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Hi Guys,

Version 1.1.1 is Available for Download Now.

It is compatible with WordPress 3.4.+ and Option Tree 2.0.+

It also has XML Import File included as part of the package.


how can you i remove Mortgage in property description and i need Rent tag on my property like new,reduced,onshow. i have already purchased this template


you can modify it from single-property.php from line number 111 to 118

as displayed in this screenshot :


Hi manmohanmca

I’ve needed to change this to illustrate Mortgage or Rent values instead of Mortgage or NoMortage. I did this successfully by navigating Appearance > Editor, selecting the meta-box-config.php file and changing the settings under the // Mortgage Option section. The Property Features section is in here also, so I’m assuming a little addition here along with some css will fix that for you.

it is always good to help others.


Hello 960development, if I want to make this theme for selling cars, I can do this easily? Can I send you some pictures of how I wanted it to be the theme for you to adapt it after I make the purchase? I’m waiting your answer! Sorry my bad English, is that I’m Brazilian.


Right now we are not available for customization services.

But, you can hire wp developer from for this task.


Hi, some pre-purchase questions. I read all 5 page of comment and one comment bring me some light, but is better to ask:

1- the Property Search engine is include as part of the theme or I have to get some IDX plugin?

2- Color can be modified; change the header an footer color (blue instead of gray) as well the background of the label on the Property Search?

3- Can I put an overlay color to the nav bar (like the blue in the sub-menus items?

I really appreciate if you can answer my question ‘cause I really like this theme and want to use it.


1. property search engine is part of theme and there is no plugin required for search.

2. you can customize background colours and text colours from style.css . in fact many people totally changed the theme from style.css

3. nav bar hover or overlay colours can also be customized from style.css

we can guide you on which line to change colours exactly when needed.


How do I: 1. remove comments from pages? 2. Add image to pages?


Please check the following image :

you can control comments from discussion settings on each page

To add banner image please visit theme options’ general settings as displayed in this screenshot


Hello, if I want to make this theme for selling cars, I can do this easily?

Hi, thanks for taking interest.

it totally depends on your requirements and your skills of customizing the wordpress code.

As, you need to remove/replace certain property specific things like bedrooms, baths, area etc from theme interface and change those to your car specific requirements.

if all this sounds difficult to you then email me your exact requirements and I will provide you customization quote.


mistakenly typed a reply here … so removed it

Hello, I know it has been mentioned as an update, I have also sent you an email regarding this issue, but no reply. Any thoughts on how to divide properties into “For Rent” and “For Sale” ? (taxonomies, cateogories??). Can this be done or can I pay you to do it?

Any help is appreciated, Thanks

Please create a ticket for this on our support site and provide your wp admin access. so that I can add new taxonomy for this purpose.


Hey 960development

Loving locality, but I have one question that i hope you can help me out with. Although the single page layout has a print function, which is great, is there any way in which this output can be customized to produce a professional window card? Maybe you know of another way of creating this type of outcome, maybe another plug in? Any help would be great as it really is the only thing that it “misses” Look forward to your reply.

Sorry, I do not know what do you mean by professional window card ? please explain ?

Hello, I wanted to make some changes, you can see in image

When I say “type text” and “type select” I am referring to page to add new property. in “property details” i have already purchased this template

I’m waiting, thanks.

Your ticket related to this question is being attended on support site.


I don’t know if I am writing/asking on the right forum: I like this theme, but I have a question before I buy it: Is it possible to put on each slider 3 properties that that each property has a link direct to their details?



in current slider in live demo the properties are already linked to their details.

for any other customization you need to change theme code and for that you need to have WordPress programming skills.



I found a slider here on codecanyon, it’s Royal Slider for WP,

Do you think I can instal this slider, and change the default that you have?



You can only do that if you know wordpress programming as you need to change theme code for this purpose.


MLS is in the Tags… but does it really support it? :( Cannot find that in features. Also cannot find Import. :|

Hi, please download the latest version it has import xml folder in main package.

MLS is tagged as this theme offers similar functionality but work on its own

Thanks… I have PHP MySQL, many properties in our Database. Will this work > I create a PHP page for export data XML , save to correct folder under your theme, then have our staff member run import every day? We need it to refresh once a day :-/


theme uses wordpress default database and do not create its own tables.

so i think solution for you is to add the properties in wordpress admin one by one


Hi 960,

is there a way to get a feed of the real estates? Only see a feed of the blog


Please add this code in functions.php file in your theme

function my_property_feed($qv) { if (isset($qv['feed']) && !isset($qv['post_type'])) $qv['post_type'] = array('post', 'property'); return $qv; } add_filter('request', 'my_property_feed');

this will add properties in feed

Hi 960development

Thanks fo your prompt response.

By “window cards” I mean that here in the UK, when you visit a realtor/estate agent, they have the properties displayed as print out on sheets of paper, for example, company logo and phone number at the top, large feature image in the middle, feature list ans dome text after and so on. Basically a flyer with the property details on it. If altered the print media css to change the layout, but there are little things like the image in the centre needs to be bigger and so on but the print feature from a single product page takes the image sizes from the page, and not from the CSS obviously. I was just wondering if you knew of anything that could produce a “window card”? if that makes any more sense :S

Thanks for explanation. I will search/work more on it in future themes.

Right now I think you have only choice to edit print css to achieve the nearest possible thing that you seek.


Is there a way to have the slider, and property search widget taken off of the search results page?

Hi, thanks for purchase.

Here is a screenshot to help you with this :


Hey, just to let you know I’m getting there with the window cards ;) One last question (probably) is how do i alter the values in the search widget. I’ve edited the advanced-search.php min and max values but it doesnt actually alter the values on the front of the site, I’ve cleared all browser history etc but had no luck, Am I missing something?


You need to modify script.js in js folder of theme.

The following image will help :


Dear friend this template comes with a script that filtered search of real estate?


We implemented search as part of homepage template using WordPress query


Ok buying this issue the query is already working or will I have to program?