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Awesome ! Good Job.

thank you :)

Nice one. Cool to see some one pagers here after some long time :)

thanks a lot :)

Love it! all the best with the sales dude :)

many thanks mate :)

WOW impressive work mate… good luck

thank you very much :)

Something seems to be really messed up with the news section. I’m on a Mac OS X , using the latest version of Safari.

Hello, thank you for your interest. We’ve checked the template with the latest Safari on MacOS. But nothing seems to be wrong. Could JavaScript be disabled in your browser?

This gets a BIG Wow from me. Very different and innovative for a html theme. Fantasic value too.

Best of luck with it

Thank you so much :)

which icons are you using?

nice one btw

Which icons are you asking? Top or contact section?

Great! Love the menu. Bookmarked. :)

thank you for your interest :)

Well, I’m not a html/javascript guy, but this is the prettiest theme I ever saw, there is no doubt about that.

We’re very happy to receive such a comment from a flash developer.
Thank you :)

Great job! Just have a question: how simple is it to remove the spacing between each section in your template?


Hey! Thank you for your interest.
Each section has a margin-bottom value for the spacing between sections, so the spacing can be removed easily by deleting those values in the CSS file.

Really solid theme mate. Lovely idea for a one page template. Good luck!

Thank you very much :)

Hi, is there any documentation – for install and\or using the template – included? I happen to be new to WordPress and this really got my attention. However, I don`t want to run into “big troubles in little dashboard” during or after install :-)

I of course understand that any theme requires basic knowledge (studying hard) but a theme called Silverio includes bas-ass documentation for dummies which makes everything easier.

So I was just wondering if there is any. Thank you very much in advance.

Yes there is a thorough help documentation. Which answers every possible question about the template. But just to be clear this is an HTML template :)

Oh, my bad. I thought this was Wordpress Template :-) Thank you!

hi m8, is it possible to change the background-image via the wordpress-editor?

greets, AJ

Hi. Thank you for your interest but this is not a Wordpress theme. It is HTML , and background can be changed via CSS .

Does this theme allow me to upload swif files so that I can showcase my web banners?


Hi! Thank you for your interest. And yes, you can put swf files to portfolio.

Cool, thanks! I really want to purchase this theme but my last question is this…I really just want to showcase my work. So is it possible to remove an entire section? I would like to get rid of the “Home” section and “News” section and what not and really just use it as an online portfolio. Is that possible?

Thank you!

Yes you can remove any section you want =)


Mog Purchased

Hi there… I purchased this item yesterday but I am struggling to load it on wordpress. Can this theme be use on wordpress. Please advise. Thanks a lot in advance.

Regards Mog.

Hello. Thank you for purchasing Locus. However this is not a Wordpress theme, it is an HTML template, so it cannot be used on Wordpress.

Very handsome site, my friend. Quick Q: I am a voiceover guy and would love for people to come and listen to my demo and then download it for their perusal. Could you explain an easy way to do that; either by unloading directly off the page, or via ftp? Thanks!

Hi! Thank you for your interest in Locus. I don’t think the theme is suitable for a such purpose. You can try and find some scripts for a music player by using search engines, but most likely you would have to use ftp for uploads.

This is a beautiful theme! I just have one question before I buy it…. can you add multiple images in each project? All of your examples have on image. Great job!

Hi! Thank you for your interest in Locus. Unfortunately the script we’re using for displaying the fullsize images doesn’t have such a feature to display more than one image for only one project.

Hi again! I just realized a way that you can achieve this. If you contact us via the contact form on our profile page, we can explain it by replying your e-mail.

quick question, i changed the size of the captions in portfolio to 200×200, how do i set the position where the captions revert to after i hover out? i looked everywhere couldn’t find it, now after i hover out they revert back to the middle, not the bottom. thanks.

Hi! I just need a little more information. From where exactly did you change the size? Which class, which property?


Could you please email us the code (via contact form on our profile page) or provide a link to your site?