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Hello. Pre-purchase question: will your Lobo WordPress theme work with the WooCommerce Upload Files plugin and the WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin? (...all of which are sold here at Envato.) Thank you kindly.

Hey there Mike,

First of all, thank you very much for your interest in Lobo, it is really appreciated it!

About the plugins you refer here, it´s pretty hard to ensure that they will perfectly work. Initially, you should not have any problem because Lobo just integrates WooCommerce and this should provide functionality for all the plugins developed for WooCommerce. Since I´m not familiar with them, I can´t assure that everything will work smooth in this sense.

Anyways, please, write me using the contact form in our profile page in order to check closer this if you are interested on it.

Again, many thanks!

- Van

Hi VanKarWai,

I need this template for a photographer but with woocommerce shop. So is there any template demo where I can see how woocommerce pages look like in the template? Can the shopping cart icon get added with the menu icon so user can easily go to the cart for checkout?


Do you want me to send you a video as well as a proof?

First of all, you need to remember that the default WordPress XML Importer is not perfect! It isn’t part of the theme, it’s just something basic provided by WordPress, so if it sometimes fails, this isn’t a theme issue. And as far I have seen in your site, the importer worked pretty well, only some images are miss because the HTTP/HTTPS issues commented before.

Also, have into account that this import file is only an starter/helper for you to see how the contents are created with the content builder, then you should go with the documentation and add your owns. Because of this, I really encourage you to start adding your contents and working with the theme in order to figure out how everything works and you´ll see how easy is to modify everything and creating your own layouts and compositions. So go for it and let me know if you could have any related doubt, ok?

Good evening, Van

Let me do the import one last time again and in case it doesn’t work well although your support is responsible for fixing this for me as I had these sort of issues before and the awesome support of other companies did the full import for me as that’s what the support is meant for but okay in case you want me to populate my own content in BUGGY imported pages I can do that but there is a real BUG after the import which is the sticky header is not hiding in all of my about pages: and looks bad so can you guys at least fix this REAL BUG in case it happens again after my import?

Hi, I’m trying out your theme. In admin the module builder is not displaying. I have deactivated all plugins. Removed the theme and required plugins. Then added theme again, activated, then installed required plugins which are the only plugins activated. Still the module builder is not displaying. Please advise

Hey there Steffan,

You should not have any problem working with the builder, make sure that you have installed all the required plugins when you first installed the theme. With this, when you open a page, you´ll see the yellow button ‘Show Columns Manager’, please, have a look at this screenshot.

After checking this, if you are still with problems working with the builder, please, open a support ticket and provide access to your site in order to we can investigate closer why you are having these results.

I hope it will be useful!

Cheers, Van

Hello. Pre-purchase question: Lobo’s layout grid-system appears to be based on quarters. Is it possible to use a system of thirds as well? Thank you kindly.

Hey there Mike!

In order to better know how the theme´s layout works, I really encourage you to have a look at this part of the documentation in order to see more in detail how the layout engine works.

Also, have into account that you can configure the portfolio grid in different columns, for example, this is the main demo grid but you can also configure the grid to work like here.

Please, have a look at these details and let me know if you could have any related doubt.

As always, thank you very much for being interested in our themes!

Best, Van.

Hello, i use your theme in a woo-commerce shop. Some templates are outdated ? do you plan to update all the template in a future version ?

Hey there dripperclub,

We updated the theme last time in August 29th, four days ago. Please, make sure that you are using the latest theme version in any case. Also, in case that some of the WooCommerce templates could be outdated in the meantime between our theme updates cycle, do not worry. If we don´t update the theme for fixing any WooCommerce issue is because they are not really important for the theme properly work and in any case, we´ll integrate those updated templates in a next theme update iteration.

In brief, you can use the theme normally and we´ll update any remaining template file within the next update.

I hope it will be useful!

Best, Van

Hi there lads.

I use the text module as a content slider and I have make it don’t wrap.

But the slider just show slider 1on my site, please advise what I have to do.

The solution have been working in the past, but not since the former version 2.52, I think. I have version 2.53 and i​ have deactivated all other plugins.

Best regards

Hey there,

I need to ask you to double check your latest installed plugins in your site. Most of the times, this kind of issues are related to new add-ons installed lately.

Once done this, if you are still in troubles with this issue, write us using the contact form in our profile page and provide access to your site in order to we can check this closer and understand why you are receiving those results.

I hope it will help you out!

Best, Van.

I have uninstalled most of the plugins and deactivate all but yours. I have send you access to my site in the contact form. I appreciate this. Thnx, Peter

Hi, pre-purchase question: Is it a way to create margins between portfolio items and for the whole page in your theme?

Hey there,

First of all, thank you very much for your interest in Lobo, it is really appreciated it.

In case that you would like to add some spacing between the portfolio items, within the grid, you could do this by adding some custom CSS. You´ll need to add simply some paddings, we can help with it since others users did it as well in the past.

I hope it will sound interesting for you, just let us know if you could have any other related doubt, ok?

Best, Van

Please can you advise how to use mobile menu on all devices at all times . thanks

Yes, if you want to make the logo fixed as well with the ‘hamburger’ icon, you should use this rule instead:

.compact-menu .menu-firer,
#header { position: fixed; }

This will set the logo and the menu trigger fixed when you scroll your site. In case that you want to move the menu trigger near to your logo in the left side instead the right, you can add this rule:

.compact-menu .menu-firer { left: 10%; right: initial; }

Where left is the distance from the left side. If you want something more specific, it will depend on your logo width size, you should play with the ‘left’ value, you can set it up in pixels, for example left: 150px;. As you need here, as said, it will depend on your logo´s size.

I hope it will help you out to customize your header!

Cheers, Van


I added this code to move the logo as well.

.compact-menu .menu-firer, #header { position: fixed; left: 87%} .compact-menu .menu-firer { left: 5%; right: initial; }

Looks good on desktop, but doesn’t sit correctly on mobile devices. Is there a better way to write this code?

Also I really like the sticky header & want to keep this, but only want the hamburger menu to show (not ‘GO TOP’ etc).


Hey there Steffan,

Since you are doing some modifications to the header and the way these elements work and because many of the most important interactions are involved with these modifications, I really encourage you to open a support ticket in order to we can help better with these requests. In this sense, I suggest you to open a ticket detailing exactly how would look like the header at the end, in this way is much easier to us to provide help with these requirements.

I hope it will be useful!

Best, Van

​Woocommerce shop page not showing products. It’s blank.

I have created products for my shop but they don’t load on the main shop page. I have updated woocommerce to the latest version using the latest theme files.. I’ve also down graded woocommerce to 3.0 to make sure it wasn’t a latest woocommerce capability issue and still nothing shows.

Product category doesn’t show either: But the product page loads just fine:

No other plugins are installed, this is a free wordpress install 4.8.1​​. Help! Thanks!

Hey there,

There is not any reason for the shop to stop properly working without any modification o misconfiguration. You can work with the shop features in your site with the latest WooCommerce version as well, so this should not be a problem neither.

Make sure that you have not installed anything new lately, since I can see that you downloaded the theme long time ago, I recommend you to write us using the contact form in our profile page and provide access to your site in order to we can check your site´s configuration and see where the problem is with your site.

I hope it will be useful.

Cheers, Van

Hi, there is a bug in the “Video Module” in Portfolio post types: if I insert a vimeo url ( it works fine on desktop but I can’t see it on mobile devices, i see a black canvas instead (I have tested on iPad, iPhone 5 and Samsung phone). If I look the iframe with Chrome inspector I see that it’s appening something wrong with the video url: instead of (that I’ve inserted in video module field) it appears

If I try to remove, still using the inspector, the first part of the url ( the video appears correctly.

I’ve just installed the latest version of your theme.


Hey there!

You should not have any problem adding Vimeo videos in your site, please, make sure that you add the Vimeo link without https.. Only HTTP:// headers. Here you can see an example of proper link:

Please, have a look at this page from the demo which is displaying a Vimeo video correctly working in Android and iOS. Also, let me know how this works for you and if you could have any other question or related doubt.

Best, Van

Hi, thank you for your fast replay.

Ok, I have understood the problem: my website url starts with https therefore if I insert the video url without https the bowser blocks it because it considers the video an insecure resource, if I use https the theme rewrite the url of my video in this way: +

Meantime I can use YouTube instead of Vimeo, but it will be wonderful if the theme would support https Vimeo urls in the future.


Hi! This makes sense in some way, we created this feature to be header agnostic, so we´ll need to check this out better in order to ensure that it is properly working. We´ll review this in deep and improve the functionality if possible, since cross domain issues with secured websites are normal as part of the secured URLs. Thanks for bringing us this to our attention!

Hi there, How do you suggest I increase the loading time for the website and portfolio? I installed various cache plugins, but they seem to mess up the portfolio and other aspects of the theme. Any plugins you suggest? (ps: my images are all optimized and my hosting plan is the fastest.) Thanks

Hey there!

As you point here and since you are also following some optimization good practices with your contents, we can’t recommend enough the necessity for good caching. If you use a managed hosting such as WPEngine you don’t need this. But if you are using ASO or MT or any other hosting you need to cache your content. For this purpose, we recommend W3 Total Cache. It’s a great and easy to use plugin, and with only a bit of work you could even double your site’s speed.

Caching tips:

  • Enable page caching
  • Enable database caching (it might be a bit unstable but you need to check it out at least)
  • Don’t enable object caching (the theme doesn’t use that, so it’s useless)
  • Don’t minify the CSS files! You can try to minify the main.js file, but that’s it. Other kind of minification breaks the theme entirely.

Please, follow these guidelines and in case that you could have any problem with this, write us using the contact form in our profile page and we´ll have a look closer to your configs in order to understand better why your site appears broken as you detail here.

I hope it will be useful and it will work well for you!

Cheers, Van

I don’t know why but I can’t disable parallax header from customizer
If I disable parallax from customizer and save the portfolio header always remain with parallax.
Please let me know
Thanks Manuele

Hey there Manuele!

Please, make sure that you are running an updated theme version, you should not have any problem with any option within the customizer. Also, double check that you did not install any plugin that could interfere with the customizer options in some way. Since you are using the theme for some time now, it´s very weird to see it stop suddenly.

After checking this, if you are still in problems, do not hesitate to write us via our contact form in our profile page.

I hope it will help you to solve these issues!

Best, Van

Hi Van,

Trying to change my about to page to a new layout but the responsiveness doesn’t work properly and breaks weirdly on tablet, and mobile cutting off certain parts. Is there some custom code I can fix this with?

Hey there,

As far I can see in your site, you are using a very outdated theme version. I really encourage you to update your site in order to prevent from any related issue to happen.

Also, please, if you have any related query and you could need support, please, write us with the account related to the theme license, otherwise, we can´t check this out.

Best – Van

VanKarWai, podrías ayudarme con esto?

Tengo un problema con el hero header “text” trato de agregar un (h2) como título con un subtexto, el problema que este (h2) hace que no se vea bien en celular pero al quitar el (h2) se ve bien, ver ejemplo del home del sitio y la página “la dupla”.

Además al colocar logos como clientes, se ven muy pegados al verlo en celular. (adj logos-cliente-apretados.png)—> código—> problema con los logos.—> como se ve en celular el título.

Saludos. Atento a comentarios.


Esto básicamente sucede porque cada tipografía tiene unas características propias y en algunos casos, dependiendo del tamaño seleccionado, se verá forzada a casi salir del contenedor. Lo que tenemos que hacer es crear una media query para decirle al theme, o bien que ajuste el tamaño un poco y quede perfectamente ajustada al contenedor, o bien que utilice un ‘hyphen’ para ‘romper’ la palabra en caso de ser necesario.

De cualquier forma, para tu caso en concreto, necesitaría revisar el código para darte con más detalle el CSS necesario para que puedas hacer esto, de modo que por favor, escríbeme desde nuestro formulario de contacto y dame más detalles acerca del sitio de manera que pueda revisarlo y proponerte los cambios necesarios.

Espero que te sea de ayuda.

Me alegra saludarte de nuevo – Van


I tried to buy only one bridge theme. But everything in shopping cart was paid. This theme was also paid for. And my password also changed, so I couldn’t login again. It seems program error or hacking. Please check it, and cancel the payment.

Hey there,

If you had some technical issue during your purchase process, please, contact directly to Envato since we don´t handle or control the payment gateway. You should open a support ticket directly with Envato since they are the platform owners. Please, fill the ‘Submit your request field in this page for you to open a new case and they can investigate if an error or hacking could happen in your account.

I hope it will be useful.

Cheers – Van

Hi there. Pre-purchae question:

  • if I am in a project page, is there no back button in the theme ? do I always have to use the back button in the browser and have to see the loading circle after ?
  • if I set “works” to “wide” I can´t see the title of the section when watching it on an iphone 5 in portrait mode. Will that be changed with a coming update ?

Thanks for your feedback. best from berlin martin ++

Hey there Martin!

First of all, thank you very much for your interest in Lobo, we really appreciate it!

When scrolling any page and the hero gets sticked, then appear what we call ‘actions’. This is a ‘submenu’ that will allow you to do different things/actions, among the ones you can ‘come back’ to a portfolio page. Please, have a look at this screenshot. This will work no matter how many portfolio pages you have configured.

Also, you have the inner projects pagination, where you can navigate between different projects without coming back to the main portfolio page. Where also you can come back just by clicking the dedicated ‘action’.

This should be enough to provide a consistence and proper navigation for a portfolio based website.

I hope it will be interesting for you, just let me know if you could have any related doubt, ok?

Cheers – Van

Hello! Can I add a title on the audio module somehow?

Hey there George!

First of all, I wanted to thank you for using Lobo in your project, we really appreciate it and we hope that you´ll enjoy building your site!

Unfortunately, this kind of modules don´t provide a title functionality since videos fit the whole space within a module, so adding a title element would break this. What you can do is playing with a different text module for you to achieve this, for example, you could play in this way in order to create a title or even a more descriptive section where you introduce your video, have a look at the right/purple module joining the main video module in this page.

Just let me know if you could have any other related doubt. And I hope it will help you out!

Best – Van

Awesome theme ! I bought it and I am very happy.

Three Questions:

- how did you manage in your film demo site here to only show a play button in the site and not the vimeo play panel ? This only becomes visible when the film starts ?

- is LOBO also able to handel other translation software beside WPML, for example POLYLANG ?

- is it possible to not show the portfolio title when using an Image header. because it dosn´t look good, especially on mobile devices. Can I at least change size or color ?

Thanks for your feedback !!

Hey there elmartino!

We are really glad hearing that you find Lobo useful! Let´s review your queries and see how we can help with:

1. This is the ‘poster’ feature that you can find within the ‘video module’, please, have a look at this screenshot in order to see this tool more in detail.

2. Lobo is compatible with WPML but we have not tested Polylang. In any case, you should not have any problem because the theme is correctly written and ready for localization using all the related standards in this sense.

3. You should not have any problem displaying your page titles at least they are really long and of course, you could have some issues in small devices. Just have into account that this element was conceptualized to introduce your projects in a short manner. In any case, if what you would like to do is to remove this element only in small devices, you can do this via Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

@media only screen  and (max-width: 568px) {
   .hero-info { display: none; }

This CSS rule will remove the title from your site only in mobile/small devices.

If what you prefer is to change the title size, you can do this instead:

@media only screen  and (max-width: 568px) {
   .hero-info h1 { font-size: 21px; }
   .hero-info .subtitle { font-size: 17px; }

Just play with the values to your likings and needs and let me know if you could have any other related doubt, ok?

I hope you´ll enjoy building your project with Lobo!

Best – Van

WOW, thanks for that super quick answer and the CSS help. Works perfectly.

Last questions:

- if I want to put TEXT in the header via HTML it always get´s badly rearranged on tablet and especially on smartphone (regarding line break and line pitch) AND on smartphone I only can see parts of the text, cause the text tile is too short. Anything I can do to have it always displayed correct like on the pc screen?

-I want the text in the header fading out much earlier when scrolling down the page. Is that possible with some variables I can play around.

Thanks for amazing support ! best Martin

Hey Martin!

The best we can do for you here is to check your site out in order to better understand what you are trying to achieve and see how we better can help.

Please, open a support ticket and provide a URL to your site or a quick mockup created for example with Photoshop showing the issues you are facing on adding these text titles. In this way we can understand better this and try to help with.

I hope it will be useful! :)

Best – Van