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Possible to have a Google Map showing the properties and/or search results?

No. there is no such feature.


Very good indeed this theme work ahead to configure everything, but parabés friend at work!

Very good indeed

I found my failures in enabling the plugins!

Hi, i just want to remove “the search bar” in the top menu. Because no need that function and i need to put a lot of item in the menu. that is possible to delete that small search bar?

Yes. here is the helping image :


Excellent theme and excellent support! You guys are awesome!

hello, are you able to add text on the homepage of the theme? below the banner? thanks

Yes, home page allows contents but those will appear below listing.

Also, note that the updated version 1.2 of locality theme is available now checkout the change log for details

Dear All,

Updated version 1.2 of locality theme is available now

Please Checkout the change log for details.

I confident that it solves many of standard questions that I was getting from buyers. ;)


Hey the new version looks good, to upgrade, do we just have to install the new version and activate it or is there a proper way to upgrade. I am scared of losing my properties when I switch over.


it is better to take your existing theme backup and database backup before doing this.

You will not lose your properties.

Better way is to download latest package. Then unzip it and navigate into localitywp folder. Select all the files and overwrite the files in your existing theme on your server with these files using a ftp client.


How do i get the pagination to display properly, i currently have over 100 buttons at the bottom of the home page where on the demo there is 2, i understand that because I have many more properties in but surely there is a better way than this

Yes. good point.

Can you create a support ticket for this issue and provide me your site admin access. As, I will solve this issue on your site and later on add it as part of theme.


where do i create support issue and where do you want me to send admin details to?

Ho comprato il tema locality ma non riesco a installarlo:

Il pacchetto non può essere installato. Il tema manca del foglio di stile style.css.

Come posso fare?


only English please !

Ok Done! :)

I am feeding an XML file into this theme but I am not sure how to setup the theme to display the XML feed could someone please help?

Thanks for purchase,

please consult the documentation of theme that comes with in theme package.

you basically need to setup homepage first.

for any future technical question you can create a support ticket at


Hello. 1) Is it possible to customize / add more fields? 2) Is it possible to embed youtube videos (play with Lightview or similar)? 3) Is it responsive design?


it is not visually possible to add more fields but you can if you know a bit of wp api.

you can embed videos in code or in property single page you can add a video in virtual tour box but there is no lightbox for videos

it is not responsive design


Hi, I just bought the theme. Thank you for your great work . I need your help, please:) Is there any “special” way to add listings or I just have use shortcodes as One Fourth… Sorry for the question, but I’m new in this business. Best regards, Prolet


You need to create a new page and assign “All Properties Listing” template to it.

you can create ticket on our support site for any future technical questions


That is so easy! Lovely! 960development, thank you so much :)

You are welcome Prolet ;)

I would like to edit/de activate some Bits of the Property information display. My site is full of holiday rentals and the “mortgage’ thing has to go. ;-)


here is screenshot for your help :

you need to modify single-property.php around line number 111


Hi just a question. How delete the bath icon and number in the homepage when there is the list of property. Because need just display beds and the “sq ft”. there is a way to remove that in front?


Here is the helping screenshot :

You can remove/edit it around line 285 in template-home.php


Hi… I really need to modify the search box, but pitifully the theme came with no options for it. Which is the file “responsible” for searching stuffs and can I override Categories used form Search and use instead a user sorted ones? I think it will be a very useful option for future versions. And I cannot update because a heavily customization for the client. TY in advance for your time. Chris

Search box/widget is coming from advance-search.php

and search code is in template-home.php from line 40 to line 189

For any detailed technical question you can create a ticket on our support site


Good afternoon and become part:

Developed By Text

A link can not do this in wordpress, I am learning a lot from these magnificent themes, congrats buddy!

thank you


I am bit confused.

Do you need any help on “Developed By Text” in Theme Options of Locality Theme ?


Sorry for the translation friend

I want to put in the footer at the developer’s site name is a link, not just the name,

I hope that this translation is more faithful

yes you can add a link

example :

Thanks for the assistance!

Hi 960development,

Unfortunately I’m not able to give you more than 5 stars here. I’d like to give you the sky with all stars, planets and whatever is there:) This theme is more than brilliant and I’m very happy to have it! I made a website for one day! (bear in mind I’m WP beginner) Thank you very much! Love to you and your team! Bravo!

Thanks you very very much for such a nice comment Prolet :)

These words of appreciation are really important for us.