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Your Twitter Code has stopped working on ALL my sites. I have purchased this template SIX times, and ALL SIX sites are not showing!! I am using FireFox. What gives? PLEASE give me the fix, ok?

Here are THREE samples of your template and the twitter is broken, I am pretty upset.

http://maplecrestlandscape.com/ http://saxonjewelers.com/ http://www.groutprofessionals.com/ -Melanie aWebWizard@Gmail.com (952) 356-4408 cell


It doesn’t work because Twitter has changed their API . Please download & unzip this file and put into the style/js folder of the theme replacing the existing one. http://cl.ly/3s1Z1q3H113R

Thank you so very much! You give the BEST support of all the templates I have purchased, awesome support! LOVE YOU ! -Melanie

Thank you for your kind feedback. We appreciate it :)

Hi, I would like to use a jquery or css full screen background with the template, however I find that when I change to a full screen background that resizes with the window size, I have issues with the area above the menu (seems like a second “background” image is used above the menu, and the content div scrolls in front of the background, or the second “background” is not in sync with the actual background).

Do you have any recommended or successful implementations of using a full screen adjustable image with the theme, or could help explain how the background near the menu works with the actual background?

Thanks in advance!


You need to apply the same background to #header as well.

In the Portfolio section, I’d like the navigation to be like many other normal ones: the next-prev buttons appear when the mouse hovers the image, and appear on top (left-right) of the image (not on the top of the browser). I also want the left and right of the image are clickable to go to the next or previous images in the gallery.

Can you advise me how to do this? Thanks.

Never mind. I figured it out by following the fancybox documentation :)

I have a question regarding the gallery. For example, I don’t want to list all the photos by default, but to set a set of photo ‘active’. Can you give me a hint to do that?



Unfortunately the script used for portfolio doesn’t include an option to list only a selected category, it can only show all the images at first load.

It is a little bit inconvenience when a site has lots of photos and categories. So I am finding a solution to this.

Can you give me a hint if I want to hide all photos at first load by default, then based on what category is chosen, then appropriate set of photos to be displayed? Which files should I have to modified? best way to do this?


Since we are not the plugin developer we are not sure if this is even possible. You need to modify the Quicksand script to achieve this.

I have question-Is it possible to change size of video lightbox (1024×720) in portfolio ? I have videos on you tube and I want to enlarge them in portfolio. may I do it on css ?


You don’t seem to have purchased the file. There is no purchased badge on your comment. Can you please send your question with the account you purchased the item?

Locus – Responsive One Page HTML Template and Locus – Responsive One Page Wordpress Theme have the same LIVE VIEW . Not familiar with Wordpress, is the HTML Template the full site?


They are both the same and full. But one of them is HTML and the other is Wordpress which is a content management system, includes an admin panel.

News section. Is is possible to customize this so that the content is loaded in through something like XML ? Any help/guidance would be appreciated.


Unfortunately it is not possible to load news content through XML .

Scrolling on IPad causes some problems … when you want to scroll the flexslider section and touch the slide – sometimes the whole site stops. Next tiny problem … scrolling up from lower sections lets the logo-section flicker.


First of all please download the latest version of flex slider from http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/ and upload min.js into the style/js folder of the theme.

Then you will have to change .flex-direction-nav li .next and .flex-direction-nav li .prev as .flex-direction-nav li .flex-next and .flex-direction-nav li .flex-prev in both style.css and style/media-queries.css files.

You also will need to add z-index: 10, to .flex-control-nav and .flex-direction-nav li a

Unfortunately the flicker of logo section is a iOS bug. Fixed elements don’t work 100%.

Thank you! But do you think, that this flicker-bug will be eliminated soon? 90% of our customers are IPad-Users ;-( and I chose your template because of the cool scrolling features


Unfortunately we are not sure when Apple will provide a fix for that issue. What we can suggest is making the menu stay put at the top like in the portrait view so it doesn’t stay fixed and flicker. Please let us know if you would like to edit the landscape view like that so we can tell you how.

I really like this template, looks great, easy to understand and has very good help :)

I have one question, would it be possible to let the images shown in Portfolio to represent “galleries” instead of just “images”? Meaning, if you click on a image – you would get the “viewer” displaying images in another folder related to that image?

That way you would have portfolio organize your galleries, and once you click one you see the images “inside it”, rather than just viewing the “thumbnails” on the page slightly better.


Do you mean opening multiple images with lightbox when you click a thumbnail? If so, first of all go to style/js/custom.js and remove

.attr(‘rel’, ‘media-gallery’)

on line 8.

Then replace the first portfolio item in index.html with the following code: http://pastie.org/4364735

Make sure all images in an item have the same rel attribute. For example the above example has “first-item” as the rel attribute, so this attribute will group each image together.

Wow! That is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot! :D I would also give you 5 star rating in support if that was an option. Pleasure doing business with you :)

I recently opened my locus theme portfolio in Dreamweaver CS6 to update a few images now the boombox images show broken links. Help!


What do you mean “the boombox images show broken links”? Are you working with “Code View” or “Design View” in Dreamweaver? Could you provide your website link?

Line 164, Column 77: Bad value zoombox[] for attribute rel on element a: Illegal character in path component. The string zoombox[] is not a registered keyword or absolute URL . … rel=”zoombox[]” title=”UI/Web design”> <!—Im…

How do I correct this?

We don’t use zoombox in the Locus template anymore. Could you please re-download and update the template.

I deleted the Home, About and Services sections because I only want a one page Portfolio. Now the vertical scroll bar doesn’t appear. I’ve looked through the code and can’t find how to add this back. Can you explain how to get the vertical scroll back please? Thank you.

Also, here’s the altered code right now.


<!- Begin Wrapper ->

<!- Begin Header ->

name : portfolio

  • All
  • Web Design
  • Identity
  • Mobile
  • Print Design
<!- End Portfolio Navigation ->

It is still the old coded site. I have to upload the new one. I’ll reply when it is up. thank you

The site is uploaded. www.julieshowers.com How do I add a scroll bar? Thank you.


You seem to have removed the menu code. You can copy it from a fresh copy of Locus. You can re-download the template from the Downloads page on Themeforest.

Please see my replay above. Need help putting scroll bar back. Thank you.


You seem to have removed the menu code. You can copy it from a fresh copy of Locus. You can re-download the template from the Downloads page on Themeforest.

I think this is a very nice template. I have no sense when it comes to how to customize this template but I would like to learn how. I uploaded it. It seems like the default is dark but I want the light template but I don’t know where it is or how to change it.

I could use a little help here. Thanks.

What are the dimensions of the photos that fits in the home slider? Anyone knows?

Thank you kindly for any help.


You can find answers to both of your questions in the help documentation which is inside the help folder of the theme package.


one question before i buy the theme.

is it possible to have the site not responsive? So that all see the same layout? And if yes how difficult is it to do?

Thanks a lot


You can turn the responsiveness off by removing the link to style/css/media-queries.css

I was wondering why so many people were buying the template. But as a buyer myself I do appreciate being among the many who can appreciate pure genius. Simply powerful and powerfully simple.

I’m rarely leave any comments anywhere but I’m too impress with this temple by elemis not to say anything. This template was made for dummies like me who know little or nothing about codes yet I believe that super ultra geeks, webmasters and web developers can appreciate elemis making something very complicated as this, simple for the masses. Just sharing my own unsolicited opinion. Thanks again elemis for doing such a great job with this template.

Thank you for your kind feedback. We really appreciate it :)