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This is UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous! Hands down, the best wordpress theme out there!

Pre-purchase question: 1. Product page bread crumbs seem so close to the product title and since the product title is in the crumb, it looks redundant being so close together. Do you have any suggestions on how to reposition the crumb?

2. Product shop page on mobile: One of the products with the horizontal layout doesn’t show the view/buy buttons, they seem to get chopped off. How does this work, can I adjust dimensions on a product by product basis?

3. Can the homepage be a simple page I create with a clickable slider module? I want to be able to link the slider images to various content/product within the site. I have no use for the portfolio homepage as I’m more focused on using this for ecommerce.

4. Is there a setting (for desktop) to automatically show the top sticky menu on page load? The icon looks good for mobile, just need an always visible navi for desktop.

-Also want to call out that on the shop mobile page (demo site), the hero text is overlapping the site logo, can this be fixed via css or is it simply because there are too many characters in the subtext?

Again – AMAZING WORK & Kudos to you & your team :)

Hi Josaphine,

we will review this detail in order to improve it for the next coming update :)

Thanks! One more question – Can your sliders be set to automatic scroll/slide or is it only on click to move to the next?

Yes, of course you can. For this, you just need to configure it via “Appearance > Customize”. Also, you can set it up with “autoplay”, “loop”, “intervals”... :)

hi – just quick question, i’ve installed the dummy content which is now appear (e.g. the blurred photos) but the homepage slider and the text (such as the rollover headings on the homepage/portfolio items – as seen on the video demo) isn’t appearing

do you know why this might be?

many thanks

Hi jonesy2367,

please, update your Firefox version as I commented you before. The theme is completely tested in FF Win/Mac and the hover features are working perfectly.

The thread you show there is something related to any issue that has not nothing in common with the theme.

In case you could have any doubt, open a support ticket and we will try to help.


yes it’s all up-to date, my FF = 31.0 – curious problem I know, as when I make opacity = 1.0 on .item-hover, in Firebug, the portfolio titles pop into view, strange

Yes, it is really weird. Normally Ruben has as main browser for developing Firefox (Win) and I normally work with Chrome (Mac), but both of us make a deep cross-browsing testing when adding features. It is for this reason this makes not sense, because testing we can´t reproduce such weird behavior.

So I´m sorry to say that I can´t help better this time. Hope you understand it.

Cheers! :)

I would say this is the best theme Ive looked at so far!

Now I dont know how to get started on this as I have always been with shopify, now that I changed to wordpress, can you please let me know if theres any support documents that i can read to get started on building my website using your lovely template!


Hi wymen999!

very glad hearing that your are happy using the theme! :)

WooCommerce has its own documentation that will help you with your firsts steps, please, check this out.

Just let us know about any theme related doubt via our support system.

Thank you very much for using Lobo! :)

Started and finished my Lobo client site today!! (took me a while to find ideal client for the insanely awesome theme/style) Frickin’ SO amazing even on mobile #VanKarWai ROCK$!! When’s the next WP theme a comin our way?!

Great to hear that, Sterling!! And very happy seeing you find our work always useful!

Nice to greeting you again! :)


i’ve got a jpg set to align right in a text box but it’s still aligning left – do you know what might be causing that?



some threads ago you have a closer solution similar to your case.

Hope it will be useful.



Love the template, everything works perfectly!! Keep up the good work:)

One quick question though. I see you show related items in the shop. Is this also possible for the portfolio?


Hi TheBasics,

this option is not currently available with the theme. We will have it into account for future updates.

Glad to hear you are happy with Lobo :)


Hi! I’ve installed your awesome theme. Every thing works well and I like it very much. But I have some minor problem and I cannot figure it out why. Based on the size of the screen, the module gets unorganized, there is a chunk of space at the right and there are unpredicted gaps between modules. Is it because of the way I arranged the modules? Is there a way that I can fix this?

Hi lifeisyea,

please, make sure you have an updated version of the theme. The resizing methods were completely rebuild some versions ago and they work very well in all screen sizes.

After checking this, if you are still in problems with such weird behavior, open a support ticket and provide the URL to your site. We will check your particular case in order to understand why is happening this.


Hello, VanKarWai! :)

The filter does not work with enabled Infinity Loading and a large number of items..

Let’s say I have a lot of cars, but using the filter only shows one or two, that is, as to how the page loaded with Infinity Loading.

If you disable Infinity Loading all works perfectly. But there is another problem, too many items on one page places a burden on the browser.

Please solve the problem with Infinity Loading.

Thank You! :)


Unfortunately this is how infinite scrolling works. It is a known issue that infinite scrolling doesn’t play well with filters, because the items that load after scrolling are not even on the page. They are loaded externally via AJAX and they cannot be filtered. So this is a drawback of using infinite scrolling and it cannot be fixed.


Hi, i have one question, is it possible to have a header background color and if i scroll down it change to the sticky one?

Is there a plan to have normal list menu on top?


Hi johannes,

you can set up a hero background color and configure via “Appearance > Customize > Header” the sticky area in order to display the background color with the color you prefer. This background color only will be visible meanwhile the sticky area is enabled. You can make this background solid, of course.

I´m sorry to say that I don´t understand your last query about the list menu on top. What do you mean with this? Let me know a little bit more about it and I will try to explain better this detail :)



I have installed and set up the theme and everything works fine except for the arrows on the slider on the first page: Have I missed ticking a check-box somewhere?


Hi pinocatania,

how are you adding your images to the slideshow? I mean, are you uploading directly from the media manager or are you link them with an absolute URL? Make sure you upload them with the media manager.

In case you need more help, please, open a support ticket and we will try to help closer.


Hi there!

First and foremost, well done on the website, kudos to you and the team – it’s absolutely beautiful!

Pre purchase question:

Im not the best at coding / I know this website has been designed for designers and agencies, I am looking at setting this website for a cafe/restaurant. When clicking onto a project and scrolling down to the bottom where it says “Previous project / Next project” is there a way where I can possibly:

1) – eliminate that option and allocate a link to another page of the website. 2) – reword “Previous project / Next project” to: “home” or “next” (without the word project). Could you possibly provide a CSS code for this?

Thank you in advance! Looking forward to making the purchase if all is possible.

Kindest regards,


Hi Korolos,

the next/prev modules are completely optional. When you create your project page, you can add it or not. In place of the pagination module, you could use “Call to action modules” that would allow you to add custom links to any part of your site or sending the link to a external URL. In this sense, the theme offers a lot of different tools and options to create your own pages with different features.

Lobo is a theme created for creative uses, it is not only for designers or design agencies. It was built for covering some special needs where the creative look needs to be important. Here you have an example by one of our “wolverines” using the theme for a coffee place, I really love how is using it.

Anyway, thanks a lot about your interest in Lobo. It is really appreciated! :)

Thank you so much for the prompted response! And I must say that one of your ‘wolverines’ absolutely nailed the website! I think you’ve answered all my questions! I’ll definitely make the purchase! Thanks again and keep up the great work! Cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Cheers! :D

Great! Do not hesitate to contact if you could have any related doubt, ok?

For sure you will have fun working with the theme. Thanks a lot for using Lobo! :)

Pre-purchase question

I love the audio player but say I want to embed soundcloud, can I do that and have it show up like the video players?

Love the look of this

Cool yea, I think I’m going to buy regardless but finding this out would be very helpful because I have a pro partner account with soundcloud

If you want to use Soundcloud I would wait a little before purchasing, I would like to give you a better answer in this sense :)

Any word on if this will work?

How can I add social media links on each works for viewers to be able to share it? Do you know any plugin?


you can share any page within the site, including projects/works, with the option “share” you will find within the sticky options. It is one of the options that appear when the sticky header is enabled.

If you configure your site in order to disable the sticky header, the share options are placed at the bottom when scrolling.

You don´t need any third party plugin :)

Oh I see. Okayyy! Thank you! :)

What hosting is your demo preview running on? Love the theme and how quickly it loads…one of the best themes I’ve seen in a very long time.

Hi iBL-Dev,

the demo uses a basic VPS from A Small Orange. Glad to know you like Lobo, hope you will enjoy working with it! :)

Request to next update: Add zoom function to galleries! That would be so awesome :-)

Thank you

I mean if you for example want to show a web design and the image is very tall it will automatically reduce the size of the image to make it fit your screen, so it would be awesome if people had the opportunity to zoom into the image using a tool or something :-)

OK, I understand what you mean now. We will study such possibility for future updates, I need to review better this idea :)

Sweet :-) Thank you VanKarWai

Amazing! The best wordpress theme! Need it! :)

Pre-purchase questions: 1. PRODUCT PAGE – SHOP. I have plans to use it for e-commerce. The product page is very important and 3 small images on the slideshow makes it confusing. So, the display option of the product images can be changed? (like it is in project page – simple, clean, all large images at once) 2. ZOOM – SHOP. Zoom slideshow – maybe you have plans for another options to zoom function? 3. SHOP PAGE. Can i change the yellow color of the frame, “view” button, ant text to another color?

I am fashion designer. And it is really important to have a good looking e-store, not only portfolio. So, finally i found one! :) Really good job! Will be waiting for your replay.

Best, Rasa :)

Hi Rasa,

answering your questions. I must to say that we have not plans to modify the way how the shop area works actually, specially the product page. Here you can use the slideshow in order to display different images about your product and use the lightbox system in order to zoom, and this won´t change in future updates.

In case of the yellow color, you can configure the main color in a very easy way using the theme options.

I completely understand that you have some particular needs, but we can´t cover every different scenario for each case.

Anyway, thank you very much about your interest in Lobo :)

Hi There,

Awesome theme!!!

I’ve got one pre-sale question.

Is it possible to add extra slider plugins like revolution slider and if yes is it possible to add it on the top of the page and use full width of the page?

Thanks Aris


you should implement any other slider by your part. Anyway, Lobo is using Royal Slider that it is a very powerful slider as well.


Hello VanKarWai,

Thank you for the theme. Have three questions about the blog and one about pictures: 1. I posted several posts such that I shall see the oldest ones in the older post page. But when clicking on that link I remain on the same first post page. What’s up? Is one setting not ok? Couldn’t find any. 2. I moved some posts from an older blog. Therefore I modified the published date. Is there a way to get all the posts on the post page reorganized accordingly to the new publish date I gave ? Currently, they are in a non sequential (time wise) order. 3. I have defined an image hero for the blog but it never appears. What could be the reason for this? 4. Is there a way to define the picture size in the blog or in text modules? In place of the standardized full width.

Thank you! Xavier

Hi Xavier,

please, open a support ticket and provide there an admin user and password to your site. We will check this closer in order to understand better how your blog area is working.


Hi, I’ve been running the theme and only currently experiencing to issues which I can’t seem to solve.

1. The loading image sometimes the image I upload via the customisation of theme or other times it is the original image set by you?

2. I can’t seem to understand how to set up the homepage like you lot. every time I post something E.g setup the slider I get the box displaying the post which at the bottom of it says “read more” ?

Hi Kash,

please, make sure you have configured your home page correctly and your permalinks are correctly set. You should not have problems with the preloader graphic, but anyway, the best here would be to check this out from your installation. For this, open a support ticket and provide there an admin user and password to your site.


Great This theme ist thought-out and up to date for all users (Design /UX/backend, etc.) 58$ are peanuts for that kind of ease. Thank You

Hi REZ_123,

thank you very much for your thoughts (and 5 stars rating!) about Lobo. We hope you will enjoy working with it.

Thank you :)