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Hi, thank you for your prompt response. Yes, you are right – problem seems beeing in flex_caption and one_half element for now. I use your beautiful dark template – where resides definition of font?

Thank you Jiri

The font used for titles and menu is Titillium. We use @font-face. You can generate PT Sans @font-face kit using http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fontface/generator After adding the font files you can change Titillium with PT Sans in style.css


Can I write special characters in the contact form??

I mean, is possible to send and receive special characters??

My site will be in spanish



Thank you for your interest in Locus. Yes you can write special characters in the contact form.

Hi!!! I’m having fun customizing your template

one question: how do you enable the twitter box?? I mean to show your latest tweet

I see that even in your preview it doesn’t work, any suggestions to make it work??



We just checked our live preview and Twitter works properly. Which browser do you use?

Thanks I use Chrome,

I works , but sometimes it takes a little to load the tweets,

One more question: In the twitter box, is possible to change the text “about 1 hour ago” or “yesterday” ?? when a tweet is posted.

My site will be in spanish, so is possible to change that to spanish??

thanks again xD


Loading of the tweets depends on the Twitter API . If you cannot see the tweets at all, it is because of refreshing the page many times that exhausts the Twitter API which has a limit for requests per hour.

Unfortunately Twitter script doesn’t have language support.

Hi, thanks for your advice concerning font replace. I did it succesfully. I have 2 other customisation question: 1) where in css may I change the color of font for hooverd link, when user points to item in menu (about, gallery, news…) 2) how to change the word Navigation in menu for small resolution (android). I prefer to use Czech word…

Thank you

Jiri Cihar


1. You can change the menu hover color from style/dark.css (or darklight.css or light.css) by changing the color of the following:

ul#menu li a:hover, ul#menu li.current a {
    background-color: #101010;
    color: #FFF;

2. You can change the word “Navigation” through style/js/custom.js line 187.

Hi elemis,

thanks, it works like a charm. Your template is really lovely.



You’re welcome! Please don’t forget to rate the theme if you enjoy it :)


One more question:

When I receive a message in my email from the contact form, where can I change the labels: Name, Subject and Message ???

I want to translate them

Thanks a lot!


You can change the labels that appear in the email message through index.html by changing the name attribute of inputs and textarea: http://cl.ly/image/0s1q0v322s1U

Thanks for all your help !

regarding the contact form I want to see the name instead of the email, before to open the email

In the file form-handler.php on line 8, I change that, right?

but it doesnt work, I put:

$emailfrom = isset($_POST[“name”]) ? $_POST[“name”] : ””;

how can I change that??



Sorry but we couldn’t understand your request. Can you please provide some more details? Thank you.


I am using your Template and so far I loved it. What is getting a problem now ( as my site is growing ) is the menu. Is there any second level navigation built in that I didn’t find so far? If not… is there a menu here on envato that works well with your theme?

Thanks a lot


Since this is a one page theme it doesn’t include a menu with second level navigation built in. But this is an HTML template and any menu (CSS or jQuery) should work without issues.

Thanks. I tryed a new menu now. But as soon as I take away the “old” ” ul id=”menu” ” the scrowlbar goes with it. Could you point me in the right direction here.

Thanks again!


Can’t you keep the “menu” id on the new menu? If you have to change the id, then you will need to apply the new id in style/js/script.js for scroll nav.


Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


You seem to have purchased the HTML version, and it cannot be used as a Wordpress theme. You need to have the Wordpress version to be able to use as a Wordpress theme.

Oh my goodness!! How can that be fixed can i exchange it for the wordpress one??


Unfortunately we are not authorized to make exchanges. But you can contact Themeforest support maybe they can help: http://support.envato.com/


Really liked your template. I am running it on my photography site and find that its a bit slow loading up, specially when i go to portfolio section from menu. can you please suggest how to speed things up. My site url is



We just checked your website and the sizes of your images seem to be very big, therefore it effects the loading time. You need to optimize your images for web. Also you seem to use the full size images for thumbnails. We recommend cropping them to the thumbnail size. After making these changes the loading time will be decreased dramatically.

hi, I am thinking of buying this theme, but was wondering if there is a way to make the first slideshow from random images? When opening the site, a new image would be loaded each time from a image folder, giving a fresh new look each time. Thx!


Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately such an option is not available in the template.

ok, thank you for the quick response! if something like this is ever developed in the future, please let me know :) The temp is very nice and I will probably purchase it regardless, just thought this could be a added treat for a already beautiful design :) have a great day.

Question: could I add a “login” form to the site? is this the same as the contact form? Would I then be able to restrict which part of the site is seen after the user has logged in? – succesful login – moves to “id” of page but cannot be seen otherwise. I really like one page design and your template is great but this has me “stumped”... http://www.theclassicalbumshow.com shows an “edited” version of the template.


This request is outside of what the theme offers and unfortunately we don’t know how a login form can be added to restrict parts of the site that can be seen.

Hi, I purchased the theme and now I am adjusting elements. Very nice and easy to work with. Instructions are really top notch, very well documented and very helpful. I do have a couple small questions, I’m not sure if they’ve been asked already on this forum, and I couldn’t find them in the help file… so please forgive: a) Is there a way to make the section-container transparent? (If I remove it completely the pages become very close together, almost overlapping each other; or is there a padding adjustment to effect the space between pages when the container has been removed?) b) Also, I would like to give the menu buttons a centered look, not justified left. Is there a way to change the button placement? Thanks for the help!


1. You shouldn’t delete the div, but you can either remove the background of section-container or edit the background image and decrease its opacity in an image editor.

2. Such an option is not available. You need to make this modification yourself using CSS . You need to remove the “float:left” setting from menu list elements, make them inline, and apply “text-align:center” to the menu. But it may require some other modifications as well.

ok, thank you! how would you recommend to remove the background of the section-container? styles? or source?

You can remove it from css.

Locus is a great template! Just starting to customize it and noticed that when you click on a portfolio item, the navigation arrows at the top of the screen will advance through images but not through video elements. Anyway to fix this?

Also, in the same portfolio navigation panel, the “toggle size” button does not appear to do anything. Fixable?


For the videos please make sure you are working online. Toggle size button is being enabled if the image is bigger than the viewport.

Hi, How to change #wrapper size to 100%?


You don’t seem to have purchased the item. Can you please send your question with the account you purchased the item?

Trying to put videos in either Quicktime or FLV loading from SWF . The problem with Quicktime is that it doesnt open in a lightbox popup, it opens in in the same window no popup with the browser white background. The swf option loads into the fancybox popup but it is sizing to 800×600. I dont want it at 800×600 but I cant find where it is defining that size. The videos i have are 720 by 480 but when they scale they look terrible. Please help, thanks.

Ok I figured out how to set the default dimensions for the SWF in the jquery.fancybox.pack.js file but is there a way to make quicktime’s open in a popup?


Fancybox doesn’t seem to support Quicktime videos.