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Hola como veo que respondeis en Español hago la pregunta en este idioma. Compre el tema el año pasado, pero por falta de tiempo, no he podido hacer la web hasta ahora. Me he quedado sin soporte pero necesito algo de ayuda, es necesario renovar la licencia?

Hola mastres,

con el último cambio de políticas por parte de Envato nos vimos obligados a procesar cualquier tarea de soporte bajo este nuevo método de renovación de licencias. Muchos autores como nosotros no apoyábamos esta nueva manera de trabajar, pero finalmente se impuso y desgraciadamente es necesario que renueves la licencia de tu theme para recibir soporte por nuestra parte.

De todos modos, si tu consulta se puede responder fácilmente por mail, es decir, que no tenemos que intercambiarnos snippets de código o similar, puedo echarte un cable con tus dudas. Para ello, escríbeme usando el formulario de contacto que encontrarás aquí e intentaré ayudarte con esas dudas que puedas tener : )


I am having trouble with the custom link in portfolio item,when the item is clicked it goes to the project page instead of the link attached.

i have checked and inspected the element ,the custom link isn’t applied for some reason.

Help is appreciated.Thanks

Hello Prisma1,

after checking this functionality everything seems to work correctly. Please, make sure that you are using the correct ‘Custom Link’ field in order to add your custom URL and above all, make sure that your URL looks like this ->

You must add a valid http header for each URL in a Wordpress site.

After checking this, if you are not able to properly use this option, please, open a support ticket and provide there an admin user and password to your site in order to check this out closer and try to understand why this is not working in your site.

I hope it will help you out! : )

Thanks will sure do

Hello, is the theme ok with the 2.6 woocommerce version ?

Sorry to abuse from you patience. I’ve just replaced the files in my ftp and when i check the version in my wp admin i see the theme is still 2.4.7, is that normal ? (the changelog.txt mentions 17 June 2016 – Version 2.4.7, so… i don’t understand)

Well, yes, this is normal because this is the last available version. If you check the changelog.txt file, you´ll see that here we added support for WooC 2.6.1. So your site is totally ready to run that WooCommerce version. I thought that you were running and older theme version.

OK so i can update my wooC plugin safe ! Thank you for your help, i’m very satisfied of your precious help ! thumbs up for you guys !

can i use slider revolution with the theme?


as you can see in the theme description and within the official documentation, Lobo implements Premium Royal Slider as slide engine. Slider Revolution is a totally different one.

If you want to use Slider Revolution, you will need to implement it in the theme. Regrettably, we don´t provide customizations of any kind or such a deep modification. This would need many hours of development.

I hope that everything goes well with your project! : )

Hi, I have a problem with Google Maps. I’m migrating my website, and in this new installation there is this problem, does not display the map.

IN THE MAP: “Spiacenti, si è verificato un problema. Google Maps non è stata caricata correttamente. Per i dettagli tecnici, consulta la console JavaScript.”

IN THE CONSOLE JAVASCRIPT: Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError js?sensor=false&ver=1:32 @ js?sensor=false&ver=1:32

Ciao Andrea,

since 22 June Google asks for a different API key in order to display maps embebed in websites as part of their new policies based in the API requests numbers. This means that you must enter your own API key in order to correctly run the maps into your website. In the meantime we develop this new integration to make easier for users adding the maps as you did in the past, you can open a support ticket and we´ll explain you how to do this process to be covered until the next theme update.

I´m sorry for this drawback, some changes come fast and sometimes we as developers don´t have enough time to respond better. But no worries, we´ll provide an easy tool to work with again : )

Ticket opened. Thank you.

Hello! Is there a way so that the menu is displayed on the left of the screen instead of the right? Thank you for your help!

Hello okgeorgestudio,

the theme provides two different navigations, the compact one and the ‘regular’ one visible in the top area in desktop with its responsive behaviors. Aside this, any different design or behavior must be developed in your side. This is not an easy modification with just some few CSS rules, you should modify the envolved javascript as well and I´m sorry to say that we don´t provide such kind of customizations as support tasks as you can see in our support policies.

I hope it will help you out : )

Hello! Great theme!

Before I buy I have a question, I want to use the theme as a blog, so, for instance, I will use the “News page” as my main page. I’ve also checked the documentation and for the colors settings the theme contains just a choice for the main color.

Is it possible on the News section (blog) to change the “light gray / dark gray” that the theme has on the posts to another color?

Many Thanks! B.

Hey B!

thanks for liking Lobo, we really appreciate this! : )

I think that you are referring to the odd/even color in the main/cover blog page, right? If this is, you can enable the image as you see in the hover state and set it as the regular state with just a single CSS rule. Also, of course, you could change the background color (the grey in the demo). You can play with it in a very easy, in case you could need it, we can help you with the custom CSS. We have many tweaks like this in our support area as well, so don´t worry, we can help with something like this :)


Yes, exactly I want to change the background color. ;) Thank you for your answer I will definitely buy the theme.

Cheers! B.

I have a problem with my site. When I hover any button on my header, it disappears. The who menu blinks away. Is there any idea on what to do here?


I have checked your site in Chrome, Firefox & Safari and I can´t see any blinking in your header options or in this area in general. Please, make sure that you are using and updated browser. Otherwise, if you are still having this issue, as you have not purchased a support extended license (you can´t access to the support area), you can write me using the contact form in my profile in order to check any related detail.

I hope it will help you out! : )

Hi, I just have a quick CSS query regarding the blogs. I really like the We Are Motto Blog ( and would like to achieve the same but with centered text. Basically, is there CSS that can make the text solid all the time? Also, can text size, font easily be changed? (want it pretty much exactly the same) And then, finally, can it be centered. Apologies for asking, I just could not see anywhere that this had been covered before. Thanks.

Hello again! : )

you can easily remove the hero titles by entering this custom CSS rule:

.hero-info { display: none; }

Notice that in case that you have enabled a slider in the hero area, you will need to do it like this in case you want to remove the title slides too:

.hero-info { display: none !important; }

I hope it will help you out! :)

Hi, thanks again – that is what we tried from the previous info in that support thread but also the comments. Did not work however and the red ‘home’, ‘services’ box is still there. Any pointers? Thanks

Hello sfcopy,

please, write me using the contact form in my profile and provide there a page with the title in the hero and an admin user and password to access to your site in order to check this better. I´ll try to fix this for you :)

1 week without answer from you guys … unacceptable! Ticket #824755

Hello Magopt,

my apologizes for this, we use an internal part side communication thread in order to put in common details related to tickets. We have 2 buttons, one for ‘Reply’ the ticket and other one to create a ‘Note’ (only visible by the support team). I had a mistake and I did not realize about my answer was a note instead a reply. My apologizes in any case. You have the ticket updated with the answer that we gave you at 14th July but due to this error you were not able to see it. In any case, and again, apologizes for any drawback. Please, follow the support thread in case that you could need further assistance.


Greetings, on your demo page @ index page there is a big slider which isn’t showing in any options page. Please tell me how to add and adjust one. Right now there is just a list of projects with previews in modular style. this one

Another quick one – all categories (as in category ) refer to /portfolio/, how to fix it to refer to category name? Currently direct links from menu doesn’t work as well. For example, I have a category named “Beauty”, how to make a link such as to load all items under this category?

Need to mention that /portfolio_category/beauty shows it like a bunch of blog posts with “Read article” link but I’d like to show it as a modular page and shortened link.

Hello mycore,

the best will be to you open a support ticket splitting your queries in order for us to provide a better help to solve your doubts. But before, make sure that you have read the documentation in order to know how the sliders work or any other features.



sidrit Purchased

hi i purchase the template! very nice and beautiful! The only thing that I don’t understand is how to prepare the size of images portfolio like the masonry #3 in the demo.

Hi sidrit!

you just need to follow the size recommendations that we describe within the documentation, the theme will do the resize to fit that masonry layout : )

Portfolio is ordered by date (new first), as far as I can see. Is it possible to order by name?

Hello andras,

you can order the portfolio items within the grid as you prefer, you just need drag & drop them in the backend as you like more. It is really easy : )

In any case, thanks a lot for your interest in Lobo!

that is enough for me. thanx!

Dear VanKarWai,

is it possible to change the background of the video hero? It seems that the there is a flash before the demo video starts over: the black background is visible for a moment. I would use a white background short video, the black flash would be very disturbing between the loops.

The best solution for me would be that the video loops back and forth. is it possible?

Hello andras,

I´m not sure to which scenario you refer to. In any case, you could modify the background color in the hero area via custom CSS in order to fit better your video particular properties.

I hope it will help you out! : )

PS. In case that you could have further doubts about the theme, please, follow this same thread instead opening a new one. Thanks!

thank you!

Just a little “Hiii” to my greatest theme ever !! Much Love Kimy :kiss:

Hiii Kimy! So nice from you, I´m really happy seeing that you still use Lobo, you were one of the firsts users and look at your site! Love it! :inlove:


gregexhib Purchased

Hey! Great theme, I purchased it last year. Before I renew the support I’d like to know if it’s possible to have text on top of video hero. I saw a ticket with a php solution but I don’t know php, would you offer a step by step guidance? Thank you.

Hi Greg!

I´m sorry to say that there is not any step by step guide to achieve this. Notice that this is not an option provided by the theme and you should hard code it in order to get this work. If you can´t handle the ticket guidelines, I recommend you to hire some developer to give you a helping hand for this, regrettably we don´t provide such kind of customizations. In this sense, I can suggest you this service in order to help with this.

I hope it will help you out! : )

Hi there, I’ve extended the support on my license but still I’m getting this error when trying to submit a ticket on

“Sorry, that purchase code doesn’t seem to be valid.”

Please advise, thank you!

Hello lyndonr,

you should not have any related problem, please, provide a ticket ID opened before or just try in some few hours. Maybe the Envato API is not working correctly or even ticksy is having some particular issues checking this by now. I´m sorry for any related drawback.

Hi there, Thanks for the quick reply.

I renewed at 9:30 AM EST, it is not 1:30 PM EST and Ticksy is still complaining my purchase code is not valid. Definitely looks like there’s a communication issue between Envato and Ticksy. Very frustrating.

I do not have a ticket ID because I cannot create one.

I guess I’ll just keep waiting…

Hi, I purchased this theme about two month ago, and I submitted some tickets before. Now, when I try to submit a new ticket it says the purchase code in not valid. Any suggestions? Thank you