Discussion on Directory Listing Template - Locations

Discussion on Directory Listing Template - Locations

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compatible with bootstrap 4?

Theme does not provide the Images in the top of the page. I cannot use it then…

We would like to pay for this ajax live sidebar feature. Could you Let me know if it is possible?

I bought mylisting theme. But we need your feature. is that possible?

Found something strange – when i`m looking for a place i almost always look by map so i`m going to https://mylisting.27collective.net/my-city/explore-places/?type=business&sort=latest and there are only 10 place, for next 10(or whatever amount is set) i have to click on next page. So this make impossible to search by map. Why not to display dynamically by zooming and dragging map (for example like here https://www.trulia.com/ or on almost any locations/properties website ).

Hi, We are interested in the Template. Just would like to know whether the html sample pages mention could be use as Web Components or React Components by using the html only. Is there any plan to release PWA version of the template ? we only need html/css and JS files .

Hi, no PWA version will be released.

Hola, acabo de comprarlo pero Me sale un error de estilo y no se deja instalar

Me robaron y no responden por mi dinero

Hello, may I buy this template and convert it to codeigniter then sell it on codecanyon? We can discuss about royalty if needed.

Hi, please send us an email if you are still interested.

I find http://wegofind.com to have a very nice and attractive user interface. See live demo

There is a bug about with checkbox, if you need use a checkbox on a page it creates a conflict with some modules and modules do not work (Example of modules: gallery-carousel, rating-passive-stars ). You can resolve it update your custom.js. There are small script about checkbox, when you delete it, problem is resolved.

Hi, thank you for information

Hi, I had a question about the theme. Although I send data to data_2.php properly, the result does not work. I am using PHP and PDO. My database is MySQL. Can you help me?

Unfortunately we have dropped support for this template

Hi, when you select the Map version 3, it is impossible to choose something. Constantly there is a loading and does not open a card.


Hi, it’s because Google is blocking its Map API and the script stopped working.

how to make it not block it?

There is an GoogleMap error with the template I bought. Even with the original files downloaded. But not using your preview. You should have made a fix, did you ?

Nevermind. Re-downloaded your template, and still having the issue with “index-map-version-1.html”.

Sorry, here is the french message :

Petit problème… Une erreur s’est produite Google Maps ne s’est pas chargé correctement sur cette page. Pour plus d’informations techniques sur cette erreur, veuillez consulter la console JavaScript.

Hi, Google maps now need an API key. You need to obtain one https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

Guys, thanks for your help. Take a look what we have made out of your stuff :)


Superb work! We are glad that you’ve used our template :)


I’m looking to build a listing website with the following functionality:

- List companies in a specific industry e.g. construction companies in the UK - Have a contact form or booking form on every company profile page - Charge the user for every contact form or booking that is sent through their profile.

Is this possible with your theme?


Hi, as this is only a static HTML template, these features are not possible. You need to develop them.

Getting the following error when uploading the zip file:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

You are installing the HTML version on WP.

Hi. Are there any plans to provide OpenStreetMap support?

and, Is there a feature to specify a mapped position on the list adding page?

Hi, there is no such feature. We are not planning to include OSM.

I see the data format used for places. But there is something I can’t understand. Which format is it ? I used the Google Place Detail API and the JSON format returned is not the same. So I’ve to do some mapping.

Where is coming your data structure from ? Is it full custom ? Because it looks like some google api datastructure, but can’t find the right one.

Data is stored in local data.php or in MySQL database. They are not using Google API

Bought it in order to integrate it in a C# .Net website. Really nice but I had to rewrite all the php stuff. Wasn’t fun :/ Could be great to have all the “situations” like it’s for “inspinia template”. They offer full html, c#, angular, php, etc… everything is already ready.

But can we easily change the purple to another color ?

You can use some SASS compiler or replace the #4611a7 color with your own in style.css

esta Good evening, I can not see the functionality of the system so I can not buy the product

Hello, it is an HTML template and not a WP theme or any CMS.

Because it is a template, not a theme.

Hi Support,

I am trying to using this theme in my .NET application but I am not able to use modals as it is coded with PHP.

How can I use these modals?


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