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Beautiful theme! Very interested, just one quick question: is it possible to change the form fields on the home page? So that you can customize the search if there need to be different listing criteria…..? Thanks! And again, fantastic job!!

Thanks for taking interest and appreciating this theme.

The search fields can be customized easily from code but there are no visual way on admin side to add or remove new fields in search form.


just in reply to the question above, how would the database need to be altered to accomodate this?

this is a very good theme, and im sure im going to need it one day so bookmarked!

Thanks for liking this theme.

There are no database alteration required for this theme. It uses WordPress default database and work with custom taxonomies and post meta data to achieve the required functionality.


Does this work with any specific MLS search service?

It requires no MLS plugin or service it works standalone.

Such an attractive design! It’s almost sad that it’s not a responsive one. Perhaps in an update. Good luck with sales. :-)

@Robakker; Integrating MLS should be fairly straight forward. Your MLS provider should have an embed code that you can use throughout the site.

@960development; Great theme man. Just a question regarding details photos of listings – do you plan in any future release to allow for the image gallery of each listing to have a lightbox feature – in other words – the user can click on the image to enlarge.

Thanks 960development – great work

Thanks for nice comment Manamedia.

I have noted the point to add lightbox (I will add prettyPhoto) on listing image.

Thanks & Regards

Great theme and design. I am bookmarking it and plan to buy it for my next real estate project.

Just one suggestion for your next update. It would be nice to include the listing map and look/feel when users print the listing. :)

Thanks for taking interest in this theme.

I have noted the point and will write the print styles for listing in next update

Great Theme! I need it to translate in 3 other languages (using qtranslate). Where can I find the .po and .mo files?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Thanks for Purchase,

Unzip the package after downalod. there will be a “Main” folder which contains “localitywp” folder that contains theme files and you will find “default.po” and “” in there.

contact me using my user profile page if you have any other question.

Thanks & Regards

Stunning… bookmarked :)

Awesome 960 – will buy when updates are applied. Great work!

x Us down here


Updated version is available for download.

you can check the change log on item detail page and test the demo for changes I made.

Thanks & Regards

Note: we are working on next update based on given suggestions by visitors and buyers.

Please let me know your further suggestions in comments here or message me using my user profile page. So that we can make this theme as good as you want.


Translation Hi 960 development, thank you for your answer. I can’t figure out, where I can translate the search form (Property search, type, beds….etc). Can you help me on that?

Thank you.


I hope following screenshot will help you :

By the way if you used .po and .mo then these should be translated automatically.

let me know if you run into any more confusion.


Note: Updated version is submitted for review and will be available for download in couple of hours.

it contains prettyPhoto for listing, print styles for listing and other pages, IE7 compatibility fixes, ability to choose property agent on property edit page and few other improvements.


Hi, that was quick! I can’t find Property search, type, beds…and so on in the .po file. Do I have to add it and then translate it?


“property search”,”type”, “beds” and all other things are in .po file

here is the screenshot of .po file for “type” text :

You can take guidance from following articles about how to use .po file and create your own translation for a theme. (step3 and step4) (step3 and step4)

Just, keep in mind that you already have “default.po” in your theme so you just need to translate it into your required language and change the WordPress config file to work with that translation.


Hi, another question regarding banner image: is it possible to use different images for different pages?

Thank you


There is only one banner image allowed in theme options.


Love this Theme only needs 2 things straight out the blocks property ID and MLS # in search and when listing a property to put those ID/#s in the options for the Lister. Thinking of buying it for a real estate project i have coming up. Good Job..


MLS # is fine but what do you mean by proeprty ID ?


Ok 960development i have enclosed some links to sites that use property id almost most real-estate biz use property id for there records, it can be generated in 2 ways, from the website an id can be generated from a defined prefix that can be edited once prefix is set, the ids will be generated auto or manually with each listing or if the biz has the properties listed outside of website they catalog them with property id #s, Then when listing use the ID # on site enables customers to just search by property id.

Hope this info helps the better your theme functions the more sales you will get. But must say again i love the theme thus far…


Updated version is available for download now.


Whats the change log for the Update?


Change Log is mentioned on item detail page and I am pasting it here to.

Added PrettyPhotos Lightbox in Property Listing Images, Added Agent/Author Dropdown in Property Edit Page, Added Print Styles for almost all the theme pages, Made the theme IE7 Compatible


Ok thanks. just was kinda hard to tell what was new without a version # to keep track each time you update the theme…

Do the banners are multilingual ? (New, On Show)

No. those are images and can be replaced in images folder.

That’s mean that your template do not fully support multilingual site. Why not adding in the Admin panel an option to set these images by language??

Beautiful theme.

Do you have any plans to make it responsive at all?

Not, sure for now. I will think about it.

Is this Wordpress Multisite compatible ?

Hi, I did not tested it on multisite but it is a standard WordPress theme and should work fine with multisite.