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Hi, i miss a ‘search on map’ where you can see a Google Map with all the available items (houses) marked. Is that easy to make/show?

One more question: when you click on the image of a house, a lightbox with the image appears, but for me that is not neccesary, i just want to go to the details of the house (the same as when you click the title). Is that easy to fix?


Thanks for taking interest in this theme.

1st. the Google map with all the house addresses on it is not so easy to add and need some Google map api understanding. Yes, the addresses of home are readily available to apply on Google map.

2nd. removing light box from listing image and making them go to property detail page is super easy. I think you can do it easily or I will guide you about that if/when you need it.

Thanks & Regards

Okay alright, thanks for the reply. But point 1 is a requirement for my project, so i have to go for another theme.


nice theme but is it possible to add custom search properties? Like “estate extent”

Search widget drop-downs are sexy!

Thanks AJ Clarke,

I am happy to see your comments about drop-downs. :)

Thanks a lot for the theme. Just bought it. Just two things for the moment. How can i remove the Property Toolbar (with a picture of a house) when you access the property details. I just find it a bit too big for this design. And also I would like to remove the agent box. is that possible?

Thanks For Purchase,

To remove agent box you need to comment-out/remove lines from 219 to 266 in single-property.php (basically you need to comment out div with class agent-info-box )

To remove Property Toolbar you need to comment-out/remove lines from 69 to 119 in single-property.php (basically you need to comment out ul with class property-features-block )

If you have any more questions please Create a support ticket here .

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Very nice theme! Question about: Frontapge (at the right): Property Search Is it possible to change the text: Type, Beds, Baths, City? I want to change those text in other language. (dutch)

If yes, I will be very happy :)

Regards, Jairo


Yes. you can change the text: Type, Beds, Baths, City to your required language.

The theme comes with localization support and contains .po and .mo files. So, you can translate this theme to any language you want.


Yes, great! Thanks for your message!

Do you give support with .po and .mo files? I don’t know how that works.

Regards Jairo


the theme comes with translation support and contains .po and .mo files for you to use and translate the theme in your language.

You can get help from following articles. (step 3 and step 4) (step 3 and step 4)

keep in mind that you already have default.po file in your theme which you can use to create your translation.


Any chance to divide properties in “For Rent” and “For Sale” ? Thanks


currently there is no listing division based on “For Rent” and “For Sale”.

I will consider it for future updates.


Hi. Nice theme. Just purchsed.

Can you tell me how i can edit the maximum amount on the slider. By default it is set to £1000000. I need it lower as i am using the template for rentals and not sales.

Many thanks.


Thanks for purchase.

the following screenshot will help:

you basically need to edit script.js in js folder.


Thank you. Great support. Cheers!

Hello, I really like this file but I want the slider to be a normal slider with normal standard images (e.g not drag images from the featured properties).

Is this possible?

Kind regards


Yes it is possible you need to edit the code that generates slider slides. You can do easily if you have some wordpress code understanding OR we can help you in that when required.


I am wondering about the MLS feature of this theme. Is this a plugin that auto adds listings or would we have to add listings manually?

Thanks in advance. Shawn


there is no MLS plugin or service used in this theme.

So, you have to add listings manually.



I posted a support ticket on a few days ago, but now I’m trying to log back in it’s saying my password is incorrect, even after I have reset it?

Anyway, my problem with the theme is trying to implement your contact page template. I have completed the contact details in OptionTree and tried to use your code, but it doesn’t work. How do I go about using your template, please?

Thanks, Hazel This Little Property


BTW I replied your ticket here . but if you are unable to logged in then i will try to help you here.

Please give me your contact page URL so that I can see what is going wrong.

Thanks & Regards

Re. above comment made my me – everyone ignore it (can’t figure out how to delete it sorry), just realised documentation is included with the theme and explains everything in detail, sorry for wasting your time and thanks for a fab theme 960development. All the best.


Thanks for Purchase.

Sorry, for delay with your ticket it was due to weekend.


In the advanced search on the homepage…is there a way to set all the search criteria to “any” as the default and then let the user select the choices after the page is loaded. The ‘type’ and ‘city’ are both preselected to other choices which mess up the user’s search if the only change one and not the other. Hope you understand what I am asking…Thanks in advance and for a great theme.

Hi, Thanks for purchase and this nice tip.

I have noted your point and will update that in upcoming version.

BTW , you can visit and send me a ticket with your wp admin access info. So, that I can modify your theme code to make ‘type’ and ‘city’ default selected value to ‘any’ .


I’ve just rated this theme 5/5 but you can’t comment alongside as far as I can tell, so thought I’d just post a note here for everyone considering buying this theme

The theme itself is great, and does what it says on the tin and hopefully the updates will improve it even further. What I really wanted to comment on is the support, as until you’ve bought it, you can’t really “test” whether or not the developer cares about aftersales (although this comments board gives you some idea, they could just respond well here for show and not in the private support tickets) – but 960development have responded promptly and patiently, and more importantly helpfully and to the point. Even when it’s probably a dumb question, they haven’t fobbed me off.

Bottom line – Really impressed and would recommend them to anyone.

Thanks a lot for purchase and such a nice feedback.

Best Regards

Stunning Theme

Would Like to purchase, just one question. Could we possibly install a Google Map as link below without much coding?


Thanks for liking this theme.

There is no such feature exist in this theme.

but, property addresses are available in database to be mapped on google map. you can hire a wp developer for this task from at reasonable price and get your theme customized.

Thanks & Regards

as someone previously posted, to be able to split properties between For Sale and To Let would be great, I’d buy the Theme then otherwise it doesn’t fit my clients spec.

Hi, Thanks for your interest in this theme.

Right now the split between for sale and for rent is not available in this theme.

But, I will try to add this soon.


Hi 960development,

20 days ago you have been asked by surfaap if it’s possible to remove lightbox from the images and link directly to the property. (2nd. removing light box from listing image and making them go to property detail page is super easy. I think you can do it easily or I will guide you about that if/when you need it.) I would really like to know how to do it. Thank you in advance

Hi therholt,

Sorry If I somehow missed your question (BTW, I think I am answering to every question I get).

So, please create a support ticket on our support site in reference to your this question and provide your WordPress admin access information. So, that I can get that modified for you.

Thanks & Regards


I have just one issue with the theme. when iclick on page 2 i have an error (404). Can you help me here please.

The site is Thanks!


Try re-saving your permalink settings again.

if the problem still exists please create a ticket on and provide your site’s WordPress admin access information. So, that I can see myself what is going wrong.

Thanks & Regards

I bought this theme issue and looks very good. As I see in Spanish. I have to change some file. You have those files, as I get them in spanish. thanks Walter Argentina


I replied your ticket on support site.

Thanks & Regards