Discussion on SmartOWL - LMS Education WordPress Theme

Discussion on SmartOWL - LMS Education WordPress Theme

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Hi! I updated my theme but this particular plugin : WPBakery Visual Composer update fails. It says update package not available. Thanks.


Take a look at this tutorial in order to know how to update the WPBakery plugin( please follow #2 from the article: https://modeltheme.com/knowledgebase/how-to-update-bundled-plugins/ ).

If you still can not update the plugin please submit a request to our help center (https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request) and one of our agents will assist you. For an easier solution, please also describe the problem with as many details as you can (including screenshots).

We also require FTP + WP Admin credentials in order to investigate & fix any possible remote problem.

Regards! – ModelTheme

Hi … Sorted the WPBakery plugin issue with the article you sent. Thank you so much.

FYI I cant submit ticket because the support has expired. .

You can contact us via this form: https://themeforest.net/user/modeltheme#contact

We are just curious and can’t wait to solve your issue :)

Best regards!

Hello there

More than a year has passed since we got the theme. I had version 3.1 of the theme installed and I tried to switch to 3.3 by logging into the admin panel. but it was incredibly slow. After a horrible experience I updated both the wordpress version and the theme and the plugins pending updates. As a result, nothing changed. I asked the hosting company that they said it was okay with them. They said the problem was software. Now I disabled all plugins and the site is still very slow. Can you help me with this? I don’t want to delete the theme.

Hello and thank you for contacting us,

First of all, the hosting can be a real problem of the speed. As of now, we are not aware of speed problems (from other customers). We are really interested to see what is causing the speed issue on your site.

To investigate, Please submit a request to our help center (https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request) and one of our agents will assist you. For an easier solution, please also describe the problem with as many details as you can (including screenshots).

We also require FTP + WP Admin credentials in order to investigate & fix any possible remote problem.

Regards! - ModelTheme

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Hello, I cannot create a support request because my license has expired. I could not find where the problem was.I deleted the theme.I can’t pay $ 41 just to create a support ticket.I prefer to buy a new theme.Regards!


You can also send us an email via this form: https://themeforest.net/user/modeltheme/#contact

Hi, I sent you two emails with no reply. My site does not add courses to the cart. Something is off. Could you please help out? I checked all the setting and it was also working before?


We got your two emails and suggested you to open a help request to our help center (https://modeltheme.com/support) and one of our agents will assist you. For an easier solution, please also describe the problem with as many details you can (including screenshots).

We also require FTP + WP Admin credentials in order to investigate & fix any possible remote problem.

Note; Our official help desk is located at: https://modeltheme.com/support#new-request

Best regards!

how to connect with support?

Hello and thank you for contacting us,

Please submit a request to our help center ( https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request ) and one of our agents will assist you. For an easier solution, please also describe the problem with as many details you can (including screenshots).

We also require FTP + WP Admin credentials in order to investigate & fix any possible remote problem.

- ModelTheme


Sorry, I forget to ask, purchasing courses are through WooCommerce payments engines or it is using a proprietary engine? If proprietary, is Is Stripe supported?


In you opt-in to use the WooCommerce payments for the courses, you should purchase the addon that makes the connection between woocommerce and learnpress. By default(without the addon) you cannot use WooCommerce payment methods in Learnpress. Addons page: https://thimpress.com/learnpress-lms-pricing/

If you are using the addon, then you will be able to use any payment methods available for WooCommerce (including Stripe)

Hi there,

Just wanted to know if you guys are still in business and theme gets regularly updated. It seems there are not any activities & updates in the past 6 months.

Is the theme compatible with Word Press 5.0 ?

Also the login credentials for Instructor doesn’t work, actually can not find the login page !! Could you please fix it ?

Are you using LMS from timpress ?

Thank you


Actually the last update was submitted on 18th June, 2020.

The theme is fully compatible with WP 5.x

We just fixed the login credentials and you can test them now.

The LMS engine is the LearnPress plugin.


Pre-Sale Question,

Dear author, Greetings.

I want the following functionality, please advise if it is possible with your theme.

1) In the front end, the user role (instructor) can create quizzes from our (pre categorized) question bank and send them to other user group (student).

2) Once candidates submit the test, the result should be emailed no both, the instructor as well as the student.

3) Everything should be in front end.

4) Quizzes will be free. We will charge only to the instructor to create tests. There will be packages for instructor with limit of students they can send quizzes.

5) There will be no courses. Only quizzes.

Please advise if this can be done with your team.

Thanks and regards.


Quizzes cannot be without the course feature.


i want to buy your theme but i need to ask few questions

1. Can i create courses for students?

2. can students register and have their own profile page?

3. Can teachers also register and have their own profile page?

4. can courses be taken online and offline?

5. can students pay for courses before starting?


There is no extra plugin for the membership feature! All the things are included in the theme.


ok please when i purchase the theme, will you assist to setup the theme like it appears on your demo site including the pictures?

Usually placeholders are being provided instead of demo images (because of licensing issues).

Regarding the installation, after purchasing the theme you can send us a ticket with your FTP + WP Admin credentials and we will install and setup the theme quickly.


Hi, . . . I’m ( 63yrs ) and on fiverr. com love the features and the look we are going for on our children’s website. Questions: Are BeTheme from the muffin group, here from ( themeforest ), zapier, Paid Membership Pro, gravity forms, compatible with your Theme ??? The Paid Membership Pro allows for the use of creating an ( ID # in account ) which is important for parents registering their children. Thank You for creating a “Fun” theme, . . . “Have A Wonderful Day” Ms. D

Hello Ms. D,

We didn’t test the theme with zapier, Paid Membership Pro, gravity forms so far. At this point, we can’t assure you that there will be no problems with those plugins.

I see no use for Paid Membership Pro because our theme already comes with it’s own membership functionalities.


New Update!

RTL Compatibility – added via ModelTheme RTL Compatiblity PluginView Details + Download the Free RTL Plugin

Live Demo | Purchase theme


I’m looking for a e-learning solution that uses Flashcards, and I could not found any reference to flashcards on your description.

Does your template allow the use of Flashcards on courses?


Hello and thank you for being interested in our theme,

The courses, along with each lesson from each course supports any type of embed (shortcore or html code).


Hi, this is pre-purchase question. I need to sell downloads only. Is it possible with this theme? If yes, can I limit the number of downloads after user purchase the item?

Hi, yes, downloads only. Unfortunately link does not work.

Check this link, please: https://imgur.com/0xxNNOI

Thanks. Got it.

Hi, since the last Wordpress update it seems Visual Composer isn’t working, even if I disable it, it all looks different and I cannot edit any pages without coding. When checking the VC plugin it says that I have to wait until the theme’s author updates it. Any suggestion on how to go about this? Thanks


Sure, send us a message at support@modeltheme.com in order to help you update the WP Bakery plugin.


Pleases update the theme, I get this message!

Your theme (SmartOWL-Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. Suggestions to fix this: Update your theme to the latest version. If no update is available contact your theme author asking about compatibility with the current WooCommerce version. If you copied over a template file to change something, then you will need to copy the new version of the template and apply your changes again.


Our theme was last updated on February 18th and includes the new WooCommerce templates and other features. Check your themeforest downloads (themeforest.nt/downloads) and install the newest version to get them.



I’m looking for a theme to solve a couple of issues I’m having with the current one. So I have a couple of pre purchase questions:

1. Does your theme include any mechanism to prevent or reduce login information sharing?

2a. If not, could you confirm that this plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/two-factor-auth/) is fully compatible with your theme and can be used to implement two factor authentication login? 2b. Please check if login form redirects to the “one time password” login form when the plugins two factor authentication is enabled

3. Does your theme support facebook page integration (to present content like fb events)?

4. Does your theme support instagram feeds integration (to present IG posts/tags inside gallery page)

Kind regards!


1. I’ve installed the plugin you mentioned and from the log in form it redirected me to the One Time password page and got my code from my email address. It shows that the plugin is compatible with our themes.

2. WordPress allows RSS as a widget/shortcode, you can configure and add a feed RSS to either facebook or instagram. https://www.ghacks.net/2018/10/01/how-to-create-instagram-rss-feeds/


Thanks for your effort and feedback.

I’ve got one more question: Does your theme include Child theme?

Yes! Theme theme also comes with its child theme included.

Hi I have a project for tow languages, is this them can help me do it or not. if can how can I do it, and I need same Tutorial to Dealing with them and how can i do some stuff


The theme is fully translatable. It is compatible with WPML Plugin or Loco Translate.

For any other questions please don’t hesitate to reach us.


Hello I have purchased smartOwl theme When I installed it on my site sikho.online at wordpress.com it show only a error 500 internal server error Please solve it as soon as possible What should I do with this product


” The cause of the 500 error is the Smartowl theme, which I’ve deactivated. I’ve currently switched you to Twenty Seventeen theme. And now your site no longer shows 500 error. If you activate Smartowl theme again, it will most likely cause another 500 error, and for this, we suggest you contact the theme developer so they can check the errors in their theme. Alternatively, you can look for another theme with similar features as the Smartowl”

Now please check the errors in your theme & make it working in my website https://sikho.online/

Otherwise I have no option other than findout other similar theme


We already seen your emails and replied, is not necessary to post them everywhere :).


Couses are created from learnpress but theme is not able to show any course modeltheme not even supporting me

Hello! I’m working on some issues for a client’s website and they are using the SmartOwl theme. The contact form does not work. I noticed that the form tag has no action associated with it, and I didn’t see any code on the page that would handle a POST action, though I might be missing it. Is there some configuration they are missing, or is this a known issue?

Hello @jenvander,

Unfortunately we are not allowed to provide support to customers without the Purchase Badge(You need to reach us via the account from where the purchase has been made).

But, as I know the contact form problem has been solved few updates ago(It is an ajax form – the code will not be seen on the page source).

So, if you update the theme and its plugins most probably the problem will be solved in your side too.

Otherwise you can reach us using the license key via our ticketing system for debugging http://modeltheme.ticksy.com


Unfortunately, the bug is not fixed. I do have the license key info, so I will use that with the ticksy.


Sure, I will reply to your open ticket soon !


Hi i use the template for a cultural association and i would to know if is possible to create a template to take information of new members and a little quote trought paypal with the plugin that are installed. Thank you


Please send us an email at support@modeltheme.com with more informations about your request to give you an answer!


Very stylish project! Nicely done! :)

Thank you drev0 :)

Hi – On your screen shots of the theme, you have a page called “Final Quiz” but when i search for this on the theme i cant find it – can you send the URL please?


You have to complete one of the quizzes first, that is the default Results page.



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