Discussion on LLUMIA | Muse Wedding Template

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where I can get <script src=”countdown.js”

Hi, I was super impressed when I looked at the demo of the site. I unfortunately may have underestimated the complexity of how to edit the site, and the whole way around the setup.

Do you have a video tutorial at all in how to change the information held within the site, simple things such as the initial slideshow images, where do I find the three of them to replace them?

Even if you could direct me to a generic recommended tutorial that would help.

Thanks Lee 77a4afe9-f3d6-450d-b3ba-016eb1a573d0

Hello, Can you provide the Instagram logos for the website? Thanks!

Hi, I bought LLUMIA | Muse Wedding Template. I have little problem. Can yo please tell me, how can I change the link for video? It is a trigger, who plays the video. But I do not know where to change the default link for my own video link.



Hi, I have one question. Can you please tell me where in code I can set up the email for sending the contact form to?


So sorry for the delay, please note that forms built with Muse will only work with Adobe Business Catalyst. If you are looking for something else you can use Wufoo as they offer a free embedded solution.

Either way as seen in this screenshot, you add your email to the space provided. http://gyazo.com/7579be1a68f13fdad95a1275de16cc63

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Just bought this and am frustrated. I thought it had a Full Page Slideshow? Many of the “assets’ files are missing and when I go to preview it just flashes white and never does anything.

I’m sorry you are having trouble, I haven’t had any complaints like this before. I look at the file and see if there are any issues with the latest version of Muse. In the mean time, If you want to send me your .muse file I’ll see what I can do for you :)

OK, I still can’t replicate your problem but did make a few updates to the file. Please download it again and see if you are good now. If not, let me know :)

Hi themejive,

i also have a problem use this too,when i use Adobe Muse 7.3 build 5 version to open <llumia-wedding-top-nav-final-with-mobile-1-14.muse> file, and edit after want to “Export as HTML”,it aways doesn’t work,and give me a message like { 2 Warnings Page ‘Contact’ contains an HTML form with a CAPTCHA, which is configured to work only with Adobe Business Catalyst. Page ‘Home’ contains an HTML form with a CAPTCHA, which is configured to work only with Adobe Business Catalyst. } and when i open new saved index.html give me error like { MuseJSAssert:error calling selector function:TypeError: Cannot read property ‘style’ of null } please help me thanks a lot :)

okay thanks ,but i have already edit a lots of this error file :P

OK, looks like the latest update to muse contains some issues. I am working on a fix now and will let you know as soon as it is updated and ready for download. Thanks!

Just wanted to check in to see if you are all set now? It appears that the latest version of Muse fixes your issues.

Hi Mate,

I’ve had an issue with the Font, i’ve reopened the project after a month and all the fonts have reverted to Times New Roman, Just wondering whats the font used in the LLUMIA so i can update


Hi clag_kent, sorry for the issue you are experiencing. The font used is Bebas Neue. When you preview, does it render correctly? If so, then it is likely a problem with Muse.

Hello, I have a problem with the template, I was able to change almost everything and readapt pretty good, but the text of the thumbnails in the slideshow (the statue of liberty new york 8) for example, can not find how to change it in muse. If I can do it with dreamweaver directly on the index.html file. But as I can make it through muse?. Are you really not find a way.

Hi there, so sorry for the delayed reply. Please download the latest version of LLUMIA and then copy the gallery from the newest file into the one you have been working on.

Sorry about this issue.

Dear, themejive

I worked with your great parallax website design and created a beautiful website. But now I recognized an issue with displaying the website on different screen resolutions. It just works on 1920×1080. All smaller resolutions it doesn’t work. Could you help me? My website you can find here: http://celebrationtest2.businesscatalyst.com/index.html#home

Looking forward to your answer


Hi CedricRotherwood, since Muse does not produce a responsive website at the moment we need to create a separate Mobile design. So far, I have created an mobile version but decided to skip the tablet version as it seems to work ok on the ipad and similar sized devices.

The mobile version came later and you may need to redownload the file package again if you don’t have it already. Let me know if you need anything else :)

the social media links are not showing up on the site when I preview in browser, I tried previewing the original file and its still an issue so how do I fix this?

Hi wickdwear! Thanks for buying this theme, really appreciate it. The issue I think you are explaining is how on smaller resolutions the social icons on the lower left are hidden. This is a tricky one since it is a one page type theme I can’t really anchor it to the footer where it would be visible by different resolutions.

I will look into a good solution to this. In the mean time, you can always move them up a bit on the left. Maybe even below the nav?

Let me get back to you after i play around a bit :)

Thanks again!

OK wickdwear, because showing social link at the bottom is not working for you, take a look at this demo to see if you like this as an option. Click the heart :)


Hello there! Any fixed plans/deadline for the phone/tablet version yet?

Hi WebRules. Sorry for the delay… Should be wrapped up tonight.

OK, thanks for your patience. I have just uploaded a new version that now has a mobile version included :) Hope you like it!

And it looks like it’s already approved so you can download the update whenever you are ready.

There are a few issues I’ve had with this template. I’m used to using Dreamweaver for websites and Muse is confusing me as I see nowhere to view/edit the html.

Issue 1. The price boxes display fine in IE, Chrome and pretty well in Safari, but are completely out of place in Firefox. Is there a correction to the CSS to fix this?

Issue 2. I cannot find the layer, area or element that holds the background images (that rotate on the home page.) I’ve compared the source code from the preview site vs. the one included in the template and that seems to be missing.

Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ok, it looks like issue #2 is related to the font size Firefox is using. If you “zoom text only” and then “control + -“about 3 times the font fits, and the price boxes fit fine as well. But as soon as you reset the zoom to default it is all messed up again.

Hi there! OK, so lets see what we can do here.

For issue #1, looking at what you have going on, the price boxes look fine to me. Am I missing something? The dark vertical box on the left likely needs to be anchored left. Issue #2, looks like you have found how to do this but one thing to note is the need to use images that are at least 1920px or you can choose the option “scale to fill”


Please let me know if you need anything else :)


Also, I am not seeing any font issues on my end. Can you explain this one a bit more? maybe a screenshot as well?

“Premium friendly support” ???

Why you don`t answer?

the demo looks great. but the file is apparently wrong. the index file is an html file. muse can not import them. what am I doing wrong?

Hmmm. Ok a new file has been updated. Please let me know if there is still a problem.

Hi Cedric, just checking in to see if you got everything working ok or if you still need assistance? Let me know, happy to help :)

Hey thanks man! I still need to finish a tablet and phone version but time is ever so scarce :)


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