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My lobo_social is not opening in new tabs. I have looked through all these comments and have no idea why it is not working on my site. I would have submitted a ticket but for some reason my purchase code is not working. I purchased the theme last month with 6 months of support. So I am not sure why my purchase code is no longer working.

Lobo social not opening in new tabs first priority though.

Hello bambrose87!

in order to open your social links in a new tab, you must write them in this way:

[lobo_social twitter="" target="_blank" facebook="#" behance="#" pinterest="#" gplus="#"]
Notice the ‘target’ attribute. You will need to add it for each social network option you want to open a new tab.

About the support area, our support system (Ticksy) have experienced some issues the last week because the way they handle the Envato API, they have fixed this and you should have any problem opening new tickets now, please, check this out and my apologizes about any related drawback.

I hope it will help you out! : )

Does this theme have any known issues with WordPress 4.6.X?

Hey onyudo!

no issues with 4.6.1, the theme works totally correct with this version too : )


I am intrested in buying this theme, but I have a question. Is it possible to add videos to the theme with a lightbox effect instead of pictures?

Hello BjornStoop,

I´m sorry to say that them theme does not provide such functionality out the box. In any case, if you could have any other doubt, just let me know, ok?

Thanks a lot for your interest in Lobo! : )

Hi there,

Congrats for this amazing design. This portfolio theme is amazingly brillant and fresh. I’m about to purchase this theme however as I photographer I wanted to know if it’s possible to clic and zoom into individual pictures in a portfolio project. I mean when you open a project and the pictures are in grid display, in the demo we can’t clic on a picture and zoom into it full screen or with a lightbox. I’m wondering if it’s possible and if there is any chance you would consider developing something like that in an update for example.

Many thanks.


Hey Eric!

I´m sorry to say that Lobo does not provide such functionality, I can´t assure you that we´ll implement it in next updates, but definitively I´m going to put this idea in common with my mate in order to study this option better.

Also, I want to thank you for your interest in Lobo, it is really appreciated it!

Have a great weekend :)

Hi there,

I love your theme.. but I`ve got a Problem with the homepage. I can´t change the first site from blog to any other site. I don`t know why, but I can`t edit the first site(know it is the demo blog).

So i want to change the first site, the visitor can see from blog to portfolio overview.

Many thanks

Hey stpauli94!

I´m not sure what you need to modify, if what you want to do is modifying the front page, the page that acts as homepage, you can choose this via your WordPress admin area > Settings > Reading. There you can configure your front page.

Notice that by default WordPress will display the blog page, so you can modify this in this section.

If this is not related to your query, just let me know and I´ll try to help better. I hope it will be useful! : )


fox Purchased


I would like to add :

.hero-title { mix-blend-mode: difference; }

But the title stay black or white.

What do i have to do?

Thank you

Hey fox!

as far I can see, if you set it like this, it correctly works:

.hero-info { mix-blend-mode: color; }

Just have into account the browser support for this property.

I hope that it will be useful! : )

PRE-SALE: hello, any known issue with WooCommerce 2.6.4? When are you going to release an update of the template? Thank you :)

Hey domenicolatosa!,

we have not detected or have been reported before with any related issue with this WooC version. In any case, we totally maintain and support the theme, so do not worry with this because Lobo will receive future updates fixing any theme related issue or details related to future WooC updates or any other third party used in the theme.

In any case, thank you very much for your interest in Lobo! : )


mironyc Purchased


When I upload new images to WP Media Library the images have the same size as I’ve created them, but Lobo theme resizes them and the file size becomes very large in portfolio. I upload a 960×960 image @ 200kb and the output file is 960×960 540kb! How can I reduce file sizes so my pictures are as efficient as when they are uploaded to WP?

My subsription have already expired but I need this one only, please help. Thanks in advance!

Hey mironyc!

please, check this article in our support area. This should help to understand how images optimization work in the theme, that by default generates thumbs without any compression and because of this, it changes in size. You can easily change this by following this article.

In case that you could have any related doubt, just let us know, ok?

I hope it will help you out! : )


mironyc Purchased

Thank you so much! This will enhance my website speed diametrically :) The only side effect is that I have to change the names of all newly uploaded images in Media Library, otherwise this won’t work.

Hey mironyc,

I´m really sorry for this drawback, we´ll add this in the documentation within the tips area in order to better explain how the theme works in this sense :)

Hello There, I’ve a trouble using portfolio feature. when I created the new one, module builder won’t appear so that I can’t create any new layout. please help. I’m still using old version lobo 2.4.2

Hello otetatsuya,

we really encourage you to update the theme in order to prevent any old issue. Just sign up in your Themeforest account and go to your downloads area where you´ll find the last theme version.

In any case, no related issues with the page builder in that version were present, so I recommend you to update for a better support in any sense.

Cheers! : )

Hi there, I’ve purchased the theme a couple of weeks ago and it’s really stunning. Thank you and congratulations for the hard work.

However I have a few questions for you.

First, I’d like to know how i can set my loader thumbnail the same for the whole website. As for example right now the loader in my portfolio items are the thumbnail of the project. But I’d like my loader to always be my logo.

Second, I’d like to know if there are other design options for arrows for the slideshows heroes. I’m not a big fan of the black arrows for their design and the fact that they only appear when the mouse goes hover the slideshow. Otherwise we don’t really now we can actually slide. Is there a way to set another design simply like putting 2 white fixed arrows on each sides?

And third, The video players don’t work so much. Only the vimeo videos work for me on the video hero display. But when I insert a video weather it’s youtube or vimeo on the module builder, it simply doest work at all. Did you have any similar feedbacks from other users?

Thank you so much in advance for your response. See you guys.

Hello Eric!

first of all, make sure that you are using the last theme version. Because this issue about videos should not happen, that issue with mixed videos in the same page was fixed many months ago, so you should now have any related problem

About the other questions, I recommend you to check this thread in our support area or I really encourage you to open a support ticket in order to know more about.

I hope it will be useful! : )

Hi, Thank’s for the quick response. Actually I purchased and downloaded the theme early this month then it’s supposed to be the latest version am I right?

Hi Eric!

always you download from TF you are accessing to the last theme available version, so if you did this early this month, you have the last files for Lobo.

In case you could need some related help, do not hesitate to open a support ticket, we´ll back to you asap (notice that we use to rest on weekends! : )

Have a nice one!


isgabriel Purchased

Hola VanKarWai he visto que tambien hablas español y preferi este idioma :),

Una pregunta en la seccion de Works->wide cuando se muestran los proyectos como hago para habilitar que en el movil (480px+) se muestren los titulos de los proyectos ya que veo que esta deshabilida o hidden esta opcion.

pd.: es que le he realizado unos cambios en la forma en que se muestran los titulos en todos los tamaños(modificando el responsive) y cuando he entrado desde el movil no se mostraban los titulos pero en el monitor de la pc si.

Gracias amigo espero pronto por su respuesta. Bonito tema!

Hola isgabriel!

este tipo de eventos relacionados al hover de los items suele trabajarse de esta manera, ya que los dispositivos ‘touch’ no disponen de este evento. Así reducimos la acción de dos clicks/touches a solo uno para este tipo de dispositivos. Es por esto, entre otras cosas, que se realiza así.

Ahora bien, si quieres habilitar este comportamiento del hover para dispositivos touch, tendrás que hacer unos pequeños tweaks para ello. Lo mejor, te sugiero que abras un ticket de soporte para ello y allí trataremos de guiarte para que puedas disponer de esos títulos también en mobile.

¡Muchas gracias por usar Lobo en tu proyecto! :)

Hello, If I run this theme on my wordpress website and I decide to switch server host providers, will I be able to install it onto another wordpress website after removing it from the first website?

Thanks for the quick reply! Sounds good to me, thank you! :)

Also, how big is the theme? How much storage memory does it take up by itself?

Hey dud,

I´m not sure to what you refer to. If you mean how much PHP memory it takes from the server, we always recommend to setup it in 64mb, but the theme perfectly works with a regular installation.

In terms of size, the theme is around 2,5/5mb, aprox.

I hope that this will solve your doubts! : )

Hi, I purchased this theme a year or so ago and then never got around to doing anything with it.

I am now trying to install this theme into my word press (which works fine) but I am not receiving any of the demo content. How do I do this?

You must upload this file via your WordPress Dashboard > Tools > Import. Then, you just need to upload the file and this will generate all the dummy content. Please, check the documentation as well in order to know more about this process : )

Yea I have done this but the problem is that there is no front page. it wont allow me to change this page, and it is not in the list… it only show a form of the blog page….

In any WordPress installation, you must setup your front page and your blog page by configuring this from WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Reading. There you have the ‘Front page displays’ option where you can specify a ‘Front page’ and a ‘Post page’. Please, make sure that you have read the documentation in order to know how to better setup your site.

This is not a Lobo´s feature but a WordPress ‘native’/core functionality.

I hope it will help! : )

Hey guys im looking for some inspiration for this theme…. anyone have a list of site using lobo…?

how far can this sucker be customized.

You have a list of sites using this ‘su#%r’ in the theme´s profile. In any case, the theme can be customized in many ways using the provided tools, but you can also customize it as far your knowledge allows you.

In case that you could have any related doubt, I´d recommend you to signup with the account that you used to buy the theme, otherwise, I´m sorry to say that we can´t provide further assistance.

Thanks for your interest in Lobo!