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Hi, Infinite Loading load every time the same 12 portfolio’s Item, can you help me? http://www.jessicachoay.com/as-seen-on Thanks!!


This is pretty hard to say because your site has been deeply customized and this issue should not happen in any case. This is first time I see this behavior, so my first approach to it would be ensuring that you are running the latest theme version available and also and very important, make sure that you are not running any plugin that could generate this behavior in your end.

Honestly, this is pretty hard to identify having into account all the customization done, you should share some details about all the modifications in your site in order to we could help with it. You can write us using the contact form in our profile page, just have into account that we can´t review all your new code in order to identify the issue, we don´t provide customizations or support for any custom work done over the theme, I hope you´ll understand this.

Just let us know a little bit more via mail and we´ll try to help with this issue from you.

I hope it will be useful!

Best – Van

Hola. Estoy intentando subir imágenes a la plantilla que son un poco pesas. Tarda en cargar como 3 minutos. Puede ser por algo en concreto? Gracias!!


Ten en cuenta que optimizar tus imágenes y encontrar un balance entre la cantidad de contenido y su optimización es algo a tener en cuenta siempre que se trabaja con un sitio web. En este sentido, te sugeriría que revises todas las imágenes que has incluido en esta página en concreto y trates de optimizarlas lo máximo posible. Intenta que ninguna pase de los 150kb (como muchísimo) y que trates de encontrar un balance entre el número de imágenes y su peso.

Con esto, además, puedes también instalar W3 Total Cache que te ayudará a optimizar un poco más la carga de tu sitio web. Desde luego, 3 minutos es una auténtica barbaridad. También te diría que revises si es posible que tengas algún problema de respuesta con tu servidor web, si estás en un servidor compartido de baja capacidad, seguro que lo tendrás. Estos tiempos y la capacidad de proceso de tu hosting también son cruciales a la hora de servir tu contenido.

Así te animo a revisar estos detalles y a que nos contactes en cualquier momento que puedas necesitarlo o tengas cualquier duda al respecto de este tema. Te recuerdo que también puedes escribirnos vía formulario de contacto que encontrarás en la página de nuestro perfil.

¡Espero que te sirva de ayuda!

Un saludo – Van


DrIvo Purchased

For the homepage or work section are the posts automatically displayed when a new project is created or do I have to manually choose what to display?

Hey there!

When you add a new portfolio item, just by adding a featured image, this project will show up in the main portfolio grid, you don’t need to do any extra step or action. Every time you add a new item it will display in the assigned grid.

I say assigned grid because with Lobo you can have as many portfolio pages you could need. For example, maybe you want to have a portfolio page for your graphic work and a different portfolio grid/page for your photo work. You can create as many you need and you can assign each portfolio item to the related portfolio grid. It is very easy to do.

In any case, yes, posts/portfolio items are automatically displayed when a new project is created.

Just let me know if you could have any other related query or doubt and let’s see if Lobo fits your next project’s needs.

Many thanks for your interest!

Best – Van

Hello, I just updated my copy of Lobo to the latest version and now my WooCommerce Shop page no longer displays any products. Please advise. Thank you.

Hey there Mike!

You should not have any problem when updating WooCommerce. If you cannot see your products within the grid, you should consider if you have done some additional modification or updated some other plugin. Also, always you update WooCommerce, WordPress or simply the theme you use in your site, you should always create a backup, since things not always go as expected, I’m sure you did it. So let’s try to troubleshoot a little bit more your case and see if we can help with. For this, please, open a support ticket or write us using the contact form in our profile page.

I hope it will be useful!

Best – Van


p4vlov Purchased

Hi there, just one question: Why when i open this page on mobile/ipad i can’t see the hover effect on the boxes? I can see only by desktop:


Thank you!


This happens because the ‘hover’ is an event attached to interactions generated by the mouse. In mobile/touch devices, this event does not exist, since the nature in both environments for this interaction and what this can bring in terms of information are totally different.

Also, in mobile devices you would need to make ‘two clicks/touch’ to access the contents, which is not the best in terms of usability because your would duplicate your ‘clicks deepness’, making harder/longer to access to your product in mobile devices.

I hope this will make sense for you as well. Just let us know if you could have any related doubt or query and we’ll try to help with.

Best – Van


p4vlov Purchased

Thanks for your quick reply!...Sorry but i think i have need to visualize the product names on portfolio page (even by mobile/ipad). So maybe i found a “trick”, i could made the “portfolio page” as normal “modular page” and after insert a “call to action” boxes….i know after will be not automatically insert products as a normal portfolio, but is the only way.

Or maybe you could tell me kindly how to visualize in the same way to desktop also on mobile :)


Let us check this out. Please, open a support ticket or write us using the contact form in our profile page detailing this and we’ll try to provide the easier workaround if possible. Notice that we would need to work over the standard interactions here and at this moment I’m not sure at all how hard or easy will take this.

I hope it will be useful! : )

Best – Van


My youtube video on my website is not working any more. I get a black screen. Last week, before the Wordpress update 4.9.6 it worked. Do you know of any problems related to the wordpress update? How can I fix this?


Hey there Marlon,

Can you confirm if this issue is happening in all your browsers or only in an specific one? Also, could you confirm if you have also updated or installed some other plugin that could conflict with the theme in some way?

Please, let us know a little bit more in order to we can help to better troubleshoot this issue and help with.

I hope it will help you out!

Best – Van

Hi Van,

Thanks for your response! I have checked on every browser and it is not working. I have disabled the plugins that where not provided by the LOBO theme and it still didn’t work. I get a black video screen. I use the latest update of Lobo and the plugins are up to date.

I’m using now the vimeo link (i uploaded the video there) and this is working.

Does it had to do with https? My website is on http.

other question… it’s much more user friendly if the hero slider has the possibility to have an image url link. Now it is only possible to make a text link..

How can I this be done? Thanks!!


i have 1 question.

I want the Portfolio for Video, video from Vimeo, If i Click on Video, then open the Video in Lightbox and not in NEW page, and play automatic. After i can change left or right for next Portfolio. Is this Possible?

Example here http://euroweddingfilm.ch/portfolio/

Best Regards Edward

Hey there Edward,

You can create lightbox galleries only for images, unfortunately, it’s not possible to provide this video support in the lightbox gallery provided by the theme.

Lobo provides the ‘on-module’ integration where you can play a video within a module and using the video service controls for you to play, pause or go to fullscreen. The same with self-hosted videos.

I hope it will help you out to better understand how the theme works in this sense. In any case, just let me know if I could help with something else.

Best – Van


MoWWW Purchased

​Hello guys,

I’ve been experiencing a bug with using the module builder on my site.

Sometimes after I’ve done some changes on my portfolio the text element appears with a small size but when I try to edit it, it doesn’t appear in my panel to be edited.

So it shows up on the page but not in the portfolio in my panel when can be edited.

Like in example down below. I’ve got a text field on the top, and one on the bottom next to the nav. element. This one DOESN’T show up in my panel to be

Hey there!

I’m sorry hearing that you are facing some kind of issue in your site, but do not worry, for sure we can help to better understand why this could be happening.

The most important details at this point would be knowing if you are running the latest theme version available (v2.5.7). Could you please confirm this detail?

Best – Van


MoWWW Purchased

Hey Van,

thank you for your quick respond!

I’ve just updated to 2.5.7.

Hopefully there will be no future issues like this.

Best, Boril

Hey Boril,

So I understand by your message that updating helped to fix this out, right?

If you are not using the recommended plugin ‘Envato Market’, I really encourage you to install it and use it. With it enabled, you’ll receive notifications in your WordPress dashboard anytime some theme update is available. In this way, you can always stay up to date. Also, you always should receive an e-mail informing about the new update availability. Having your site properly updated is very important in order to avoid any issue happening as you can find with any other piece of software. The same goes for plugins in use or any other kind of app.

I’m glad hearing that this was useful!

Best – Van

Hello! Can you say me where i can change the background color of the filter window, thanks!

Hey there!

I’m not sure if I properly understand your query. The filters are always available in the sticky area. In this sense, you must have into account that unfortunately we cannot provide customizations of any kind. In case that you could need some help by displacing or changing some specific functionality with the theme, just write us using the contact form in our profile page and I’ll be glad recommending you an external service where you can get help from experts who know our themes and helped other users when needed it.

I hope it will be useful!

Best – Van

Thanks! I got it but i have another question, in the header i have always a dark color behind the slider, can you say me the css to change it into white? because our whole site is light not dark. Here is the link of our site so you can see what i mean: https://www.hajekhajek.at

Hey there!

In order to change the background color you can see in the top part when you have not set any hero element, for example, like in your privacy and terms page, you can add this single custom CSS rule to your custom styles (Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS):

#main-wrapper { background: background: #e8e8e8; }

Just play with this value as you would prefer.

I hope it will help you out!

Best – Van

Hi. I bought this theme in 2016 but never really used it. I am using it now but having a host of issues but now my support has expired so I’m not sure I can get any help with this (I’ve tried troubleshooting it myself but not found a solution).

Basically, I get a PHP warning on the Portfolio hero slider that roughly reads ‘Warning: getimagesize failed to open stream’.

It only happened after I added my own content to replace the provided sample content. The slider images and text still display but the warning is pushing all the content down. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks Jason

Hey there Jason!

When this kind of issues appear this can be due to many different factors. First detail you should check with your hosting provider is if your server is running the ‘GD Library’ for your site properly process images in your server. Also, you should check with them about your site error’s log and study them in order to find the possible reasons behind this.

Of course, always, you should make sure that you are running the latest theme version and you have all the related plugins properly updated as well, this is very important. So please, review these details in order to better troubleshoot your site and installation.

I hope it will be useful!

Best – Van

Thanks Van

As I stated in my initial post, this is on my local machine. I assume this is the same reason this is happening though and will have to test this on the server I’ll be hosting the live site on to see whether is is an issue there (hopefully not!).


Hi Van. I purchased this theme a while back… only just getting to using it now. I noticed that the left/right arrow is not appearing in the slider. Also noticed that the main colour does not appear when I roll over text in the side menu. Any thoughts? Site url is www.thepresssociety.com/test2 I disabled plug-ins, reinstalled the theme and no joy…

Hey Van. Thanks for the reply. Yes i did read your response and I checked my Appearance > Customise. The colour set is pink and not white. I don’t have any Additional CSS. Weird. So you are seeing white?

What I’m seeing in your site’s code is that your accent color is set to white, which is the same color as you have in your menu items when they are not hovered, because of this, you cannot see any change when hovering them.

Just provide access to your site in order to we can review your site’s configuration and we can help closer in order to you can have this working in your site normally. You can provide the credentials in the mail we have already opened about this topic.

Best – Van

Ok great! I have sent you an email.

Hello, if I want to imort the data “lobo-import.xml” an “admin.php” file is downloaded with the content ( Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.))

.... how can I import the lobo-import.xml?

and the documentation also lacks the video tutorial. the video tutorials are no longer online

Thank you, for me it is not easy to find the php.ini file path. Unfortunately I could not delete the problem

I have found this through a PHP script, but where the file lays. I do not know

Hey there,

You can always ask to your hosting provider to increase these details for you. Just let them know that you need this for you to import some contents in your WordPress installation.

Unfortunately, this is a server issue we cannot help with as part of our support scope.

I hope it will help you out!

Best – Van

thank you very much

Hi there, i would like to check for your themes, for the shop page, can it be like a “normal” 4 columns shop page?

Hey there!

First of all, many thanks for your interest in Lobo, we really appreciate it! Let’s see if the theme fits your next project needs.

You have many different options for the shop layout, for example, here you can see how easy is to set up the shop page to four columns as you are looking for.

Do not hesitate to let me know about any requirement or need for your project, ok?

I hope it will be interesting for you! : )

Best – Van


Thanks for your reply!

You have a sample on how is the 4 columns shop page will look like? Also, is there a “load more” button on the shop page ?

Hey there,

Depending on the size you would use for your thumbs, you could have different results, here you can see an approach about how 4 columns would look like.

The theme does not provide a ‘load more’ button because it does the infinite scrolling automatically, you just need to scroll for you to load new works/products.

Let me know if you could have some other query or doubt, ok?

Best – Van

Hi guys,

This theme is very smart and beautiful.. . At this time i have a question about the “related projects” module.

Is it possible resize like a “portfolio module”? I don’t know why the images has a different size, maybe because the module works only with square images?

Best.. Roberto

sample > http://www.robertodifresco.com/portfolio/galardo/

Hey there Roberto,

Many thanks for reaching out!

This module works in the main portfolio grid basis, this means that when you’ll include this module in a single portfolio page, for example, you will be adding ‘a piece’ of this main portfolio grid into this page. Just notice that these ‘related items’ are displayed in the same way you have in the main grid and not changed to squared items. This is the main idea in order to get these items work in the same way you would have your main item’s grid.

In any case, were you expecting this feature to work something different? Just to know and see how you work with it.

I hope it will be useful!

Best – Van

Hi Van, Thanks for fast reply!!

Yes, I was expecting these images resizes like the “porfolio grid”. Just like this > www.robertodifresco.com/commercial/ Not too big like this > www.robertodifresco.com/portfolio/galardo/

Thank You!


Hey there Roberto,

I understand, but the related module just works in a different way, as explained before, it will depend on the featured image size you upload in the main grid and this thumb will work in a ‘masonry’ way when displayed in the related projects module.

I hope this will help better now!

Thanks for reaching out, and please, do not hesitate to let us know if you could have any related doubt or any other query, ok?

Best – Van


Just a heads-up on the following issue that needs resolved.

When setting the Hero Header > Text Settings > Hero background colour the Select Colour swatch no longer has a HEX data entry field. This means I can’t match the exact colour from Photoshop.

Thanks Jason

Hi van

Thanks for the reply although I think you’ve misunderstood my original post.

When I open the colour picker (Hero background color) there are no dialogue boxes to enter RGB, HEX values. Its just shows the “Default” button and sliders.

Here’s a screen grab so you can see what I mean: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tgubdlqwa3s5ek5/lobo.png?dl=0

Thanks Jason

Hey there Jason,

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. Please, could you confirm that you are running the latest theme version? (v2.5.7)

Other than that, if your site is properly running this last theme version, please, open a support ticket or write us using the contact form in our profile page and provide access to your site in order to we can better investigate this detail.

I hope it will be useful!

Best – Van

Hi Van

Yep, I’m on 2.5.7 – I’ll send you a message via the contact form with access details to my dev server. All installs have the same issue and you can freely experiment on this one as it’s not client facing.

Thanks Jason

Hello! I need some help after install the theme. I need install two plugins but the plugins don’t have download. Please help to install these plugins: Lobo Portfolio and Lobo Shortcodes.

Hey there,

You don’t need to download these plugins since they are included with the theme. When you first install Calafate, your are prompted to install some required plugins, you just need to follow the steps proposed for you to have them all installed and active. Please, have a look at this video from our documentation in order to know more about this process.

In case that you could need further assistance in this regard, please, open a support ticket and provide access to your site in order to we can help closer.

I hope it will help you out!

Best – Van


zaclab Purchased


Issue with displaying portfolio grid – Simple list.

I have been using this theme for a few years now and love it.

But I have noticed that in Chrome and Firefox the portfolio grid which I like to keep as Simple list the title of items is not showing correctly. Instead of being in the center and showing up on-hover it is in the top left corner and out of place. In Edge it renders correctly so I have no idea what could be the issue here, does anyone else have this problem?

You can see it on this link: http://www.zacvanlab.com/portfolio/ Thank you.

Hey there Zaclab,

First of all, I’m sorry to hear that you are having some problem with your site. Per your comment, maybe you have installed some plugin lately or you have updated some third party plugin that could break your site in some way? Notice that we have not changed anything related to this and you should not have any related problem with the theme. Did you installed the latest theme version? If not, I really encourage you to do it in order to avoid any weird issue to happen.

Also, I have accessed to your site and now it looks totally broken. If you have done some customization or you are tweaking the site, I recommend you to restore the last backup in order to recover fastest your site, this practice is a must before doing changes. With a backup, if something breaks, you always can restore your last operative website. Consider as well to ask your hosting provider for you to restore your website from an automated backup done by your provider.

Aside this, at this moment and seeing your site status I’m sorry to say that I cannot help too much, since the problem you are facing on is not directly related with the theme. In any case, do not hesitate to let me know and I’ll try to help as better as possible.

Best – Van

which multi language plugin works best with Lobo?

Ah never mind – it is covered in your them documentation :-)

¡Encantado de escuchar esto! En cualquier caso, si tuvieras cualquier otra duda al respecto o con cualquier otro detalle o funcionalidad, no dudes en dejarnos saber e intentaremos ayudarte de la mejor forma : )

Un saludo – Van


I bought this beautiful theme yesterday.

However the module builder is not loading. Can somebody help me with this? Is there a plugin I need to install?

Best regards Jacob

Hey there Jacob,

When you first install the theme you are prompted to install some few included plugins required for the theme to properly work. Please, make sure that you have followed the installation steps and after this, if you are still in problems running the builder, just open a support ticket and provide access to your site in order to we can review your installation and help you to get this fixed out.

I hope it will be useful and many thanks for using Lobo in your project, do not worry in any case, your site will be up and running shortly!

Best – Van

Hello Van.

Thank you for your fast respond, I will open a support ticket in the support center.

Have a good day.



In my WordPress dashboard I got the following message:

te_function() is deprecated in D:\www\nothingblank.com\www\wp-content\themes\lobo\option-tree\includes\ot-functions-admin.php on line 69

Is there an update coming for the theme that will fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

Greetzz, Marlon

Hey there Marlon,

Make sure that you are running an updated theme version, you should not have any problem in this sense. In case that you have your website properly updated, please, contact with us via our support area or the contact form you’ll find in our profile page. If you cannot handle this detail by updating your site, please, provide access to your site in order to we can investigate this issue closer. In any case, do not worry because we’ll help to understand and fix if needed this related notice.

Many thanks for reaching out!

Best – Van