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Howdy! NEW UPDATE is on air now with WooCommerce support!

v2.0 // updated: 07/30/14

  • Added support for WooCommerceCheck the demo
  • Added support for password protected content
  • Added an accordion shortcode (updated the Lobo Shortcodes plugin to v1.0.3)
  • Added more options for text modules, such as vertical alignment of text and another wrapping option
  • Added support for self hosted videos (HTML5)
  • Improved video support on mobile devices
  • Fixed white stripes issue in Safari
  • Fixed issues with contact form button
  • Fixed other bugs

Are you going to let us have an XML for dummy content to set a shop up at all please bud? :-)

Hi Rich,

I will do some tests with this, notice that this was created for the shop page, not for the normal portfolio and I would need to review closer the code. I will let you know asap.

Any joys on this bud?

Hey Rich,

try adding this:

.home .item-hover::before {
  position: absolute;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%; 
  border: 0px solid transparent;
  background: transparent;
  content: '';
  transition: border-width 0.2s, border-color 0.2s;
  box-sizing: border-box;
.home .item-hover:hover::before { border-width: 15px; border-color: #FFF75F; }

This should work ;)

Have a slight issue, I cannot update the Lobo Shortcodes plugin as it keeps failing with the message:

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in (SITE URL) on line 489 Installing Plugin: Lobo Shortcodes The plugin does not have a valid header. Downloading update from (Site URL) /wp-content/themes/lobo-child/includes/plugins/lobo-shortcodes.zip…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

Return to Required Plugins Installer

Sorry for all the questions today Rich


Deactivate the child theme, update the plugins, then activate child theme again. This should work.

Brilliant worked a treat thanks again


Is it possible to make social links in the “Footer text area” open in a blank window?

target=”_blank” after the link is not working.


I have found this in the shortcodes.php, but I can’t find the right place to insert target=”_blank”

/* ---- - Social Links - ------*/

function lobo_social_function( $atts, $content ) {

$html = '
foreach ( $atts as $key => $item ) {
$html .= '
  • ' . ucfirst( $key ) . '
  • ';
    $html .= '';
    return $html;


    add_shortcode( ‘lobo_social’, ‘lobo_social_function’ );

    Hi Mikkel,

    the shortcode looks like this:

    $html .= '<li><a href="' . $item . '" title="' . __( 'Join us on', 'lobo' ) . ' ' . ucfirst( $key ) . '" class="shr-btn-' . $key . '"><span>' . ucfirst( $key ) . '</span><i class="icon-' . $key . '" /></a></li>';
    Notice the anchor (a tag), you should add the target att in this way:
    $html .= '<li><a href="' . $item . '" target="”_blank”" title="' . __( 'Join us on', 'lobo' ) . ' ' . ucfirst( $key ) . '" class="shr-btn-' . $key . '"><span>' . ucfirst( $key ) . '</span><i class="icon-' . $key . '" /></a></li>';
    Hope it will help! ;)

    You are the best :-)


    1- Can a single product page to look like this?


    To remove the slider with thumbnails, and pictures can be arranged in a grid with module builder, similar to the portfolio?

    2- Could there be a slider for “RELATED PRODUCTS”?
    3- Could there be a next and previous product similar to the portfolio, that are in one line with related products?
    4- Can you choose the amount of product, and what it looks like?
    5- phone and tablet missing “RELATED PRODUCTS”! Do you add it together with previous and next product in the next update?


    Hi SS3,

    1. No, the shop uses a different layout.

    2. At the moment this option is not possible.

    3. We will study other possibilities in the future.

    4. You can select the number of products per page via “Appearance > Customize > Shop”. You can see this within the demo using the bottom/right yellow icon. Also you can use different layouts in 2, 3 and 4 columns. This is the same that normal portfolios.

    5. This option won´t work in this way in future updates.

    Regards, Van.

    Hi Van.

    on page single product , In subsequent updates …

    1 – Will you add option, the page can be formed with the module builder to look like a page in a portfolio? I want the style of the store to resemble that of a portfolio!

    2 – I know that there is currently no this opportunity, my question is whether there will be a future update?

    3- will be a big +

    4- I mean that! http://i.cubeupload.com/vffyvF.jpg

    Where can I see how it looks?

    5- Could you tell us how it will work in the future, will there be any related products to mobile versions?

    Would you say, you will add new features and what?


    Thank You Guys, nice update !

    Hi Chantal!

    Glad you like it & hope you will enjoy the update! :)


    The update looks beautiful, but cart and checkout are a bit confusing.

    Especially checkout because I can’t checkout at all. There are 4 tabs, but I don’t see any button asking me to go to next step when I filled the billing information. When I click on “review order” the loader just keeps on spinning forever.


    The checkout process was split in steps (using the tabs), in this way, the user/client can be sure that she/he fills all the info needed. Then, the last step is the process order button.

    In this sense, when you click the button as you say that spinner is always loading, here make sure you have configured correctly all the settings in your WooCommerce admin area.

    In case you could have any problem with it, do not hesitate to open a support ticket.

    Hope it will be useful! :)

    Thanks for the quick reply! I did not install it on my install, I was having this on your demo website.

    I’ve been waiting for the Woocommerce update – looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it out!

    One question – I have a couple of password protected portfolio items. Before the update this didn’t work at all. Now, the content is hidden – but I don’t see a password field – and my top menu appears halfway down the page:

    Can you tell me where I’m going wrong?

    Example here: http://deadenvyink.com/portfolio/deli-craft/

    Hi constantstate,

    please, check this screenshot from your site. This is how this feature looks, when a protected item is detected, the prompt covers all the available area.

    Let me know about it, ok?

    Cheers! :)

    Thanks man – just checked and it’s working (I swear it wasn’t working like that earlier – I probably forgot to clear my cache or something…)

    Thanks so much though!

    Great, I mean wonderful, as usual!! Good job guys! Thanks for making the theme more wonderful!

    Very glad to hear you like the new features. Thanks a lot! :)

    Thanks for a great update. I see you’ve made some changes to the auto-height in text fields. Is it possible to get the auto-height setting on modular pages as it contains the setting of no inner wrap. I am using a Flickr photo stream and the default template doesn’t provide this setting. Sry if it’s a stupid question. Noob at this!


    You see, the feed actually continues but the 100% hight cuts it of.

    Hi Kriz,

    after checking your site and to see what you have done with the Flickr feed I must to say that this implementation would need some custom work by your part.

    The problem here is that the modules can´t know the feed area size and on resize the module loose the feed gallery size (this must to be managed via javascript, of course).

    In this case, why not using the custom URL feature and create a normal portfolio? You could create your own portfolio grid based on your Flickr images and then link them to your flickr site, if it is what you want, of course. This is just an idea using the theme options.

    Hope it will be useful!

    Ok. Thanks!

    Hi again

    Today i updated to v. 2.0 and got a problem. The custom URLs on the portfolio frontpage is randomly not working.

    On http://www.crosseyes.com/ the problem occurs about once every 3 or 4 clicks. It does not load the page and simply loads a blank /# page.

    The problem seems to be an issue in the newest Chrome for Mac. Firefox seem allright.

    Hi Mikkel,

    this is pretty weird, please, open a support ticket and provide there an admin user and password to your site. We will check this from your installation.


    When I view your demo on my iPhone (even after I’ve removed the themeforest frame and am at vankarwai.com) I am not able to click through to any of the products on the shop page. There are no “View” nor “Buy” buttons displayed, and touching all parts of the image does nothing.

    Additionally, all of the copy in the top banner gets squished and is overlapping. And once you scroll down, the text moves up over the menu so you can’t see the menu items anymore.

    Are these bugs you’re planning to fix? Have done your Woocommerce update to the demo?

    We would like to purchase this theme for a client, but can’t use it if the mobile shop isn’t working beautifully.


    I´m sorry to say that we don´t provide customizations of any kind and we are not available for freelance works.

    I would like to add that WooCommerce have some limitations in order to provide some particular needs. In this sense we can´t develop specific modules or similar for this. Hope you understand.


    I know I’ve asked a ton of questions already, but I have a few more about menus:

    What if we wanted just the top menu? Could we add pages to the top menu (instead of the “fullscreen” “share” type links)? Could we disable the side/pop-out menu? What control do you have over the top menu – can you make it visible all the time (not just when you scroll down?)

    Hi scenicrte,

    you have the choice for two different main menus. The sided/hidden one and another placed at the top of the page, something more “standard”. In this sense, here you can add any kind of link to those menus.

    In case you are referring to the sticky menu, the one that appears on scroll, you can configure it in order to display some of the options or directly remove the sticky feature (when scrolling the site the sticky area is disabled). But if you want to add some custom functions here, you should edit the core files and develop your owns, notice that we don´t provide customizations and the theme offers a lot of different functions, it is almost impossible to cover all the needs and different scenarios.

    Anyway, thank you very much about your interest in Lobo! :)

    Oh my goshhhh! Since the beginning of this month I have been checking in every now and then for the update of Lobo x Woocommerce! This update is drawing me back from working on my magento project on hold and I am jumping back to wordpress!

    Lobo is the most beautiful theme ever with a developer whose work makes perfect symphony with art and design. I absolutely adore!

    Wow, thank you! We are very glad to hear this, really appreciated! We hope you will enjoy with the new features included with the 2.0 version! :)

    Hi Bud,

    Do you have a guide on how to produce the woocomerce layouts like yours on the demo?

    For instance how do IIset up the opening shop page, is it done with the modular template and modules?

    Sorry new to WooCommerce


    Hi Rich,

    1. The whole slide can´t link completely to a external link. We will study this possibility.

    2. If you refer to the “View” and “Buy” buttons, they should work in this way. If you click the “View” you should go to the related product page. And if you click “Buy” an ajax action will add the product to the cart automatically. Just in case that product is “out of stock”, the click on the “Buy” button will go to the product page in order to check the availability.

    If something of this is not working for you. Please, open a support ticket and provide an admin user and password to your site in order to check this out.

    Hope it will be useful!

    Hi Bud, no it’s the SALE button on the items on the homepage, it looks like it should link as when you hover there is a hand icon, but it doesn’t do anything?

    OK, I understand now! Well, these badges probably will be modified in next updates. This should use a standard icon instead the hand one. No worries about this, tomorrow we will update the theme and these kind of details will be probably modified.

    Awesome Update!!! :)

    Hello! If you install a plugin qTranslate will be a multilingual website? (that is, he supports his).

    if not, which plug for multilanguage advise.

    Thx! :)


    Lobo has support for WPML plugin, this is one of the best solutions to have a complete multi language site. We have not tested qTranslate, but you could try with it :)

    Ok. Thank You!

    Hey guys, first of all awesome update!

    I noticed you changed the way hero video work a bit. I suggested some time ago looking at fitvids.js

    I was a little sad to see this wasn’t implemented but I can’t blame you at all so that’s why I thought I’d give it a try myself. So I did, and yyou can see here how it works: http://www.noboco.net/ however since everyting is tighly intergrated I would love your help to have the hero spacer sit directly under the video whatever the resolution. Could you maybe help me with this?

    I’m very greatfull for all the awesome work you guys put into this theme. it’s already so awesome :) cheers, Maarten

    Hi Maarten,

    please, open a support ticket and let us know a little bit more about how you are working with this plugin. We will help to integrate it and it is possible we finally use it for the official development :)

    Will do thank you!

    Last 2 for now me thinks :-)

    1) In the woo commerce item page where do you add the ‘Additional Information’ details? (yours has weight & dimensions in it etc

    2) Strange issue with adding an item to cart on my install after you have added it the slideshow main image goes black, only on re-fresh does it come back – bit strange


    Well, any site, when enabling WooCommerce plugin, displays the cart icon by default in all pages.

    So if you only want to show the cart icon in your shop related pages, you can do this in a very easy way via custom CSS. Check this out:

    body:not(.woocommerce-page) #main-cart-holder { display: none !important; }
    body:not(.woocommerce-page) .actions { right: 3%; }

    Normally people using the shop don´t use the portfolio. But in case of using both, this is an easy solution to hide the cart icon if needed :)

    Hey Rich,

    just to let you know that we have added a new option within Appearance > Shop > Hide Cart in order to hide the cart options outside the pages non related with the shop area. In this way you won´t need to add those customs css rules and it has more sense in this way.

    ok cool makes sense, when is the update coming out? :-)

    Sorry I forgot to ask how do you get the review star icons to appear, I have added 2 reviews to an item but no stars??


    Just tried to submit a comment from woo commerce however there seems to be no submit button? (also checked your demo no submit button there either)

    Correction it’s a safari bug it’s there in chrome

    We´ll check this Safari bug, Rich.

    Hi!! How can I change the slider effect? I would like put this effect…http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/royal-slider/animated-blocks/

    My site: http://siroppe.com/

    Thank you


    I´m sorry to say that the theme does not implement this feature, as you can see in the demo. We don´t want to overload the theme with effects of such kind. In this sense, we just try to maintain the front as clean from this as possible and this has a direct effect on the backend, because adding this kind of options always make the backends hard to understand due to the options overload.

    You can choose from “Slider & Fade” options, as you can see within the theme options in the demo.

    Hope it will help! :)