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Can the prices be changed to Euros or GBP ? as I want to use something like this in Europe?


Price symbol can be changed from theme options.


Hello, first of all nice work with this theme. I really want to buy this theme, but i have a couple of questions first. 1 – Is it possible to add/remove items to the property search? 2 – Is it possible to add a private zone to the theme?

Sorry is i’m making stupid questions but i’m really new with WP.

Regards, Luís Santos

Thanks for taking interest.

there is no visual way to add and remove items in property search but you can do it in code if you have understanding with basic html and php

same is the answer for zone


Is there a way to print all the listings by one click?

Sorry, there is no such feature.


I need a theme to use for a tour company (cruises, domestic tours, motor coach, etc.).

I’m sure there would be plenty to change to make it work for that type of business, but do you feel that this would be doable?

Honestly, I would not recommend this one for that purpose.


I appreciate your advice. Thank you for the reply.

Guys at 960 Development TEAM , Ive seen in some other REal Estate Themes a video showing the back end and specifying some features and characteristics. Do you have any video to show this EXTRAODINARY Real Estate Theme?

Would very much appreciate it.

And also would like to know if translating the ’.po’ file will solve the language issue. I work only for hispanics… and frequently come across some issues when needing to translate the entire site to spanish. Will buy buy it among a list of aprox 7 other themes. Yours a winner!


Sir, Thanks for interest and appreciation.

We will try to attend the points you mentioned in next update.

BTW . po file issues are already solved.

Thanks & Regards

Hi. I will buy this theme. But I have some questions. On homepage, just see newest properties. Is it possible to see that some categories or all categories by section? I hope you understand what I mean.

Another question for searching widget. Is it possible to change the all sections? Like, I dont want to search for beds, but I want to search for another query which doesnt have in the theme? And is it possible to change the price range on search widget?

I think this is the last question. Is it possible to change icons and the names on property page? Like bed,garage, furnished, mortgage etc.


Thanks for taking interest in this theme Sir,

The customization you are seeking is achievable. Few things are simple and few are complex and overall need a wp programmer to make such customization that you require. if you know wp programming then you can go ahead and you can ask us for guide where needed using our support site. OR you can even hire our services for this purpose.(message us using profile page with list of your exact requirements and we will reply with quote )


Hi, thank you for this nice theme. May I know, how can I set up new languages (because it’s not mentioned in the documentation)? I can’t see languages folder, only the default.po in the root directory. Please advise, thank you.

I made the translation, thank you. Works fine exept one thing, I can’t translate on the single property layout the Mortgage & Un/Furnished texts. Can’t even find them in the source files, please advise, how can I translate them. Thank you!

Thanks for Purchase,

Mortgage & Furnished texts is given in meta-box-config.php

please checkout this screenshot :

you can use our support site for any technical question in future.


I’m considering different themes to showcase different types of COMMERCIAL properties. How hard is it to change out property details like bedrooms to something different?

Sir, it is very easy to change bedrooms to halls/rooms/offices/shops etc. we can guide you for such change when needed.

after purchase, you can ask for support using our support site

You can also hire our theme customization service if/when required.


hi nice theme congrat. just one information is possible add one feature under the photo where you can found beds bath ftsq is possible add garage and other option?

Sir, There is no visual/darag & drop way to add new options, if this is what you mean. Although, You can add these options in code.


This theme has the option to put it in Spanish? Thanks.

Hi, the theme comes with localization support and contains default.po and files that you can use based on guidance from following articles. (step 3 and step 4) (step 3 and step 4)


please is possible translate italian lenguage the feature display in the site??replay me soon please


the theme comes with localization support and contains default.po and files that you can use based on guidance from following articles. (step 3 and step 4) (step 3 and step 4)


i bought it i must change lenguage theme from english to can i do it?i have no time please replay me

replied you above sir

it’s possible change lenguage theme from english to italy?this is the fourth messge i send you without repond.i have no time to lose please rplay my i waiting.

Replied you above Sir.


Just got this theme and looks great, thanks

Is it possible to remove the property search “status” drop down selection from this theme? If so how?




its related code is on line number 162 to 246 in advance-search.php

if you comment out or remove that code then it will not appear on front end.


Great, thanks for getting back to me.

Would it also be possible to edit the options in the drop down “status” menu rather than delete? If so how could I do this?

Thanks again.


You can modify it from the same place. for any other modification guide you can reach us at our support site


Hi again!

New update was great by the way! My client is now looking for the Home Property Search to be removed and replaced with the normal sidebar. I’ve been playing around for hours and can’t find the right file. Can you point me in the right direction please?

All the best, Jay


the file is slider.php in sliders folder.

you can hire our service for that kind of customization if required and for that you can reach us here


Hi World

This is a great wordpress theme. I would recommend this to any estate agents. And Saqib is on the ball with any inquires and completed any requested within a few hours. BIG Thanks to Saqib.

Rie :)


Thanks Rie :) for such a nice review.


I want remove new listing on homepage. how to i can do it? I just set class “new-property-wrapper” display = none but when search it not display listing.

it need a little modification in homepage code.

so reach me through our support site and i will do that for you.


I have solved it. you reply too long ^^

Good to know that you solved it.

replied late due to the weekend mate


at the prices, I have to change only place coma `s point where I can change it?

excuse my English.

you need to add only numbers in price and commas will be added automatically when the property will be displayed.