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Do you plan a 404 page?

Since this is a one-page template, we don’t plan making a 404 page.


I have some problems here http://www.thenowhotel.com/index_rs.html

When I click on a calendar icon on the top section of the page, the calendar pop up underneath the main menu. How can I make it appears on top of the main menu?

Another thing is at the gallery section. The gallery has flash gallery embed and it appears to show up behind main menu when we scroll through.



You need to give a higher z-index value to the calender than the header. Please paste the following code into calendar css file (rs/cc_nui.css):

#CalendarControl {
z-index: 10000;

Hello, I’m a Motion Designer and love this template but when I started trying to put my youtube links into the portfolio section it freezes up. Basically when you click on one of the thumbnails to watch the youtube video the little loading wheel pops up and starts turning but nothing ever happens. I though maybe I had screwed up something in the code so went back to the original download template and simply pasted my link and nothing happened…same goes for the other vimeo and youtube links included in the template. Can someone advise me on what the problem might be? It doesn’t work in Firefox, Safari, or IE…I’m on a Mac.


Are you working offline? If so can you also test the videos while the website is online?

Worked like a champ! Thanks so much.

I have a problem with your theme: I need to open in a fancybox popup a content as iframe but I can’t find the way to do it….any clues?

thank’s in advance



Please try this code:
<a class="fancybox-media" data-fancybox-type="iframe" href="iframe.html">Iframe</a>

The comment seems to be flagged. If you haven’t been able to see it please send us an email via the contact form on our profile page so we can send you the code via email.

Hi , have purchased this theme not started to use just yet , but can you explain about the icons below the image slider , can they be used to replace / compliment the main menu ? when used either on laptop or with tablet ? cant find any mention in help file about them (may not have seen it)#thanks


Since this is an HTML template, you should be able to replace or edit the existing features easily per your needs.


Just bought this template…wonderfull work ! I’d like to set new sizes for the slider : - height : 360 px - width : 600 px

I also like to put some text on the right of the slider, like on the image below. http://www.demo.webozenith.com/slider-wish.jpg

Can you tell me how to do that please ?


Unfortunately we don’t offer customization support, we only fix theme bugs if there are any. You will need to find a freelancer to help you on this customization.

I want to get 2 portfolio pages. How i can do that?

But with another name, such as me created, right?

My real problem is be in custom.js, becauze im not developer, and have some thinks i dont know if do right. Please see my site to me or send me done or a link of a site already have 2 protfolios


You still don’t seem to have duplicated the portfolio section in index.html. You need to implement the second portfolio code in html first, change the classes and ids, and then duplicate css and scripts as well and apply the new classes and ids to them. Unfortunately we cannot help you further than this since we don’t give support for customization. If you have trouble applying you can hire a freelancer from freelanceswitch.com

supplied help file explains how to do this to some extent , it may help you

””Note that you can only have one portfolio section, unless you duplicate all of the portfolio section related styles, scripts and change the IDs accordingly.”“

Thank you for your help and pointing that out here :)

In the Portfolio section, I’d like to be able to assign more than one category/filter to each image. How can I do that?


If you can send us an email via the contact form on our profile page we can send you the modified scripts file to make this possible.

Hi, I can not give a link between two news items. Try #post-9 for example in a post 8 article. But when I click on it, it does not show Post 9? Do I need a speciel class or etc for my news section links? Best regards

Unfortunately linking to a different post from the content box is not possible. The links will only work if they are in the post list.

Bad news :(

Hello, Thank you for a wonderful template. Works perfectly and I read that your customer service is outstanding :)

I do have a couple of questions though. In the portofolio section, I am loading in .swf files and vimeo videos but the white frame doesn’t resize to the specific file. It stays the same size defined in the “jquery.fancybox.pack.js” file. How can I have it resize to the specific swf/video file?

Also, where can I find the background opacity value? I want to make it more opaque.

Thank you very much in advance, I really appreciate it :)


There are some methods listed here http://fancyapps.com/fancybox/#useful (Number 15) to give individual width and height to the iframe window.

For the background overlay can you please tell us which version of the template you use?

Thank you for your assistance! After a few hours messing around I was able to get it to work. Thanks again! :)

Hi we have purchased this template , we have a question regarding fancybox, we have made the large image 925px , when we go test offline this larger image appears as it should in fancybox, when we upload onto web we get the following error The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.

SORTED:!!!! helps to files in right foder online

any of the smaller images 500px supplied with the template show ok is there a size limit for the larger images , why do they work offline ?


Can you please check the link? We cannot access the website.

sorry, brain cells are totally gone this week www.hoylanddiscountfurnishers.co.uk

worked it out it goes in page order then highlights correct link


I’m upgrading to the newer version of this template from the version I bought back in Dec 2011. So far I am loving the new gallery though I am having an issue. In the old gallery I had 2 videos as part of my portfolio that when you clicked to enlarge would just have a framed window for the youtube player and play no problem. With your new gallery setup when I do the same it just shows a spinning wheel for a minute then shows a page like I went to the wrong web page.

Is there a certain way to set it up now that I am not doing correctly? or does the new gallery function even let you play video.

you can view the page here, still in process of updating it this evening: http://www.adambradish.com/test


I got everything working with the video issue I’ve had. But I have noticed something else between different browsers. When scrolling down past my “demo reel” section, in Chrome a white box flashes by in the header area, Firefox shows it normally with no issue, and with IE the youtube video scrolls into the header. Any idea why that is happening?

Otherwise I love the improvments you’ve got now. So glad I finally updated.

There seems to be a background color added on #header. You can change it by pasting the following code into the Custom CSS:

#header {
background-color: transparent;

You will need to edit the Youtube embed code and add mode next to the URL to fix the overlaying issue. The method is explained here: http://maxmorgandesign.com/fix_youtube_iframe_overlay_and_z_index_issues/

Never mind, seems like when I uploaded it to me hosting service instead of just checking it locally through dreamweaver it works just fine

Hi, the template really works fine, but one of our customers asked, if there are problems with the contact form? He sent it 7 times, because of the message, that it wasn’t sent correctly. Do you have any specifications for the browsers?? Regards Anke

The only possible message he could have read was the error message: $response_error = ‘Ein Irrtum! Bitte versuchen Sie es noch einmal.’;

If there was a problem with the form we would have received a warning message too. He might be using an older version of IE.

that’s my guess, too … thank you very much for your help!

how do i remove the bullet points from the lists in the template have tried many ways and they dont go away


Make sure you remove the background image of ”.section-container ul li” in style.css and light.css (or dark.css or darklight.css) in style/css/ folder of the template

thank you, missed the bit in dark.css

Hello! I think i have to show an impressum? Normaly below the websites is an Link.. How can i get this?

And another question: I put a youtube video to my portfolio, but its not a pop up window, it open the movie in a new page on youtube. How can i bring it on a pop up window like the pictures in the portfolio?



Here’s the code to add a link:
<a href="paste URL here">Impressum</a>

For the videos in the portfolio, can we please see your website so we can take a closer look and find out what is missing?

What file do I need to edit to change the default Navigation text in the first <option> of the <selectnav> responsive dropdown menu?

Thanks for the great theme!


You seem not to have purchased the item. There is no purchased badge on your comment. Can you please send your question with the account you purchased the item?

My mistake. I purchased the wordpress template, not the HTML template. Reposted here.

Thanks for your understanding.


i have one question regarding the “news container”. is it possible to have the carousel show more then six topics at the time?



Unfortunately such an option doesn’t exist. You will need to modify the template to achieve this.


is possible to stop the slider? I mean something like when the user rollovers on one slide the animation stops.

if not, is possible to delay it?



You need to edit the slider script in style/js/custom.js like this:

slideshowSpeed: 4000,
pauseOnHover: true

ok thanks a lot