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Hola!. Tengo una consulta, quiero cambiar los iconos del “lobo_cslider” pero sin usar los de font awesome si no usar iconos propios y agregarlos como imagen, he tratado de insertarlos pero no aparecen, habrá otra forma de generar un slider con icono, titulo y texto o poder usar mis propios iconos?

Saludos y hermoso el tema!

Hola!, Dejo link con imagen con los cambios que quiero hacer. Saludos!.

Hola! Te sugiero que abras un ticket de soporte, así puedo compartir mejor contigo el código necesario para que puedas realizar estos cambios a través de CSS : )

Acabo de abrir un ticket. Saludos

The “hero element” does not work​

I wish it were the same​

3 columns with header image​

On the home page, how to present 3 columns in the portfolio?​

​can you help me?​​

Hey Eduardo!

First of all, make sure that you have the theme correctly updated to the last available version. Also that you have correctly read the docs in order to confirm that you have added your hero element correctly, even if you are adding this element with the supported formats (jpg, png, gif, video…). Because everything works correctly with the theme, so I guess that this is due to a configuration/settings issue.

I´m not sure if you are working with your site from scratch or if you have imported the XML for this. Since you have not the support assistance enabled and you can´t open a support ticket, I suggest you to write me directly via our contact form and please, provide there a URL to your site and maybe data to access it. In that way I can check this from inside and try to understand which part of the configuration is not working well.

I hope that it will help you out! : )

Hello I would like to purchase the theme but one question first please. I would like to have padding in my gallery images is this possible?

Hello Nanaris,

You could add some padding via custom CSS. In this case, the grid would not fit totally perfect. If you are very interested, you can write us via our contact form and I´ll show you first how to achieve this and how the grid would look in order to you can decide better if it will fit for your needs or not.

In any case, thanks a lot for your interest in Lobo! : )

I already purchased Calafate :) but thank you very much!

Wow, great! Thank you very much anyways! :) Let us know if you could have any related doubt with Calafate, ok?

Thanks a lot for your interest in our themes, it is really appreciate it!

Hello, really sad that support isn’t available to read after the time expired. We could be able to check FAQ’s, public tickets, etc… even if we couldn’t ask for help.

Got a question about the top sticky header, it’s always showing the hero image header but I just want a plain color on it. On “Customize” options choosing plain background doesnt seem to do anything. Which css tag i have to call to change the sticky styling?


F. Envato then!! :p

Thanks for the reply. It worked but now my problem is another one … i didn’t realize that when sticky is on, the actions (“go to top” etc…) is inside the sticky!! damn! i would like it to be on bottom like when we don’t have stickies…

My original problem was that i gave transparency to the top-menu, but when you scroll down, some problems may occur in legibility. So i “adopted” the sticky to have a background color, and avoid those legibility problems. Maybe there’s a way to make this transparency on the top-menu to not exist when scrolling down?

Or there is a way to put those actions on the bottom like without sticky choosen? (i think it would be harder thans the 1º option)

If you prefer me to contact you directly just tell me. Thanks mates!

Hey mate!

to be honest… I´m not pretty sure to what you refer to. I feel a bit lost with the sticky features and your needs in this sense.

Notice that these features are options that allow you to customize more your site but also improving legibility. You can play with the other option in order to add a text shadow that works pretty well even with near white backgrounds, also you can change the text color. But if even with this is not enough for you, please, write me using the contact form in my profile and provide there a URL to your site and a quick mockup in Photoshop in order to better see which scenario we are talking about. In that way I could suggest you better options or going in a different manner : )

Ok, thanks. I worked something out, not the ideal, but let me see if the client likes it this way. Otherwise i’ll contact you. Thanks again

Hi! I’m interested in buying your theme. But i have one question:

Is there a devianart-icon in your social media icon pool? And if not – is there a possibility to have it displayed somehow?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Sherlaya!

the icon library that the theme already uses does not include an icon for devianart. In case that you need this elements, we could help you to implement by some other methods via CSS. Please, make sure that, if you finally purchase the theme, you open a support ticket and this is assigned to me (Van). I´ll give you a hand to get this done.

In any case, thanks a lot for your interest in Lobo! : )

Hi VanKarWai,

Thank you for great theme. My friend has been using for awhile everything good, except until now I want to put HTTPS and somehow there’s this mysterious js that I don’t know that prevented me from getting HTTPS because its making some outgoing calls. Could you advise?

Hey Maiev!

As far I can see, your site is correctly working and no js errors appear. So I´m not pretty sure about this ‘mysterious’ javascript you point on.

In any case, if you have installed correctly your SSL certificate in your server, you should have into account that further modifications need to be done in your WordPress installation. Let´s have a quick overview about how to properly do this:

1. Since links in WordPress are relative the install URL, like CSS stylesheets or javascript files changing from HTTP to HTTPS will require the next modifications in your installation:

  • In your WordPress dashboard navigate to Settings > General
  • Ensure that the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are HTTPS. Otherwise, you should add S after HTTP.

2. In order to enforce WordPress administration over SSL, you should set the constant FORCE_SSL_ADMIN to true in your site’s wp-config.php file. In this way you will force all logins and all admin sessions to properly work over SSL.

define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);

3. Maybe you would need to do further adjustments for getting a more complete configuration by editing your .htaccess file and do all the 301 permanent redirections from your http assets to the secured ones (https).

Since we don´t provide support for all these configurations because they are part of the server and WordPress configs, we can help you to solve any related doubt in case that you could need it by opening a support ticket or contacting with us via the contact form that you will find in my TF profile.

I hope that this will help you out! : )

Hi VanKarWai,

I will send you an email instead :) I’m not the original purchaser so I’m unable to submit ticket requests but do have back-end access. It will come from Jeff.

Thanks! :)

Hey guys, I’m very happy with my webpage and your theme. But over time some questions came up using Lobo:

1. I soon want to use the Blog-feature: Is it possible to display pictures in blog entries in other dimensions (= smaller) as given?

2. Is it possible to have other Social Media Icons than those coming with the theme? In my country we have several business-webportals which are essential for freelancer and I want them to be linked…

Thanks a lot!! Desty

Hey Desty!

With the theme, we just offer a foundation and from there you are free to work and play with the theme as you need more. I mean, many dedicated icons or customizations could be out the scope here. In case of the blog entries pictures, this is pretty easy to do with some custom CSS. In any case, and having into account that you have not a support license, you can write me directly via our contact form in my profile and I´ll try to give you some guidelines about how to get this done.

Let me know if I can help with some other doubt, ok?

Have a great weekend! : )

Wrote you via contact form. Thanks for being so cooperative, although my support license expired (wich I wasn’t aware of xD). :-)

Good afternoon,

I am currently looking at upgrading my website to a more minimal theme. I would like to have a front page which displays my blog posts while been able to endlessly scroll down. Once clicked on a blog post it would open up. The only other feature I would like is an about/contact page. Would this be possible with this theme?

Kind regards,


Hey Andy,

thanks a lot for your interest in Lobo! I´m sorry to say that this is not possible since the blog features don´t provide infinite scroll. You can set up a homepage with your blog entries and having the about/contact pages as you need. But the endlessly scroll is a feature that you can´t configure with blog post.

In any case, thanks again! :)

Hello, last time i’ve contact you, i told you that i have a error message in the dashboard of wordpress. You provided me a way to shut down the error, but never worked.

Now i’ve tried to upload the last version of the theme, is not possible. Even if i do it FTP via, besides appears an screen of 404 error if i try to enter in the contact or another specific section of my site.

I had to remove everything in my site, deleting all portofolios an almost all media. And now that i want to customize the site is not possible because i’ve seen this errors. Whats going on?

Please help me! At this time im sad because my site never see’s the light on.

By the way, i can’t send you a ticket support. Because my support expired, but….it’s sad because actually i just made a couple of questions before and i’ve never published my site online.

Hey Pery,

I´m sorry to hear that. Basically it looks like your are facing some server or configuration issues. Make sure that you have everything correctly installed, no redirections or plugins that could break the site in some way. A clean theme installation should work perfectly fine.

In any case, if you write me using the contact form in my profile, I can have a look at your site in order to see what could be wrong. Also, if some of your old tickets are not already close, you can use them to write there too.

Looking forward from more details from you! : )

Is it possible to have a top menu on the theme rather than a side menu? This will allow better integration with my ecommerce site.

Hi schmitddubai!

sure thing, you have two different menus to choose from, the compact one and a regular one. This is an option integrated within the customizer.

You can see here an example or here.

In any case, thanks a lot for your interest in Lobo! : )

PS. These sites contains some customs no related to the main menu. But essentially is how the regular menu works.

Good morning!

I am using the lobo wordpress theme for my portfolio website. In every portfolio item / page I place a Youtube or Vimeo video in a video module. Here is my question : Is there a full screen option I can add in my video module, so my website visitors can choose to see the video fullscreen, if they want to?

Hey Julia!

once you add your videos within a module, you can just play it and use the play/stop or fullscreen controls as you can see here. So if your visitors want to display the video fullscreen they just need to click on the native player buttons.

I hope that this will help you out! : )

PS. Please, in order to help us to provide support, I really encourage you to login with the account that you used for purchasing the theme. This is the only way we have to check your current theme license state.

Is this theme compatible with WordPress 4.7?

Hello onyudo!

Lobo is compatible with WordPress 4.7, o problem.

Thanks for your interest! : )

Hello VanKarWai,

I’ve been using your LOBO theme for over half a year now and have gotten a few of my classmates to buy it as well. It’s been really easy to pickup and modify and has saved me alot of headache. I have one problem though, changing the sticky header color. I’ve made sure it’s set solid background via:

Appearance>Customize>Header>Sticky Header Style

and applied the CSS below which should have turned it white with mild transparency.

.enabled-sticky-shadow .hero-info-shdw.sticky { opacity: 0.95; background: #ffffff; }

But it’s still the gray color that the theme automatically inserts. I appreciate any help you can provide me.

If you need to look at the site it’s

Thank you!

As far I can see in your site now (before you had the password protection enabled), I think that you are referring to the main top background color when you have not any hero element set there, right? I can see the other rule working in your site (you need to scroll in order to see it working).

If what you want to modify is the background color for the header area when you have not any hero element enabled, you can do this:

#main-wrapper { background-color: #000; }

This should work to modify this element and the other rule would modify the actions background overlay that happens when you scroll and the hero is sticked.

I hope that this will help you out better now, otherwise, please, open a support ticket and provide more details in order to better understand this modification.


Thanks for the response again. It looks like this fixed the issue. I apologize for the password protection, it’s a habit when editing. I will definitely be recommending your work to my peers.

No problem, it is pretty usual to protect the websites, more during your time working on, no worries! :) I´m glad that this helped you to figure out how to handle this element better. Just let us know if you could have any other related doubt.

Have a great weekend!

Hi, I would like to purchase the theme. But I have one question. With Windows chrome, hovering the mouse over the portfolio does not change. With Windows edge, and Mac chrome and safari, hovering is good. Can I solve this problem?

Hey Taro!

I´m not pretty sure in which Windows version are you finding this issue, but I have tested the theme again in order to check this out better and everything works correctly. So please, make sure that you are running an updated Chrome version, the Windows versions tested for this propose were Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP with the last Chrome version installed. In all the tests this feature worked as it normally did.

After checking this in your end, if you have any other doubt about the theme, just let us know, we´ll try to help as better as possible.

In any case, thanks a lot for your interest in Lobo! : )

Hi, thanks for the responce, and sorry my poor English… My PC is Win10 and Chrome 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit). Please look above link. This image is DEMO SITE in Win10 Edge. [Anchor] change color and display title. This image is Chrome. [Anchor] can’t display title and not change color.

Hey Taro,

I have been testing this again, please, see this attached screenshot. It is working in my end. Please, make sure that you have not any Chrome extension, ad blocker or something like that installed at your browser in order to make sure that any external thing is involved on this weird behavior, including the Envato iframe.

Hey guys,

I was in contact with Van via Email, but somehow he sadly does not answer my question anymore. Hope, he’s ok? :o

I have a major problems with the blogfeature from your theme: It will not display a header for some reasons. No matter what kind of picture I try to upload, there’s nothing to see on my Blog in the Header. :(

And second thing is: Is it possible to display pictures in blog entries in other dimensions (= smaller) as given? He already sent me some custom CSS, but it won’t work until I add underlines to a certain picture (but that’s not what i want for every picture in my blog)….

I got (i guess) two other probs with the theme (already told Van about these via Email), but these two are the major ones, cause i can’t run my blog without solutions for this :(((

Could you please help me out here? :o

Thanks a lot, desty

Hey Desty,

I´m fine, thanks! :)

Providing support via mail is quite confusing in order to follow any query or discussion there, because of this we have our dedicated support area in order to better provide support. We can help in many different ways, more focused and with many different tools to follow any query. By mail, just archiving and ordering mails is simply a nightmare when handling different discussions to follow long in time, sharing code snippets, screenshots… Because of this, we highly recommend you to use the support area and the support resources to better follow any related query. Said this, let´s go with your questions! :)

1. I assume that you are running the last theme version in order to ensure the best bug free version for your site. In this sense, you should not have any problem adding your hero element.

2. Blog pictures. You mean the ones within the blog post development, right? If this is the query, you just need to do something like this:

.single-post .post-excerpt img { display: inline-block !important; float: none; margin: 0 !important; max-width: 100% !important; width: auto !important; height: auto; }

This should work to display the images within your post development ‘inboxed’ with your content area. Just let me know if this is not what your are looking for, ok?

I hope that this will be useful! :)

Love the theme, been using it for a while. One small issue i’m having is that ​on my homepage, when a user scrolls down to the bottom of the page, it loads duplicate projects over and over again.

Link to my website:


Hey Ricky!

I can´t see your site´s theme version running, so please, make sure that your site is correctly updated to the last theme available version in order to prevent any weird functioning.

After checking this, if you are still with this weird behavior, let us know and we´ll try to help different.

Let´s follow this up : )

Thanks for the fast reply. I’m running Lobo 2.0.4 on Wordpress 4.5.2. Eeek! How do i update the theme and ensure i don’t overwrite anything? Can i just download it from themeforest and replace the folder using FTP? I’ll update Wordpress now. Thanks

Hey Ricky!

you just need to download the last theme version from your downloads area. Once you have done this, you just need to upload the last theme version via FTP. Just have into account that the theme folder is within the whole package your download from Themeforest (it´s within the first folder).

I hope that this will be useful! : )

Hi! I would buy this theme but the last update is in July 2016. Why? Now does it work well? I’m looking forward your answer :)