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Clean, Nice and Unique! :)


thank you very much, glad you like it! :)

Stunning template sir. Been following your efforts for a while. Superb!

Thanks a lot, steak! Very appreciate it you follow & like our work! :)

This is the most attractive portfolio theme I’ve seen on this marketplace. If this doesn’t sell well we might as well all give up.


Thanks for your appreciation, let´s see how it works. We worked a lot with the theme trying to create not only a beautiful and attractive theme. We tried to do something really easy to use and powerful, we think we got it…

Nice to greeting you! :)

Possibly the best ever to be released on here.

Oh, thank you for this charlie4282. Here on TF there are a lot of great projects and for us it is a honor if you think so :)

Honestly, these type of unique theme comes to themeforest once a year or even longer.

Congrats for you beautiful work VanKarWai.

Really appreciate to all of you for your kind words! :)

Thanks a lot, PremiumLayers!

Very very unique, pure, cutting edge and “designful spirit” at the same time!
By far :The Best Creative Template for Creatives! Best Congrats!

West! Thanks for letting me know about the documentation. Now the URL is the correct one :)

Hé hé ! Attention to details… Attention to details ;-) We are on the same boat, making things perfect. However, I didn’t see “Flamingo” before, I have to say from that template you find a very unique style and process that distinguish you from far. Collaborating with Ruben Bristian for “Lobo” was the perfect strategy!

Stay sharp, strong and cutting edge.

Just finished browsing the documentation. One word : PERFECT

It looks amazing. My only question is whether this theme supports Widgets?

Hi ohboyemployee,

Lobo does not use widgets. Instead, each content ‘module’ works like a different widget that allows the user to add different content areas like twitter feeds, sliders, team sliders…

We have tried to make the whole concept as cohesive as possible with functionalities. The best, that we can add new tools to fit needs that our customers can propose us as useful :)

Thanks a lot for your interest!

That sounds like a great alternative! Thanks for the quick reply

Awesome! All your themes is very unique :) When I grow up, I want to be like you =D Congrats and keeping make good stuffs.

LB! If you work hard, you will grow up tall and strong! I hope still growing a lot more as well.

Glad to see you like Lobo! :)

One Word : WOW

Another one: THANK YOU :)

Holy Jesus – best wordpress theme on here so far!

Happy hearing you like it, thanks jprood!

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! will be buying this week! one friendly note: the slider arrow cursor doesn’t go back when you get to the last slide.

Glad to hear that!

The slider has drag & drop features, it is basically how it works. Also, you can click to see the next slide. In order to maintain it as simpler and minimalist as possible, sided controls were removed, in fact, if you place your cursor at the far sides (right/left) you will notice the clicable areas.

Hope this will help to understand better how the main sliders work. Anyway, we are always opened to hear about new ideas.


again, kudos to you for the designer…it really is amazing! maybe loop the slider? i love the arrow cursor and clicking it advances the slider…just when you get to the last slide, clicking the arrow cursor does nothing….so maybe make the slider loopable?

Creative work. Perfect for a small agency or independent designer.

That was the idea when designing the theme :)

Buying now. Your work is incredible. Woocommerce? Please please please :)


We have in our plans to support WooCommerce in a very cool way :)

Great! Exciting stuff my friends!

2 more questions….can the projects in the masonry grid handle video? and i am with roleo870….please please woo commerce! oh, psyched to see your reply of planning to support woo…YAY!!!!

Yes, modules can allow Youtube&Vimeo videos, you can add poster images or not, and they look beautiful.

We are in plans to implement WooC in the best way :)

and i bought the theme last night :) LOVE IT!

Glad to hear that! Hope you will enjoy working with the module builder and all the theme´s features.

In case you could need help with something, I would like to remember you that we are available for any query or doubt you could have on our dedicated support system.

Thanks for using Lobo! :)

Beautiful! GLWS

Thanks, ClaPat!

Creating visual content is so easy! A lot of time is wasted re-sizing, re-placing images and other content with other themes. This one does everything automatically and very fast. You can truly build an impressive page in less than 3 minutes if you have content ready. Yay.

Great to hear that!

We tried to make things as easier to use as possible, so I hope we have got it! Just in case you could have any doubt, I would like to remember you that we have available a dedicated support place to answer and help in case you could need it.

Thanks a lot for using Lobo!

Dedicated Support System

This is really great!!! Nice Work :)


Long time don’t see something really good. I’m gonna buy and customise… Congrats. well done job.

Great! Hope you will enjoy playing with Lobo, erico! In case you could have any doubt, do not hesitate to open a support ticket, we will be happy to help.


Dedicated Support System

Awesome job, glws o7

Thanks Dj! :)