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I am in the process of finalising my new portfolio thanks to your AMAZING template, but something still stays in my mind… Is there any chance at all that I could have the menu displayed on the left of the screen instead of the right please? Either hidden or fixed (if fixed would need to be slimmer)...

Thank you so much for your help!


Hi Lucie!

this would need some work, but it would be possible. Please, open a support ticket and ask for assign it to VanKarWai. I will help with it :)

This is a gorgeous theme. By chance, with the sliders on teh top of the site, is there a possibility of having videos there?

Please let me know as I am looking to buy.



Hi Marcus,

the theme only allows to add single videos as heroes, not within the slider. In this sense, you have the option to insert Youtube and Vimeo videos.

Anyway, thank you very much about your interest in Lobo! :)

Would it be easy to add new fields to the contact form?

I have a specific idea of how I want it to be.

I could of course use contact form 7 or gravity forms, but if it’s easy to change things/add things I’m more than happy to have a go, also really like your send button :-)

Also wondering whether you couldn’t build a form builder into your short-codes, this would be awesome and really really useful.

Cheers Rich

Hi Rich,

please, open a support ticket and we will help with it! :)

Ok thanks, I can’t just yet as the site is on a dev server, will do though when I reach that stage :-)

Great theme. Have been building this out for a client that purchased. It looks so good I’m talking another client into using it as well.

Can you please advise as to how to set the loading spinner as the company logo for the homepage. I tried the feature image as it looked like is what is was using but it didn’t work.



you can do this via “Apperance > Customize > Logo”. In this way you can change the main logo graphic :)


When i insert two modules or items next to each other there comes a white space between them like 1 mm or so…how can i correct that?


Hi Michel,

which browser/OS are you using? You should not have spaces between modules in no way.

If you prefer it, you can open a support ticket in order to get some help. Just let us know :)


I am using all the latest versions and i tested it on different browsers so i will open a support ticket, thanks.

Hi there, i love the theme. Before purchasing it, i would like to see the theme in the wild. Can you please provide a list of public installations/links to sites of peaople using Lobo?

Yes, this is something we have pendant. I will update the theme profile next week with a little showcase with sites using Lobo :)

Hi VanKarWai, thanks for the quick reply. I read about your new release next week – can you please nevertheless drop two or three links to Lobo-using sites? Thanks in advance Zich

Is the Royal Slider included?? Where can we find it.

Thank you

Hi Adam,

Royal Slider is included with the theme, you don´t need to do nothing special to enable it. Just add elements like hero sliders or module sliders in order to use it. It is an ‘out box’ feature :)

Beautiful Theme!
One problem… when you click on “Portfolio” no wants to go home, but just reload the page.

What to do?



make sure you have selected correctly your portfolio categories if you are using different portfolios pages. You will find this related option within your portfolio page (enabling the ‘portfolio template’). This is Portfolio settings > Categories. In case you are using only a portfolio page, make sure you have all the categories selected. In this way, the theme will know the portfolio page in use related to the active project.

Just let us know if you could have any doubt, ok?

Cheers!! :)

Hi, VanKarWai

Thank You!
I solved the problem :)

HI, I am interested in purchasing your theme. I was wondering if you have an HTML version that is available for sale. Thank you.

Hi Curio,

no HTML version is available for Lobo, I´m sorry.

Anyway, thank you very much about your interest with it! :)

Thank you for creating this wonderful theme!

I have three questions… 1) I need to delete the logo from the side navigation. How can I do this? 2) I would like to change the navigation text to be left aligned- 3) Is there a chance to have the logo centered and not in the left corner? My logo is playful and artistic and doesn’t look right on that left side :D

I hope you can help me with these 3 issues and give me some custom CSS codes. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you so much! Nela

Hi nelala!

sure! you can made such changes adding these simple custom rules:

1. Hiding menu logo
.menu-logo { display: none; }
2. Navigation left alignment
.main-d-nav li { text-align: left; }
3. Centering logo
.logo { margin: 0 auto; left: 1%; right: 1%; }

Hope it will be useful and thanks a lot for using Lobo! :)


Possible to paste filter button on portfolio item page?

Thx! :)


this is not possible because the filters only can act when all the “categorized” items are present (portfolio page).

Notice that within a single project page, each module has not categories (this would not have sense), so for this reason this option is not possible/available.

Hope it will be useful! :)

Thx! :)

And another question. Is it possible to make a PDF-editor, as here: http://brightparameters.com/#de/pdfeditor/

Thx! :)

and you don’t know where can get this kind of plugin?

Thank you! :)

I did a quick search in Google and I found this. I´m not sure if it will be useful in your case, but it is something ;)

Thx! :)

Morning Matey,

Do you have any plans to mix content on the homepage at any point? I wanted to have a few blog posts as well as portfolio posts all mixed in the grid?

I would also love to see the option of the homepage slider being dynamically pulled in from a latest post or portfolio item.

And lastly I experimented with adding text to my slider like on this page (http://iso.500px.com) but cannot seem to set a width value to it, also there seems to be no responsive styles for the text I add in?

Cheers Rich

Excellent thanks, works as expected, is there anyway to change this slightly, so have the blog image showing fully with no text then on rollover fade it back and show the blog text (e.g. title, read more etc) so essentially to copy the functionality of the portfolio items?

Rich :-)

Hi Rich!

you could modify this using the following custom rules:

.post-item.odd .post-overlay, .post-item.even .post-overlay { background-color: rgba(230,230,230,0.0) !important }

body .post-item:hover .post-overlay { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.3) !important }

.inner-post { opacity: 0; }

body .post-item:hover .inner-post { opacity: 1; }

This should work as expected, mate! ;)

Awesome and it certainly does :-) cheers buddy

Hi, if you use the video in fullscreen background, how can I display it on the mobile version? If you can not, I can see an image on the mobile version?


we are updating the theme within the next coming hours. We have improved some video management details, just let us know after the update, ok? :) (videos in the hero areas are don´t work on mobiles due to some device restrictions, this won´t change)

Ok, I can replace the mobile version on the home video with a fullscreen image. If so, how?


this feature is not available for hero videos right now, but we will study to use some workaround as we have currently for the videos within modules using a fallback based in the poster image, for example. So please, stay tuned to the next future updates :)

Hello, Awesome theme! But when I activate it, nothing appears in my admin panel! Please check it at http://sirfreeman.com/wp-admin/ I have to re-install the DB as I can’t activate other themes. Other themes are working properly… what may be happening? Thanks, Jordi

Hi Jordi,

please, open a support ticket in order to get some help with this. Just remember to provide and admin user/pass if needed.


This is a really beautiful theme. It’s unique & refreshing. I’ve literally looked at hundreds of themes on here, and it looks like 97% of them were created by the same person. Anyway, I would love to use something that looked like this but which focused on the blog (for the homepage) instead of the portfolio. So I probably won’t be purchasing the theme…I just wanted to tell you that I like it.

Hi Cosmic,

first of all, thank you for taking your time to have those kind words, it is really appreciated it! :)

I would like to add that it is possible to configure the theme to have the blog as homepage instead the portfolio. In fact, some users are using only the blog features.

Anyway, thank you very much about your interest! :)


I noticed that you write following in your change-log;

- Added support for WooCommerce

Are you not going to implement a WooCommerce shop!? This was the only reason I purchased this theme, as we need a shop for our site…, and I was under the impression, from your updates here in comment section, that a WooCommerce shop would be added.


See it now!, it was not there 1 min ago!, looks FANTASTIC :-)


Yes, we have added WooCommerce support, please, check this out :)

Howdy! NEW UPDATE is on air now with WooCommerce support!

v2.0 // updated: 07/30/14

  • Added support for WooCommerceCheck the demo
  • Added support for password protected content
  • Added an accordion shortcode (updated the Lobo Shortcodes plugin to v1.0.3)
  • Added more options for text modules, such as vertical alignment of text and another wrapping option
  • Added support for self hosted videos (HTML5)
  • Improved video support on mobile devices
  • Fixed white stripes issue in Safari
  • Fixed issues with contact form button
  • Fixed other bugs


Is it possible to made static arrrow (left/right) on slide and to add arrow to scroll down?

Thx! :)


you could do this modifying a little the code, just notice that the left/right sides of the slider have a different hover area, you should add the arrows in that part and remove the cursor graphic from the CSS.

In case of the down scroll arrow, you should add the markup editing the core files (which is not recommended if you have not enough experience).

In case you could need some help in this sense, just open a support ticket and ask to assign it to VKW directly :)

Ok! Thank You! :)

The WooCommerce update, utterly rocks, I personally don’t have a use for it, but the way it has been integrated is nothing short of fabulous :-) congrats guys

Little strange bug, I have just upgraded to latest version of the theme via update within WP, it all went successfully apart from a strange misalignment of content left and right of the page appears a 10px band and also a 10px band appears just under the slider content,it’s almost like the whole grid has moved slightly – any ideas what that might be?

Hi Rich,

make sure you have a clean cache if you are using some cache plugin. After this, if the problem remains, please, open a support ticket and provide an admin user and password. We´ll check this detail from your installation.

Perfect that worked thanks bud