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Hi VanKarWai, Congratulations on your update… looking good as ever!

I’d really like to set a maximum width of the site (boxed). I’ve worked hard to create custom CSS to do this, but I can not figure it out.

Is there any way you can create CSS for a centered, max site width of about 1024px with a solid color background? I am very eager for this as it will really make my site look and perform wonderfully. Your help is very appreciated. Thanks for your time.

ok thanks for putting in an update! It will look really sharp!

Hi Carpet,

just I would like to let you know that by the moment this feature won´t be available in a sort timing. We have been trying to adapt the design to this boxed concept and for some technical reason it is harder to achieve that I initially expected.

Anyway, we will update the theme within the next coming days. But by now this feature won´t be included.

Have a nice weekend! :)

Thanks for the update and for keeping me up to date. I appreciate it VKW! Shoot, I hope in the near future you are able to find a way to limit the width as it would look great.

Morning Bud,

Are you still planning for an update today?

Quick suggestion for you, is it possible to add auto load more (like the homepage portfolio) to the woocommerce opening pages?

Likewise if I built a custom mixed content page is it possible to add auto load to this as well?

I really love this feature

Cheers Rich

Hi Rich,

due to the way that WooCommerce works this option is not possible. In case of a shop grid and depending on how did you configured your shop pagination, the product grid will display a bottom pagination with numbers for this.

Hope it will be useful!

Aww that’s a shame what about other pages that have mixed content on them?

Problem, The video stops in the middle – http://vebn.co/bp/?portfolio=food-6
video on youtube: http://youtu.be/5kdS8hnIqSY

may be due to too short

help me pls!



please, make sure you are using the same video or try with a different one in order to check this. With your examples I see two different videos and they seem to work correctly.

In any case, I recommend you to opening a support ticket when you experience some issue using the theme.

Hope it will help.


I’m opened ticket and update video, pls view again.


Hi Bud,

On my demo I’m setting up the loading circle graphic still has the lobo logo init when going back to the homepage etc, why is this and how do I change it to my own logo please? (I have uploaded my own logo in customiser already)


Hey Rich,

you have the preloader image within img folder, there you will find preloader-def.gif.

Awesome thanks found it, what exactly is that you are using in the animated gif? and I assume you used PS to make the animation?

Yes, PS was used to animate the gif. Check this video in order to help with – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot5GwpQPjF0

Hello! How to put .mp4 video on Header?

Thx! :)

If you open this URL: http://vebn.co/bp/wp-content/uploads/videos/clouds-forest-recomp.mp4

You will see that there is not video there.

I encourage your to open a support ticket in case you are still in problems. But before, please, review all the explained steps.

Ok great weekend! :)

Monday I will open support ticket and and describe the steps of my actions.

Hi! I’m loving this WP Theme… I have a question though. Is there a way to have two portfolio pages? I mean one as my homepage and then another to showcase other projects?


Hi frenesic,

sure, you can create as many portfolio pages as you could need. For this, just create different pages with the portfolio template enabled. Then, when creating your projects, make sure you assign it to the categories related to each portfolio.

The goal for this is to have separated portfolios based in some particular categories.

Hope it will be useful! :)

When I scroll the page both in mobile and desktop it seems like the header text block keeps showing up briefly where there’s supposed to be other content below. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening?


Hi Kriz,

I´m not sure what do you refer to. But notice that with the last update (v2.0), we have added new options for the text heroes. Now the texts, when parallax is enabled, will work in this way and they will provide a fadeout/fadein effect when scrolling. This will help to improve the readability when the sticky area is active.

Just take a try to this new option ;)

Ok. I prefer the parallax disabled as the page scrolls faster. So you can’t see that the text header keep showing below when you scroll fast? also the bottom menu bar keeps jumping around. Is it possible to remove the bottom menu bar?

Hello! The auto fade with the videos dont like where I can adjust? I have read the documentation and understand that has no solution, but can you tell me what file I need to adjust and do not know the core of the site

Any comments?

Hi kubik,

we have not a refinement for this by now. But we will look at this in order to improve it in future updates.

In my tests, using the last theme version and Vimeo videos, this issue does not occurs. Please, try this in order to check it well.


Hi Van! Still works the same way with vimeo, Might you send me an example of how you are inserting the code vimeo. Anyway, add a lightbox plugin to embed videos but it would be great to with the default characteristics

Hiya Van,

Is it possible to move the date, author, gravatar in the news pages so that they appear on the header image: http://vankarwai.com/themes/lobo-agency/photography/past-year-vacances-picture-it-was-very-boring/

If not at the very least could I hide the grav in mobile view only?

Cheers Rich

Hi Rich,

if you would like to change the avatar to the hero area, you should to modify the core files in order to alter the markup.

But if you only want to remove the element from the mobile view, you can do this:

@media only screen 
and (max-device-width : 480px) {
.single-post .the-post .aside-left { display: none; }

This should be enough.


Brill thanks bud


Path on FTP: wp-content – themes – uploads – videos (here insert .mp4 video – title “clouds-forest-recomp”)

Path in WP Admin: Video settings – Video hero – insert this link on field – http://vebn.co/bp/wp-content/uploads/videos/clouds-forest-recomp.mp4

And in the end the video does not show – http://vebn.co/bp/


I already tried to upload video through Media Manager, but the same problem.

This video is correct as an absolute path – http://vebn.co/bp/wp-content/uploads/videos/clouds-forest-recomp.mp4

Please, provide an admin user and password to your Wordpress installation (not to your FTP) and I will check this (within the private ticket in Ticksy, private tickets are confidential and only you and me we have access to the data). As I commented to you, it is the only way I have to help at this point.

Ok. I’m opened one new private support ticket with admin and pass

Hello! it’s possible to make button “back” (return me back to where I was before) So it was a button on all pages?
back button to parent category

Thx! :)

Thank you!

this variant helped –

<a class="btn-back" href="javascript:javascript:history.go(-1)">? Go Back</a>

And how to do so with the “Home Page” did not go back?

http://vebn.co/bp/ visit the site and immediately click on btn “Go back”. – And I want it on the main page not working

Thx! :)

at this site as – www.integer.com – arrow back on the main it is not


I don´t understand well the way you would like to use this button. In any case, feel free to add it in any part of the code or directly in your content.

You can style it with the class using the method I gave you before.

Hi VanKarWai, Lobo is a nice theme so far. And I thing I am going to use it soon. But as some others mentioned before, I am missing the “Back” Button at the end of each project site as well: If you are viewing a project, it ist easy to go to the next or previous project, but to go back to the project overview, where I was coming from, is not that easy. (some are users are searching to get back for some seconds and ending up using browser “back” button) In fact, having another third button like “previous project” “next project” and “back to overview” (or just “projects” or “back”) at the end of each project site would make the navigation almost perfect. I think this ist just a little addition and I would be very happy to find it in one of the next updates. Keep on doing wonderful themes, cheers – vasarely

Hi id-r,

as explained before, this option is available within the sticky area. You can enable or disable this options from the option panel.

If you enable it, within the sticky options appear a new one “Portfolio” that comes back to the main grid. Of course, if you are using different portfolio pages, this button will come back to the respective portfolio.

And yes, you can easily change the “Portfolio” tag with other like “Go Back”, “Back” or some other wording you prefer.

Hope this will clarify better this detail! :)

Hi VanKarWai, ah – thanks for your answer, I will go and check it out soon.

Hello! Opened a site on the tablet and the following error: Hero Image (text in the upper left corner) and Youtube play btn and player.

Screens: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By4Gsco17bUaTzgyMmM1Nl9ZbVA0VXVOTVNMU2ZnNHp2WFhJ/edit?usp=sharing


how to fix these errors?

Thx! :)

Hi, VanKarWai I use the version of 21 July. Which files need to be replaced to correct these errors?

Thx! :)

Vimeo on Ipad does not boot. I update the theme and error will not be?

And please write what files… Thx!


you can update the theme using this method described in our FAQs.

In case you have modified some core files, let us know your current version and I will send you a complete change log for this.


I must do it again for the woo support, one word : MEGAWOW

But just thought, this is image theme, shouldn’t that be module for Instagram then? because Instagram is Image thing and this theme is image thing and Instagram are good thing for Photographer to use so should be nice with Instagram real stream module.

Sorry for my bad English not my first language.

Best Regards Robbie

Hi Robbie,

Lobo is not a theme focused on photographers. It was designed to be used for any kind of creatives, including photographers, of course. This such of integrations are not on our plans, I´m sorry.

The theme provides a lot of options by now and we don´t want to overload with more “redundant” features.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedback.

Cheers! :)

When I insert a youtube link into the hero header it shows me the vimeo “sorry doesnt exist” why?

http://www.cvttingboard.com/ <<<

Hi ishmil,

we are looking into this because it seems to be some issue in this sense. We will let you know about it. In case it would be a bug, it will be fixed within the next two of days.


Ok, when its fixed will the video loop smoothly? I notice youtube seems to make things cut a little earlier than wanted

Hello VanKarWai,

You made a very simple theme, but excellent. Good job.
I want to buy the theme but please give me some answers:
1. Facility “search” I can not find it. It can be turn on and then appear at least in the main menu?
2. Images in the header may have links that lead to a page?
3. Main menu can be on top but can be opened, unfolded? Obviously at low resolutions becomes compact.

Waiting for a response. Thank you.

Hi sevendotro,

glad you like Lobo! let´s see about your questions:

1. You can enable the search option within “Appearance > Customize options”. This will enable a new “action” options within the sticky area, with the fullscreen, share, go top actions…

2. You are able to add links within the slides titles. This will turn the slides titles into anchors to any custom URL.

3. Yes, you can enable the top “normal” menu that turns compact when mobile sizes are detected.


Hi there! Congrats for the amazing theme, i’ve just bought it and i’m eager to start setting up my website!

Anyway I have a short question, cause I would like to build some modules from other pages like contact or about into the the main page. So to say, I would like to have a one-pager instead of having of the content spread into different menu sections. Is that actually doable with this theme?

If so, could you tell me where I could find further information about it?

Thx for reviewing my question! Cheers, Oriol

Hi Oriol!

you could create a “modular page” template and including there any kind of module, using the post module and project module you could mix any kind of module available with the theme in the same page.

Lobo is not a “one page” theme, for this reason it has not a in built option to enable smooth scrolls into the menu to scroll to different sections if it is what you are searching for.

Hope you will have fun with the theme! :)


Wow, that’s great news, and on the other hand I do understand that there are no enabled smooth scrolling to navigate trough the menu sections – but that’s not prob at all in my case! :)

Thx for the quick reply! Oriol

You are welcome, Oriol!

just let us know if you could have any related doubt, ok?

Salut! ;)

hi, video on the homepage if autoplay is cut in the final seconds. You can not change the value?

Hi digimatsri,

this is how the video feature works. It fades out at the last 2 seconds. We will review this for next future updates in order to modify this behavior.


Hi there!

Awesome theme. I highly recommend it. One question: How can I disable a parent menu item? Example: I want to have the parent menu item “WORK”, but it should not be clickable. The child menu items “Objects” and “Portrait” should be clickable. When I delete the entry “http://”, add ”#” or leave it blank, the theme redirects me to an 404 page. Do you have any idea on how to avoid this?

Thank you!

I’ve solved it via css. Maybe it helps somebody. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but for me it works. So that’s it:

1. Add the class “pn-nolink” to your parent menu item via “WordPress > Menu > Your Item > CSS classes

2. Add the class “pn-link” to the child menu items which should be clickable

3. Put this in Lobo CSS field (Theme Options):

.pn-nolink a.inner-link { pointer-events: none; }

ul.sub-menu li.pn-link a.inner-link { pointer-events: auto !important; }

This would be another workaround to achieve this, yes. It should work as well :)

Your’s is better ;) Thank you!

for some reason the module builder keeps compressing and makes our site shift to the left http://ovo.unrivaled.la/blog/ help please.

Hi missfortune,

I´m sorry to say that I don´t understand well the issue you refer to. I have checked your site and it looks correct. So please, let me know if this remains, ok?