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Hi there!

Awesome theme. I highly recommend it. One question: How can I disable a parent menu item? Example: I want to have the parent menu item “WORK”, but it should not be clickable. The child menu items “Objects” and “Portrait” should be clickable. When I delete the entry “http://”, add ”#” or leave it blank, the theme redirects me to an 404 page. Do you have any idea on how to avoid this?

Thank you!

I’ve solved it via css. Maybe it helps somebody. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but for me it works. So that’s it:

1. Add the class “pn-nolink” to your parent menu item via “WordPress > Menu > Your Item > CSS classes

2. Add the class “pn-link” to the child menu items which should be clickable

3. Put this in Lobo CSS field (Theme Options):

.pn-nolink a.inner-link { pointer-events: none; }

ul.sub-menu a.inner-link { pointer-events: auto !important; }

This would be another workaround to achieve this, yes. It should work as well :)

Your’s is better ;) Thank you!

for some reason the module builder keeps compressing and makes our site shift to the left help please.

Hi missfortune,

I´m sorry to say that I don´t understand well the issue you refer to. I have checked your site and it looks correct. So please, let me know if this remains, ok?


HI, for self hosted videos mozilla does not execute the loop, the other browser. What can I change in the code?


Do you have Flash player installed? Because Firefox needs Flash in order to play mp4 videos – otherwise it won’t work. It’s an isolated case and it shouldn’t happen in too many cases.

If you feel that this is not the issue, you can open a ticket on the support forums with more details (such as a link).

Regards, Ruben.

Hi, the video works and it shows. The loop does not work on mozilla firefox, chrome and safari while on the video goes perfectly loop. It works perfectly on vimeo and youtube (youtube cut the final three seconds) the loop does not work on mozilla for videos on dedicated servers

Please open a ticket on the support forums with more details, such as an url.

am i the 1,164 saler ?

yes YES ! i am proud and convinced about your WP theme, which is mixed both with poetry vision and efficient design… i have looked over many and many wordpress responsive design, not any theme manage to such a design like you did with LOBO (at the very beginning i have hesitated with RUBEN BRISTAIN huge’s theme ;o)

i was also expecting a lot from woocommerce : this is just beautiful work ! note : the drag’n drop slider into LOBO small and full diaporama is essential to me and this has explained the choice i have made for LOBO

nice… nice… NICE… thank you VanKarWai ! pressezitrone from > france

Very glad hearing this, pressezitrone! Hope you will enjoy working with the theme :)

Merci beaucoup!

Any update on the hero video youtube glitch?

Hi ishmil,

we are studying how to improve this detail, just notice that the ending fadeOut is used to prevent to display the native “play” button from the Youtube player and some core features from the Youtube player is not possible to be removed so easily. We have this present, no worries. We will notify about any related work in this sense.


Hi ! VERY cool theme.

Would it break the ‘essence’ if I’d like to add a parallax effect to a module ? :) If not, do you have a quick hint on how to do it ?


Hi Tractr,

this is not a feature we have in mind. But anyway, we will have into account in future updates.

Hope you are having fun with the theme! :)

On the News Page, are you able to have the Featured Image display without hovering over the post?

Ha chaz,

you can enable the featured pictures in a very easy way following this thread. Just a single custom CSS rule will enable the images there.

Hope it will be useful! :)

All I can say is WOW. Mind Blown.

It’s not often I can say a wordpress theme is Visionary. This is a visionary wordpress theme.

It’s truly amazing to see this kind of stuff coming out that’s just so pushing the envelope. It feels somewhat complicated and labyrinthine, which makes me wonder how easily accessible this would be for “most people” but this feels like the future of web design to me…

Hi wahkeenasitka!

thank you very much about your thoughts with the theme, it is very appreciated by our part! :)

We did a big effort to make the theme as easy to use as possible and the theme users are very happy with it. Lobo has a dedicated “module builder” that provides a very easy way to add your own contents. In fact, some users were the first time with WP using Lobo and they had not problems adding their own contents. So having that front-end won´t be a problem from the backend. We created the whole theme under the idea to make it accessible and useful for the most people as possible. Hope we got it! :)

Thanks for your comment!

Best, Van.

Hi, I just bought this theme and I can not find how to put a slide under the logo :( on the home Thx for the help

Hi cbreviere,

you can easily add a hero slide (the main slider under the logo and menu) selecting in your page “Slider” as hero element. Please, check this out in order to have a closer view about where you must to configure this.

And please, check this part of the documentation.

Hope it will be useful! :)

it works !! thank you :) sorry for the inconvenience

No worries, you are welcome! :)

Hope you will enjoy working with the theme!

Where can I read about the recent updates?


you can read about updates within the theme´s profile (change log area) or within the package you will find the file changelog.txt where you can see any new modification.


Thx :)

Did you create that theme too? Looks a LOT like yours…

ROUA – Hipster Portfolio & Blogging WP Theme

Nothing in common with us. Some authors just know to copy designs, concepts & features from other authors. The funniest part is that above all, they are not able to do it better ;)

Hope you are having fun with Lobo!

Did the recent update correct the youtube issue?

Hi ishmil,

“we are studying how to improve this detail, just notice that the ending fadeOut is used to prevent to display the native “play” button from the Youtube player and some core features from the Youtube player is not possible to be removed so easily. We have this present, no worries. We will notify about any related work in this sense.”


Great theme but we are having many problems with slow quieres on our server. So much so that the shared hosting company has eliminated our account and all files.

The slow queries are not constant and come back.

Right now we have wp 3.9.2,

PHP version 5.2.17 user a4535183:a4535183 max_execution_time 10 memory_limit 256M Overridden at runtime from 128M upload_max_filesize 2M post_max_size 2M

MySQL version 5.1.57 driver mysql

We have not installed anything but the theme and we get slow queries result about every 5th page load. When we change to Twenty 14 theme there are no problems.

Do you have any recommendations?



Here is an example …. Slow Database Queries (above 0.05s) Query Caller Time SELECT comment_approved, COUNT AS num_comments FROM sd_comments GROUP BY comment_approved wp_count_comments+ 0.2085

Hi linguarata,

this is a common issue with some low/cheap shared hostings. Of course if you enable Twenty 14 default theme you will notice a better response, because this is a very basic theme without any javascript or any other assets to load. But in any case, the problem is related to your hosting and not with the theme.

Lobo is in use by more than 1000 users and no performance issues have been reported. So please, contact to your hosting provider in order to know more.

Have a nice weekend! :)

Hi There,

Awesome theme, but i have a little problem with inserting an image above a text in the text module. I have the image centered, but it is aligned to the left. Also the image won’t scale down on mobile devices, is there a trick for that? (the black part)

btw parallax effect in a module would be awesome :)


Hi zaagfluit,

make sure you are using the centering option within the text editor with your image in order to center this graphic.

In any case, you always could force that element to be centered using this custom CSS:

#module-20 .aligncenter img { margin: 0 auto; }

Hope it will be useful! :)

Thnx, it dit not work but i fixed it with “inline” instead of “block”.

.module img { display: inline;

Not sure why, but it works:)

uhhmmm, I´m not sure if this would work. Just take into account that this rule you are using will affect to any image inside every module. You used the generic .module class. So in case you only want to apply it to that module in particular, you should use its own ID to refer to. So in this case, I would use #module-20 as ID for this. Just take into account this detail, ok?

Glad to see it worked for your particular needs! :)


You are my favorite WP Theme designer.

I’ve been producing websites since 1997. Your work rocks the house!


Wow, Christopher. Thanks a lot for your compliments, mate. I just try to do it as better as possible by my side. And always trying to work with the best partners in order to make possible such concepts and bringing to WP theming stage some different/fresh air -so hope we are on the path! – :)

Hope you will enjoy Lobo!

Thanks again for you kind words, Van.

Hi Bud,

Hows it going?

Would you consider adding typekit support?


Hi bud,

we are not adding or integrating typekit because there are some good third party plugins to manage this quite useful and easy to use. For example, some ‘wolves’ are using this one –

Hope it will be interesting! :)

ok brill thanks bud


How hard would it be to change the page loading icon?



to change the loader is so easy as opening “Appearance > Customizer > Logo”. Here you can set up the default graphic for this element.

In case of the pages/projects/and posts, when a featured image is set, the preloader loads dinamically each preloader with the feat image basis. This is quite cool.

Anyway, thank you very much about your interest in Lobo! It is very easy to work with!! :)


I installed the plugin for multilanguage.
But I do not understand how to translate such places as “Custom Titles” – Title and Subtitle; text Module “Module Title” ?

Thx :)

Hi, VanKarWai

You can say with confidence that WPML will not have such problems?

I’ll buy it because I don’t see any other way.

Thx :)


please, open a support ticket, I will take a look at the mqTranslate plugin docs in order to know more about this :)

Ok. :) I’m opened ticket. I will wait for your reply :)

Have you any planned updates coming along for Lobo soon?


Between this week and next one we will update the theme fixing some minor details :)

ok matey thanks, so nothing new on the horizon feature wise? Or perhaps a new theme? :-)

Hi Rich,

we are constantly working to provide new updates and new projects. This is what we do ;)

Hi, I deleted the footer social area code by accident – how can I get the default code back please? Thank you!


if you need to restore your default styles, you just need to check again your downloaded package. There you will find the default styles within style.css file.

Remember to write with the account with your purchased the theme in order to get some help in case you could need it, ok?