Directory Listing Template - Locations

Directory Listing Template - Locations

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Locations – Directory Listing HTML Template

Locations is the most complex directory listing HTML template on ThemeForest. Awesome features such as Ajax modals, live map results, beautiful markers, quick view on listings, 4 map homepages, 4 hero homepages makes this template the most useful you have ever met. Your project will look extra ordinary thanks to beautiful clean design. Locations can be used for directiories, coupons, real estate, car rentals or any general listing website.


  • Universal Directory & Listing
  • 4 Map Homepages
  • 4 Hero Image/Slider Homepages
  • 2 Navigation Variants
  • Live Sidebar Results on Map
  • Data for map loaded from PHP file – ready for DB connection
  • Quick View Modal Detail on Listings
  • AJAX Modal Windows from PHP
  • Front-end Submission Page
  • Google Auto Complete Address
  • Working Email Forms
  • Latitude, Longitude or Address for Markers
  • RTL Support

42 Pages Included

  1. 404
  2. blog
  3. blog-detail
  4. contact
  5. detail
  6. detail-2
  7. elements
  8. edit-listing NEW
  9. faq
  10. grid-system
  11. how-it-works
  12. index
  13. index-hero-version-1
  14. index-hero-version-2
  15. index-hero-version-3
  16. index-hero-version-4
  17. index-map-version-1
  18. index-map-version-2
  19. index-map-version-3
  20. index-map-version-4
  21. listing-grid-3-items
  22. listing-grid-4-items
  23. listing-grid-different-widths
  24. listing-grid-full-width
  25. listing-grid-left-sidebar
  26. listing-grid-right-sidebar
  27. listing-row-left-sidebar
  28. listing-row-right-sidebar
  29. my-listings NEW
  30. pricing
  31. profile
  32. register
  33. reset-password
  34. reviews NEW
  35. sign-in
  36. sticky-footer
  37. submit
  38. terms-and-conditions

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Note: All photos are for preview only and are not included in the package. Phone template is included.


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FIX: Google Maps displays modal window in fullscreen mode
FIX: Scrollbar is now visible in "index-map-version-5.html" 

FIX: Hero Image and Search form are displayed correctly on mobile resolutions in index-hero-4, 5, 6 HTML files
FIX: How It Works page is now displayed correctly on mobile resolution

FIX: Inactive marker was overlapping active marker title
FIX: Radio and Checkbox are displayed correctly

NEW: Multi choice select for locations on the same address
NEW: Datetime Picker instead of Datepicker
NEW: Custom color for markers
FIX: Bad form rendering in Chrome
FIX: Grid listings doesn't overlaps maps in "index-map-version-5.html" 
FIX: Drop down in main search form is now not hidden under the results
FIX: Marker cluster works with GeoCoder (gets latitude and longitude from address)

FIX: Accented characters in MySQL caused map error. mysqli_set_charset($connection, "utf8"); was added into PHP files in "external_mysql" folder.

NEW: 4 homepages - Two Map and Two Hero Homepages 

FIX: "My Listing" table is now responsive
FIX: File input preview in modal window is now available
FIX: Icons in "User" drop down menu
FIX: Form issues when navigation is fixed
FIX: Footer placed in the middle

Files changed:
- custom.js
- maps.js
- style.css

NEW: Automatic Geo Location

FIX: Sidebar overlapping when changed from mobile to bigger resolution
FIX: No navigation arrows if there is only one image in carousel
FIX: Repeated navigation creating when resizing in mobile resolution
FIX: Customizer now save the color properly

FIX: Error in pages with "hero-section" - images are now displayed correctly.

NEW: Geo Location button
FIX: "To Top" button now works on fixed header
FIX: Correct map and navigation displaying when resizing / switching resolutions
FIX: Sign in & Register are displayed as icons on mobile resolutions
FIX: "Send Review" button in detail page is now clickable
FIX: SCSS animation error in _mixin.scss

NEW: Agents Listing page
NEW: Agent Detail Page
NEW: Popup messages in detail page
MEW: "To Top" button
FIX: Map height in modal on mobile resolution
FIX: Autocomplete list is now visible in modal
FIX: Gallery navigation in modal

NEW: Ajax live form filter
NEW: Auto map zoom and center after search form submit
NEW: Optimized marker data loading from the database - map will load only data in current map bounds
NEW: Navigation for signed-in user. See Profile page
FIX: background color of form in "index-hero-version-2.html" is now changable
UPDATE: Documentation
CHANGE: "custom.js" - data.php file is now defined in the index HTML file at the bottom, in heroMap() function
CHANGE: "custom.js" - data_2.php file (the one which is called after search form submit) is now defined on the "submit button" via "data-ajax-data-file" 

- NEW: Unlimited Colors
- NEW: Fixed Navigation option

- NEW: MySQL databse files and example of connection
- CHANGE: in "maps.js" -> markers[i]["gallery"][0] changed to markers[i]["marker_image"]
- CHANGE: in "data.php" -> new line "marker_image" 

- NEW: RTL Support
- UPDATE: Documentation

- FIX: CSS responsiveness tweaks
- FIX: Display default <select> element if Bootstrap Select is loading slowly
- UPDATE: Owl Carousel

- NEW: Live Map Search - Ajax call to external data file/database
- NEW: Date input in sidebar search form
- NEW: Read More button in Sidebar Detail and Modal Detail
- FIX: Bootstrap Select on some pages
- UPDATE: Documentation
v 1.03

- NEW: My listings page
- NEW: Reviews page
- NEW: Edit listing page
v 1.02

- FIX: sidebar_results.php - fixing Undefined indexes
- FIX: sidebar_detail.php - fixing Undefined indexes
- FIX: infobox.php
- FIX: maps.js - click on <a href=""> link doesn't open empty detail

- NEW: Default thumbnail image for marker and results when there is no image in gallery
- NEW: Price tag on image thumbnail
- NEW: Social share buttons in listing detail
v 1.01

- FIX: fixed map responsiveness
- NEW: added blog and blog post page
- documentation update
v 1.0
- Initial Release

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